Tourists in Dongjiang Bay Beach Scenic Area surged during the Spring Festival holiday.

During the Spring Festival this year, Dongjiang received more than 300,000 tourists, focusing on "leisure tour", "cruise tour" and "holiday tour" to provide tourists with a joyful and full-fledged feast of marine cultural tourism.

Cross the sea, approach the seaside, collect the sea and seagulls with the lens, and enjoy a moment’s rest. During the Spring Festival, the cultural tourism activities with the theme of "Dragon Ball Presents Ruins, Gulls Meet in Dongjiang" are in full swing, and a series of Spring Festival activities such as Tik Tok VLGO Competition, offline photography exhibition, popular science exhibition, printmaking research, and dragon ball punching are simultaneously launched with the theme of "Gull Season in Dongjiang", and tourism in Dongjiang continues to be hot.

Cruise is a redefined way to see the sea and a new tourism model. During the Spring Festival, the "Mediterranean" cruise ship with two voyages left the country, starting a six-day, five-night Spring Festival holiday trip. Tourists from all over the world gathered on the Mediterranean to celebrate the Spring Festival in year of the loong. The word "Fu", lanterns, Chinese knots … The elaborate decoration on the cruise ship creates a full flavor of the year.

Living in Dongjiang and feeling the slow time of being close to the sea. During the Spring Festival, Hyatt Regency Dongjiang, Guanhai Hot Spring Private Soup Courtyard in Dongjiang Bay, Erhai B&B, Tianjin Dongjiang International Hot Spring Apartment and other places have become popular choices for holiday travel, and various accommodation methods such as parent-child travel, couples travel and hot spring travel are favored by tourists.

During the festival, Dongjiang comprehensively improved the tourism service guarantee, timely improved the problems such as toilet, transportation and catering that tourists reflected more, strengthened the propaganda and guidance of civilized play, further optimized the experience of tourists during the Spring Festival, continuously improved the service quality, and made the trip more comfortable.



Exercise is medicine, and running scientifically won’t hurt your knees.

     During the National Day, there was a news in the sports circle that attracted the attention of all parties, that is, Academician Li Jian ‘an, a well-known expert in rehabilitation medicine in China, an international academician of the National Medical College of the United States and director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, successfully completed seven challenges in seven days during the National Day.

  The 69-year-old academician proved people’s adaptability and endurance potential with practical actions. Netizens have also commented on this, praising Academician Li Jian ‘an’s amazing physical quality and extraordinary perseverance. At the same time, there are also some doubts: Is such a huge amount of exercise really harmless to the body?

  Recently, at the 6th China Changzhou International Sports Rehabilitation Conference, Academician Li Jian ‘an made a main report, in which he also mentioned his personal marathon experience and understanding of marathon.

  Behind the "7 days and 7 horses", you should also know these things.

  A pair of running shoes

  Let him experience the benefits of sports.

  The benefits of exercise to organs, bones, brain and other tissues and organs must be well known, and before 2015, Academician Li’s cognition of the benefits of exercise was mainly at the theoretical level.

  Academician Li’s running career began on January 6, 2016, because from 2013 to 2015, his physical condition went from bad to worse, he often caught a cold, and it was a serious viral infection, and his immunity decreased significantly. At this time, a friend who often runs gave him a pair of running shoes, so he naturally started running.

  On September 22, 2016, in the morning run, he accidentally fell and landed on the outside of his right foot. After examination, the fracture of the base of the fifth metatarsal was found.

  Fully aware of his physical condition and solid medical knowledge, Academician Li has a bold idea: promoting rehabilitation through exercise.

  So, he began the self-experiment of active rehabilitation:

  Twelve days after the fracture, he climbed the Purple Mountain.

  Eighteen days after his fracture, he limped for 10 kilometers in Xuzhou.

  On the 70th day after the fracture, he took part in the Nanjing Half Marathon.

  On December 11th, 2016, the 80th day after the fracture, he completed the first "all-horse race" in Guangzhou Marathon in 5 hours and 54 minutes. At this point, his right foot has basically recovered.

  Just after the horse race in 2016, Academician Li lost 14 kilograms, and also lost some health problems related to weight, such as hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis and fatty liver. His current bone density is equivalent to that in his 40 s. Especially since the day of running, I have never caught a cold and never got sick. Taking part in sports personally made him feel the benefits of sports.

  "Exercise is medicine"

  There are many benefits to health.

  Because of the multiple benefits of exercise to health, we often say that "exercise is a good medicine". But at the meeting, Academician Li said that he called it "exercise is medicine" because all medicines have side effects, and exercise is no exception. If you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of your physical condition and lack a scientific and reasonable exercise program, you are likely to get hurt in sports.

  For example, sudden high-intensity exercise in a short period of time will reduce our own immunity, especially high-intensity exercise for more than 90 minutes, which is also known as the "window-opening theory" of decreased immunity after exercise.

  Generally, 2-3 hours after high-intensity and long-term exercise, the innate immune system of the body begins to enter a busy working state, which will lead to the decline of the immune system’s resistance to external antigens.

  Therefore, it is easier to be attacked by viruses, bacteria and fungi at this time, and this process may last until 24 hours after exercise. Therefore, we should pay attention to controlling the intensity of exercise, step by step, and pay attention to the recovery after exercise.

  Many people will say that running hurts their knees when they mention running.

  Academician Li said: You think too much! Reasonable exercise will not only wear joints, but also make joints stronger and more durable, and reduce the incidence of arthritis. Only 3.5% of fitness runners suffer from hip and knee arthritis, while those who are sedentary have an arthritis rate of 10.5%. It is not running that hurts the knee, but running incorrectly will hurt the knee.

  Academician Li has hardly caused any pain in the competition in recent years, and his physical function has not decreased due to excessive exercise, which shows that the amount of exercise is within the controllable range.

  Academician Li also hopes that more people can understand the mechanism of human movement, master scientific sports knowledge, find a suitable exercise program, truly turn "sports are medicine" into "sports are good doctors" and enjoy the health and fun that sports bring us.

  "7 days and 7 horses"

  Three key words for finishing the game

  Throughout Academician Li Jian ‘an’s experience in horse racing since 2016, he completed one full horse and two half horses in 2016, two full horses and eight half horses in 2017, 13 full horses and nine half horses in 2018, 14 full horses and four half horses in 2019, and 10 full horses and seven half horses in seven days in 2020.

  These horse racing experiences also reflect the key points mentioned by Academician Li at the meeting: individualization, step by step, perseverance, and upholding these three key words to create a personal health curve in a wise way.

  The first thing is to make a suitable exercise program, because everyone’s exercise ability and exercise experience are different. At the same time, pay attention to the recovery after exercise, such as stretching, massage, hydrotherapy and other ways to relax and recover after running, and cooperate with nutritional supplements. Carbohydrate, protein and branched-chain amino acids are all nutritional elements that need to be supplemented after long-distance running.

  Rome was not built in a day. From Academician Li’s horse racing experience, we can also see the gradual progress of his exercise and his perseverance in the past five years. Most runners are amateurs, without systematic training, and often the amount of training can’t keep up with the intensity of the competition.

  Although academician Li’s record of 7 days and 7 horses is really enviable, we can’t easily follow suit. In addition to comprehensive and systematic training, we need to have a precise grasp of our own recovery and pace design. I believe that Academician Li has also made a perfect plan for his pace during the seven-day challenge.

  Academician Li Jian ‘an hopes to share the knowledge of rehabilitation medicine and sports experience accumulated in the marathon with more people, so that more runners and ordinary people can run scientifically and enjoy the health and happiness brought by sports.

  His plan is: "When I first started running, I felt satisfied with running a marathon in my life. Now it seems that there is no pressure to run 100 marathons. My goal now is to run a hearty one when I am 100 years old!"

  Beginners of running had better start from walking.

  For beginners who have just started to participate in running, it is forbidden to run at high intensity at the beginning. The training plan is best to start from walking, gradually transition to the combination of walking and running, and finally transition to running. When a junior runner prepares for running training, he must first master the following skills:

  Step 1 walk briskly

  Walking briskly is an entry-level sport for running, which can also be understood as walking fast. When walking briskly, you should hold your head up, chest up and abdomen in, and speed up the pace, instead of increasing the stride. Your arms bend at 90 degrees and swing naturally with your body.

  Step 2: Timing

  When running, we should grasp each training time by ourselves. For example, a training plan is: ① walk for 5 minutes to warm up; ② run for 2 minutes+walk for 2 minutes; cycle for 25 minutes; ③ walk for the last 5 minutes to relax. If there is a timer with reminding function during training, set the time in advance, and we can be reminded to switch training modes when it is time.

  3. Heart rate monitoring

  Some runners may see the training effect by weighing themselves. In fact, the heart rate during running is an important indicator to measure the intensity of exercise. Therefore, we should pay attention to our own heart rate changes during running, and it is best to control the novice’s rate in the running center at 50%-80% of the reserve heart rate.

  4. Cross-training

  At the beginning of running, it is best to add some other exercise methods, such as cycling and swimming, so that on the one hand, it can alleviate the impact of simple running on the legs, on the other hand, it can also enhance the strength of the legs.

  Academician Li also gave four suggestions to the racers:

  Do what you can, don’t exceed your ability.

  2. Do a good job of warm-up, especially after the finish line, which is prone to problems. Walk for at least 5-10 minutes after the race, and don’t stop.

  3. Adhere to the principle of gradual progress and perseverance, strengthen daily exercise, and don’t rush to participate in the competition.

  4. Make sure you feel good about yourself. If you feel flustered, chest tightness, headache, shortness of breath and poor walking stability, you should slow down or even stop the game immediately.

  Comprehensive report by China News Service and CCTV in Yangzi Evening News

"Running" is 70 cents a kilometer? Practice fake running, and the end point is socialization.

  Autumn is a good time for running and fitness, but many platforms have appeared sellers who claim to be able to "run" and "P sports data map". You can even ask someone to do your exercise? It is amazing that the "lazy economy" is frequent.

  Fake run

  It’s better to move your fingers than to be exhausted.

  "Friday, step 5411; Saturday, step 6001; On Sunday, step 8923 … …” On Xiaoyu’s computer desktop, there are a row of screenshots of "Alipay Movement", and each file is marked with different numbers.

  In Xiao Yu’s eyes, this is not a few screenshots, but his amount of exercise — — Although he didn’t really exercise, through the retouching software, he "P" a week’s exercise record in one breath. Every night, he will choose a screenshot and send it to the company’s WeChat group to show off his "achievements".

  "P is equal to running", which is somewhat helpless. Last spring, as an activity of enterprise team building, Xiao Yu’s colleagues in the department were divided into several exercise groups. Every day, the team members had to show their sports achievements, and all the achievements were evaluated by adding them together. At first, Xiaoyu also uploaded real exercise records. Because of his busy work, he exercised intermittently. After two months, he found himself a drag on the team. Others have to take eight or nine thousand steps every day, while his number stays at two or three thousand.

  "The work volume, even the exercise is rolled up." Seeing that some colleagues submit tens of thousands of exercise records every day, he can only "take a step" in order not to drag the team back. To take care of the children at night, he used his lunch break to circle the unit building and brush the steps.

  In winter, Xiao Yu couldn’t hold on a bit, and his friend reminded him that instead of being exhausted, he might as well move his fingers — — After changing the screenshot, my friend also took the initiative to help Xiaoyu, who can’t use retouching software, "1,000 steps to 5,000 steps". After several retouching, he tasted the sweetness, and as long as the number of steps is not up to standard, he will be P. "I can’t exaggerate, just write more than 5,000, change more points on weekends, and seven or eight thousand will be the best."

  Last month, Xiao Yu’s group won the second place, and everyone won the 200 yuan shopping card award. As for the moisture in it, it has become an unspeakable secret. Xiaoyu admits that not only is he critical of the daily exercise record, but it is also difficult to talk about science by comparing the exercise time. However, being in the workplace is related to the honor of the team, and the leaders are pointing fingers in the exercise group. Everyone can only insist, "It was exercise, and eventually it became a world of people."

  If you don’t want to exercise, you can deal with things with P pictures. Judging from many sellers who provide various exercise software retouching services on the online shopping platform, there are still many people who think of it with Xiaoyu. The reporter found that college students accounted for a considerable number.

  In order to enhance students’ physical fitness, colleges and universities generally require students to clock in on campus running, and students need to use designated software to complete running tasks. For example, Changshu Institute of Technology stipulates that the number of sunshine runs should be no less than 20 times per semester, and the distance of each run should be no less than 2 kilometers for boys and 1.5 kilometers for girls. Otherwise, the highest score of sports performance should not exceed 59 points. According to the regulations of Guangzhou Institute of Technology and Business, 68km for boys and 51km for girls should be completed every semester, and the mileage of each run should be no less than 1.2km for girls and 1.6km for boys … …

  On the online shopping platform, a store sells the P-picture service of a certain platform at the price of 2 yuan/piece, and can modify the details such as movement time, trajectory, distance and pace on the picture according to the customer’s demand, with a monthly sales of more than 400 pieces. There are many comments below, such as "college students must have it", "saved my final term" and "bought it many times, the retouching is very reliable, and it is no problem to pay a sports punch card".


  Speed route data can be customized.

  If the falsification on the data map is still virtual, the whole process only involves the "movement" of the keyboard and mouse. There is also a kind of operation that is more "bizarre". When you open the software, the line data is not fake. Running is really running, but it’s not me, but a runner specially invited to exercise in his own name.

  With "running on behalf of" as the key word, the business is booming, and all mainstream sports platforms can find corresponding runners. "You can run at the location you specify, one kilometer from 0.7 yuan. If you want to run a specially designed road map and add extra money, you can run it within 48 hours of placing an order." According to a seller, the operation mode is very simple. The buyer only needs to tell the account number and password of his sports platform, and he will log in the software on his mobile phone. After running, he will quit and the corresponding records will be kept in the buyer’s account.

  "I am transferring meat, and my pace is not fast, so I should exercise." A seller in Guangzhou said that running on behalf of others can motivate him to run as much as possible every day. "If you take the order, you must finish it within the agreed time." Due to the limited "running power", she can’t take a more difficult order. "Some people ask for a faster speed ratio. I can’t reach it after running for 1 km and 4 minutes. I can’t run for more than ten kilometers at a time." When running, she often takes pictures of the beautiful sunset glow and clouds she meets, which is very leisurely.

  The reporter saw that the order price of "Daipao" is not high, generally between 0.5 yuan and 1 yuan per kilometer. Sellers mostly aim at losing weight and fitness, or they are runners themselves, earning some pocket money by the way, and even a few claim that they can run for free. In contrast, there is no pressure to punch in, and what are the users who take the initiative to ask people to run for themselves?

  "I just want a medal. When I was in junior high school, the class teacher organized the whole class to run and took dozens of pieces. Everyone wanted it when they graduated." "Sanrio’s medals are really beautiful, and many girls like them" … … In many discussions around running on behalf of others, words such as medals, medals and activities are frequently mentioned.

  "It’s directed at the circle of friends to take pictures and run around." Qian Yi, a runner, explained that in order to encourage users to participate, sports platforms often launch running activities with various themes, with "limited money" physical medals. For example, on Valentine’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Qixi Festival and other festivals, you can get medals by signing up for activities and completing the required running distances of 5.2 kilometers and 13.14 kilometers. "It doesn’t matter how fast you run. You can take a break in the middle, but as long as you start running, you must stick to it. For people who don’t usually exercise, it is still difficult. If you want, find someone to run or spend money on it. "

  Take a well-known sports App as an example. In 2021, nearly 50 large and small running events were launched, and nearly 2.5 million people signed up to participate. In the photos on social platforms, some users collect medals and other running surroundings like collecting blind boxes and dolls, which attracts people to flock and comment, and it has become a traffic password.


  There is a dummy behind the fake movement.

  The end of the live broadcast is to bring goods, and the end of the movement is to socialize.

  In Qian Yi’s view, running, like paddle board, frisbee, fitness and yoga pants, helps to create the most popular sports-loving people among young people today. Love sports, which means "having money and leisure", is actually the recognition and yearning for the healthy and exquisite lifestyle of the middle class.

  If you exercise, you will naturally get some sun. If you can’t reach the amazing pace of running "Great God", you can only make some names and add some fun to your creative ideas. Everyone’s praise is also a kind of motivation.

  "Otherwise, there won’t be so many strategies on the Internet to teach you to run out of diamond-shaped and heart-shaped … …” Qian Yi said with a smile that he ran through the route of "Elephant" pattern in Tiantan Park according to the raiders, and after the trajectory was exposed to the circle of friends, the number of praises really increased significantly, which made him very useful. "To put it bluntly, vanity is at work, but it’s not a bad thing. Who doesn’t have vanity?"

  Beauty-treated photos before releasing them, pretending to be on vacation when you’re not out, and basking in other people’s road maps and medals instead of running … … In the eyes of Liu Xingliang, a well-known Internet scholar, these behaviors all show people’s humanity of "sharing" and "showing off", which is also the user psychology that Internet products attach the most importance to in-depth research.

  "The earliest BBS, how many posts have what kind of level, hot the glory of the king, bronze and silver level play up … … Many Internet products will introduce a user rating system. The accumulation of medals and badges represents the experience of the owner in this field, allowing users to go to the top and keep getting it. "

  In addition, in order to promote and create a strong word-of-mouth fission, products will spare no effort to encourage users to send social media, and we must continue to find discussion points and "out of the circle" angles for products.

  All kinds of medals and activities launched on festivals clearly know this. What’s more special and more ceremonial than giving each other a custom-made holiday medal? That’s what I got by running (or asking for it) specially for you! Some people even started a discussion on the Q&A website. "The boy I secretly love, 520 is willing to run 13.14km for me, but I paid 39 yuan for the registration activity. Will he like me too?"

  By the end of the year, many products will be scrambling to launch all kinds of inventory, showing how much money we spent, how many roads we walked, how many cars we took and what songs we listened to … … Liu Xingliang believes that all kinds of names are also designed to help users create personal settings, thus promoting sharing and communication. "The essence is the same."

Had to have an early reunion dinner: a warm dinner for the Hong Kong police

In a disciplined services dormitory in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, Hong Kong police, family members and retired police officers celebrated the Lunar New Year together. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Gang)
Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, January 24th (Reporter Liu Mingyang) "Everyone has worked hard! The New Year is safe and smooth! " Near New Year’s Eve, in a disciplined services dormitory in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, some Hong Kong police officers, their families and retired police officers gathered together to raise a glass to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
"A few days ago, my husband and I just moved into the dormitory where we queued up to apply, and we were very happy to decorate our new home." Officer Zhang, who is in her thirties and works in the criminal department of the Hong Kong Police Headquarters, told the reporter that she and her husband, Officer Ling, who are also policemen, have just moved into a new two-bedroom home of more than 40 square meters. "It’s just time to catch up with the Chinese New Year, and my old colleagues and senior officers specially came to celebrate the housewarming for us, because we have to be on duty on New Year’s Eve, and we also take this opportunity to have a happy reunion dinner together."
In order to make Hong Kong people live a stable year, many Hong Kong police officers still have to stick to their posts and go to work on New Year’s Eve. They had to invite relatives and friends in advance to have a rich and warm reunion dinner together.
Potted vegetables, eight-treasure duck, roasted goose, barbecued pork, and pig’s hands in sauce … On entering the room, the table was already full of delicious and Hong Kong-style reunion dinner.
"Pot dishes have the meaning of being full of pots, which can accommodate different kinds of food, such as chicken symbolizing’ good luck’, braised pork symbolizing’ being fat and moist at home’, prawns that are booming, mushrooms that are round and round, and so on." Police officer Zhang introduced the auspicious meaning of Hong Kong’s reunion dinner to reporters.
Does it take a long time to prepare such a big table of delicious food? Ms. Liang, the police sister-in-law who came to help prepare the reunion dinner early in the morning, told the reporter with a smile that it could be done in a few minutes with a finger. "Now Hong Kong, like the mainland, is more popular to order food online and deliver food to your door. All kinds of reunion dinners can be booked through smart phone software, which is convenient and fast. "
Police officer Zhang told reporters that due to the nature of work and recent social events, the work of the police force is very busy, overtime is normal, and rest time is precious. It takes a lot of time and energy to cook a large table of family reunion dinner by yourself. Online ordering is very suitable for the fast-paced life now.
Most of these police colleagues have known each other or worked together for many years. Everyone was beaming and in high spirits, sitting around the table. While tasting the traditional delicious food of the Youth League, they also talked about their work and life in the past year, looking forward to the new year and a new atmosphere, hoping that Hong Kong can get back on track and recover as soon as possible.
"As a frontline riot police, I have been dealing with riots at the front line for the past six months, working at least 12 hours a day and working six days a week." Officer Ling, who works in the Crime Department of the New Territories North Region of the Hong Kong Police Force, told the reporter that for the stable life of more than 7 million Hong Kong citizens, more than 30,000 Hong Kong police officers fought in the front line to stop violence and control chaos. After more than seven months of intensive work, there must be some pressure and fatigue, but he and his colleagues feel more of a responsibility and mission.
"Our husband and wife are both policemen. In the past six months, we really rarely met. It is often two or three weeks before we can have a meal together." Police officers Ling and Zhang, who have been in the police for more than 10 years, all said that Hong Kong is the place where they were born, grew up and lived. It is really painful to see Hong Kong being destroyed and constantly turbulent.
"I hope that this storm that seriously affects the daily life of countless families in Hong Kong can be calmed down as soon as possible. In the new year, I can spend more time with my family. " This is the New Year’s wish of the post-80s Hong Kong couple.
Sergeant Deng, who led the team to fight in the front line of riot prevention, told reporters that in his police district, quite a few police officers could not go home for a reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve and had to be on duty. "In the past year, in addition to some memories of sweating and bleeding, there were also many warm moments. For example, many citizens sent many gifts and cards to the police station to cheer us up. When enforcing the law at the front line, the passing citizens will say’ sir, come on’ to us regardless of the intimidation of the mob. "
Speaking of New Year’s wishes, Sheriff Deng said that in addition to dealing with riots, the police actually have many other duties to perform, and all aspects of public security in Hong Kong need us. "I really hope that the rain will clear up soon."
"In the past six months, in order to try our best to protect MTR facilities and passengers’ safety, we often worked overtime for several days in a row, and sometimes it was impossible to predict when we could finish work." Looking back on the past year, Sergeant Ye from the Railway Police District said that having been a policeman for more than 30 years, he had never seen Hong Kong as violent and chaotic as last year.
"Although mobs often insult, provoke, attack us, and even’ start’ our families, this has not made us retreat, but has enhanced our sense of mission as a policeman." Sheriff Ye said. On New Year’s Eve this year, Sergeant Ye stuck to his post as usual to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the railway.
"In fact, my daughter and I are used to it, and we are very supportive of his work. If he says that he will not be on duty this New Year, we will feel a bit strange." Sheriff Ye’s wife, Ms. Liang, who is engaged in beauty management, told reporters that the storm of amending the law not only worried her husband’s safety at work, but also worried her about the beauty business.
"The shops I manage are basically in places where demonstrations often occur, and many times they are forced to close." Ms. Liang told reporters that the number of guests has decreased by almost 40% and the income has been greatly reduced.
"We are still relatively good. Some friends in the same trade are even more bleak, and some even close the store directly." Ms. Liang hopes that Hong Kong’s economy will recover on the basis of social stability in the new year.
"In the past year, Hong Kong has undergone a severe test, and the brothers and sisters of the police have really worked hard! Without their dedication and tenacity, Hong Kong might have been rolling in the deep. " Wen Dacheng, the initiator of this reunion dinner and former Chief Superintendent of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Police Force, said that it was several generations who worked hard for this home in Hong Kong, which led to today’s dazzling "Pearl of the Orient". I hope all citizens will cherish Hong Kong, our common home.
A series of dishes, tasting one after another, sometimes whispering, and sometimes laughing. During the dinner, everyone raised their glasses several times: "Pay tribute to the colleagues who are on duty at the front line, bless Hong Kong and bless everyone!"

China volleyball goes all out.

Guangzhou Daily All-Media Reporter Min Yang
The volleyball qualifying tournament for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games will be held between September and October this year. Women’s Volleyball Olympic Qualifiers will be held in China, Japan and Poland from September 16th to 24th. Men’s Volleyball Olympic Qualifying Tournaments will be held in China, Japan and Brazil from September 30th to October 8th, with the specific host cities to be determined. This means that China Men’s Volleyball Team and China Women’s Volleyball Team will attack the Olympic tickets at home. At the same time, China Volleyball Association took the initiative to successfully operate Zhang Jingyin, the attacking core of China Men’s Volleyball Team, to the Polish Super League, one of the three top leagues in the world. China women’s volleyball team is also stepping up its preparations, and Zhu Ting, the main attacker who has not yet decided when to return to the team, has won the seventh MVP title since joining the Italian women’s volleyball team.
China women’s volleyball team or the same group as Brazil and the United States.
The FIVB has reformed the method of producing Olympic qualification, instead of deciding the seats except the host through the world group qualification and intercontinental qualification, it has adopted the way of combining the world group qualification with the world ranking. Take the women’s volleyball team as an example. A total of 12 teams will participate in the women’s volleyball event of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Except for the French women’s volleyball team, 11 qualifications will be divided into two stages. The first stage is the Olympic qualifier in September, and six tickets will be decided; The remaining five seats will be allocated according to the world ranking after the 2024 World Women’s Volleyball League.
A total of 24 teams competed for 6 tickets for the Paris Olympic Games in the women’s volleyball Olympic qualifying tournament in September. Except for China, Japanese and Polish women’s volleyball teams, the other 21 teams will draw lots according to the world ranking and snake arrangement principle. Together with the host, there will be a total of 8 teams in each group to compete in a single round robin, and the top two teams in each group will go straight to Paris for the first time.
Although the draw ceremony of the FIVB Olympic Qualifying Tournament will be held on the 17th of this month, the grouping situation has basically surfaced. China women’s volleyball team is classified into Group A, and the opponents in the same group are likely to be Brazilian women’s volleyball team, American women’s volleyball team, German women’s volleyball team, Canadian women’s volleyball team, Colombian women’s volleyball team, Mexican women’s volleyball team and Peruvian women’s volleyball team. Group B includes Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Thai, Czech, Argentine and Slovenian women’s volleyball teams. Group C includes: Poland, Serbia, Dominica, Belgium, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Korea and Ukraine.
Despite having the advantage of playing at home in the Olympic qualifiers in September, according to the above grouping situation, China women’s volleyball team must go all out to have a chance to go straight to Paris in the first time, because Brazil women’s volleyball team and American women’s volleyball team are two close competitors. Last year, the new China Women’s Volleyball Team did not have the upper hand in the international arena. In the World Women’s Volleyball League held from May to July this year, China Women’s Volleyball Team will also have the opportunity to play against these two teams in the sub-matches, which is also the best opportunity for the teams to find out their opponents before the Olympic qualifiers.
In terms of men’s volleyball in China, according to the world ranking and snake arrangement principle, the opponents in the same group are basically determined, including Polish men’s volleyball, Iranian men’s volleyball, Serbian men’s volleyball, Ukrainian men’s volleyball, German men’s volleyball, Czech men’s volleyball and Bulgarian men’s volleyball. In terms of comprehensive strength, China men’s volleyball team is not at the top of the group.
Olympic Qualifiers and Hangzhou Asian Games "Back to Back"
During the Tokyo Olympic cycle, China women’s volleyball team was qualified for the World Group Olympic Qualifying Tournament held in Beilun, Ningbo. China men’s volleyball team came second in the Asian Olympic qualifying tournament held in Jiangmen, and missed the Olympic Games. This year, although they are also sitting at home, it is more difficult for both men’s volleyball team and women’s volleyball team to get tickets for the Olympic Games than in the previous cycle. First of all, in terms of the number and strength of opponents, four years ago, a group of four teams competed for the first place in the Olympic Games. Now, eight teams have played the top two in seven single-cycle competitions, which puts higher demands on the physical fitness and energy of the participating teams.
Secondly, the Olympic qualifiers of men’s and women’s volleyball teams overlap with the Asian Games held from September 23rd to October 8th, which means that China men’s volleyball team and China women’s volleyball team will participate in the qualifiers and the Asian Games "back to back". In the second half of China women’s volleyball qualifying tournament, the Asian Games in Hangzhou has already started. Regardless of whether it can successfully compete for the Olympic Games, the whole team must rush to Hangzhou to fight for the gold medal in the Asian Games. Cai Bin, head coach of China women’s volleyball team, talked about this year’s goal before the closed training in February, that is, to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games in the first time and to win the gold medal in the Hangzhou Asian Games. It is a big test for the young China women’s volleyball team to complete the two competition tasks seamlessly. China men’s volleyball team also needs continuous rotation, but the order of the two competition tasks is just the opposite to that of China women’s volleyball team. The men’s volleyball team rushed to the Olympic qualifiers after attending the Hangzhou Asian Games.
China men and women volleyball main attack
"Shine" in Europe
At present, China Men’s Volleyball Team and China Women’s Volleyball Team have closed training in Zhangzhou, Fujian and Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang respectively. It is worth mentioning that Guangdong athletes are selected in the training lists of the two national brands, and the men’s volleyball teams include Wang Hebin and Chen Jiajie; The women’s volleyball team has Wang Yifan.
Several leading men’s volleyball players were temporarily absent from training because of playing abroad, including 23-year-old attacking core Zhang Jingyin. Under the operation of China Volleyball Association, Zhang Jingyin successfully went abroad and joined the Polish Super League, one of the three top leagues in the world. In February of this year, Zhang Jingyin wore the No.22 jersey to play for the Gdansk Club, which is in the middle of the league. On March 3rd, the Gdansk men’s volleyball team won 3-1 in the 26th round of the league, and Zhang Jingyin scored 24 points as a substitute, winning the MVP for the first time. In yesterday’s game, he played five innings as a substitute and contributed 18 points. Zhang Jingyin said that she gained a lot after joining the Gdansk Men’s Volleyball Club, especially improving her passing ability. Zhang Jingyin plans to return to China in May, when he will return to China Men’s Volleyball Team to prepare for the World Men’s Volleyball League.
In the 22nd round of Serie A competition held yesterday, the former China Women’s Volleyball Club, which focused on Zhu Ting, won ten consecutive victories, and Zhu Ting, who contributed 15 points, was elected as the MVP in a single game. Before joining Serie A, Zhu Ting was a world-famous MVP "harvester". Last October, Zhu Ting joined Scandi Qi Women’s Volleyball Club, and the cooperation period between the two sides was one season. After the start of the season, Zhu Ting won the league single MVP; three times; While representing the club in the Europa League, she won two MVP titles. Zhu Ting was also selected as the MVP of Serie A in December last year. Therefore, the single MVP she won yesterday is the seventh MVP title since she joined Serie A.
Source: Guangzhou Daily

Changhong Meiling obtained the patent of beauty display screen, which realized the beauty function of the display screen and improved the user experience.

Patent abstract shows that the invention discloses a beauty display screen installed on a refrigerator panel through a fixed structure. And relate to that technical field of mirror beauty mirrors of refrigerator. The invention comprises a display screen body; The surface of the display screen body is plated with a nano-scale film layer; The fixing structure comprises a circular outer box cover, an embedded box and a refrigerator door body; The display screen body is arrange on one side of that outer box cov; The embedded box is clamped and fixed on the inner side of the refrigerator door body through a buckle and a T-shaped hook; The outer box cover is clamped and installed on the embedded box through L-shaped claws and L-shaped buckles. Accord to that invention, the nano-scale film layer is arrange on the glass plate with the semi-transparent and semi-reflective optical film, so that the beauty function of the display screen body is realized, and the user experience is improved; When installing and disassembling, it is only necessary to control the elongation and contraction of the miniature electric telescopic rod; Realize the quick loading and unloading of beauty display screen; It avoids the complicated steps of dismounting the embedded box when dismounting, which is convenient and quick.

@ Fujian people, working hours have changed!

The eight-day Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end.
While everyone is enjoying the holiday life.
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February 18th is a working day.
According to the general office of the State Council.
Notice on Some Holiday Arrangements in 2024
The Spring Festival is on holiday from February 10th to 17th.
A total of 8 days
February 18th (Sunday)
Going to work!
Friends who usually set the working day alarm clock.
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World Badminton Federation Finals: Shi Yuqi advanced to the final 2-0 Jonatan.

CCTV News: On December 16th, Beijing time, the men’s singles semi-final of the 2023 BWF World Tour Finals was contested in Hangzhou. China’s Shi Yuqi played against Jonatan. In the first game, both sides played a small climax in the opening stage, and Shi Yuqi entered the game break with 10-11 behind. Shi Yuqi, who came back after a pause, quickened his pace and gradually opened the score, taking the next game 21-16 first. In the second game, Shi Yuqi continued to play at a high level in the first game and soon opened the score. Since then, Shi Yuqi has resisted Jonatan’s crazy counterattack and won the game with a total score of 2-0.

The song and dance film "Wings of Singing" shows the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang.

1905 movie network news As a rare commercial blockbuster of youth song and dance in recent years, the Xinjiang local film "Wings of Singing", which has aroused widespread concern in the film industry and market, has been officially shown nationwide since March 28, and has been strongly supported by the national audience.

The local films in Xinjiang are thick and thin, and let the world see the real great beauty of Xinjiang.

The whole film "Wings of Singing" adopts the form of singing and dancing, and through the light and shadow writing of the songs and dances of various ethnic groups, it shows the splendid cultural traditions of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the happy and beautiful lives of all ethnic groups. Compared with the musical films in India and Hollywood, the creative team strives for a "new" word in this film, so that the audience can enjoy a fresh audio-visual feast of "song and dance, music and content".

Gao Huang Gang, the producer and general director of the film, introduced that Wings of Singing collected the largest investment scale, the largest human resources and the most advanced shooting equipment of Tianshan Film Studio in recent years, and traveled to seven prefectures, covering tens of thousands of kilometers in the starry night, and made extensive use of aerial photography to bring the beautiful scenery of "the bright moon lifts from the Mountain of Heaven and in an infinite haze of cloud and sea" in Li Bai’s poems to the screen.

As a musical, "Wings of Singing" uses a lot of song and dance elements, including eight circus songs, four groups of big songs and dances, and two musicals, showing the folk customs of as many as eight ethnic groups through giant screen images. Director Abdul Karim Abu Rizi said, "There are tens of thousands of people participating in this film and 17 big scenes have been filmed. The beautiful scenery of Xinjiang such as snow-capped mountains and ice peaks, hilly grasslands, Gobi deserts and plateau lakes will all be presented in the film. "


Xinjiang Song and Dance Film attracts worldwide attention, and stars gather to create a new benchmark for China Song and Dance Film.

Wings of Singing has attracted wide attention in the international film industry. At present, the film has been shortlisted for the Music, Film and Drama Festival in Kanda, Morocco, and has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Guldiyar Anayti), Best Original Music and Jury Award in Madrid International Film Festival. Shortlisted for the feature film unit of Buenos Aires International Film Festival; Shortlisted in the main competition unit of the European Geneva Film Festival.

Wings of Singing is organized and planned by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with strong support from the Culture and Tourism Department of the autonomous region. Gao Huang Gang is the general director, Abdul Klimu Abulizi is the director, Gaoshan Yan is the friendship director, Li Mushi and Gao Qi are the screenwriters, Dong Yingda composes the music, and Xia Wang, Zhang Yingbing, Corn Ti, Jiang Yihao (Ayiken) are the leading actors, and Liu Zhibing, Luo Gang, Nigmat and Si Qi are the leading actors.

"Wings of Singing" is being shown in the national cinema. The audience can enjoy the beautiful scenery, colorful folk customs and songs and dances of many ethnic groups in Xinjiang through the big screen, and feel the times style of unity, forge ahead and self-improvement of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Natural beauty has not yet learned to "run", and sustainable beauty has begun to "roll"

Text |C2CC New Media

A few days ago, Chanel led the establishment of Traceability Alliance for Sustainable Cosmetics (TRASCE). According to the official introduction, TRASCE Alliance was established to deal with destructive events in the cosmetics supply chain, including health crisis, climate crisis-related events and geopolitical challenges.

The alliance consists of 15 beauty companies including Chanel, Clarins, Dior, Estee Lauder, L ‘Oreal, Shiseido, L ‘Occitane and Sisley, and international raw material packaging suppliers.

In recent years, international beauty giants have continuously increased the number of sustainable beauty cosmetics and formed industry alliances with the goal of environmental protection and sustainability. In February 2022, 36 international beauty care groups, including L ‘Oreal, Henkel, Unilever, LVMH and Natura &Co, announced the establishment of the Eco-Beauty Score Consortium, aiming at establishing a brand-independent and transparent cosmetic environmental impact assessment and scoring system for the whole industry.

On the road of promoting the sustainable development of beauty, international brands are indeed at the forefront, and may be more than one position ahead of domestic brands. For example, L ‘Oré al promises that by 2030, 95% of the ingredients in the brand formula will be bio-based and 100% of the plastic packaging will be recyclable; Unilever’s goal is to achieve zero emissions of all products from production to sales by 2039; By 2030, P&G will achieve 100% FSC certification and so on.

International brands have the first-Mover advantage in the field of sustainable beauty, and occupy the right to speak in the international market. However, the formation of the alliance, to a certain extent, is also shaping the brand authority. It is not excluded that they hope to re-divide the global market position and create barriers to industrial competitiveness through the form of alliance, which may increase the difficulty of domestic products going to sea and further raise the threshold for China brands to enter the European and American markets.

01 "abandoned" natural organic

Ten years ago, "organic", "natural" or "plant" skin care products were all the rage in China market. With the popularization of basic knowledge of ingredients, formulas and efficacy of skin care products in the industry, consumers found that "natural and organic" did not mean safer and more effective, and skin care products with scientific basis and clinical efficacy were more popular with consumers.

Therefore, many imported brands focusing on the concept of "natural and organic" have lost their reputation in the China market. Only last year, British organic skin care brand Aurelia, Japanese natural organic make-up brand Naturaglace, New Zealand natural skin care brand Snowberry and other natural organic brands closed Tmall flagship stores in China.

The concept of "natural and organic" is no longer the golden key for foreign minority brands to open the door to China market. More importantly, from the perspective of national policy supervision, China has never really opened the door for "natural and organic" beauty cosmetics.

On July 1, 2012, China cancelled the organic certification of cosmetics, and in 2015, the words "organic", "pure natural" and "0-added" were included in the prohibition language of cosmetics labeling in the Measures for the Administration of Cosmetics Labeling. As soon as the policy comes out, it basically means locking up the growth space of natural and organic concepts in the beauty market in China.

Not only that, international beauty giants seem to be deliberately giving up the concept of natural organic. In November 2023, L ‘Oré al sold Sanoflore, a natural skin care product, to private equity firm Ekkio Capital in a low-key way. Earlier, L ‘Oré al Group sold The Body Shop to Nature&Co Group.

It can be said that natural organic beauty cosmetics died early before they rose in the global market, but it did not affect the concept of planting grass in consumers’ minds. More importantly, green, healthy and sustainable development is the development trend that all major industries in the world are following.

According to the data of White Paper on Pure Beauty Industry, from 2020 to 2027, the global pure beauty market is expected to grow from 5.4 billion US dollars to 11.6 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.07%. In China, 86% of China users said they would consider using Clean Beauty products, and the number of pure beauty users in Amoy increased by more than 31% year-on-year.

According to Bain’s Insight into Sustainable Consumption Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region, 90% of the respondents are willing to pay a premium for the sustainability of products, and as many as 51% of the respondents regard environmental protection as one of the three most important shopping standards.

Compared with natural organic and pure beauty, sustainable beauty can be regarded as a higher-level version. At present, domestic and foreign brands are constantly "washing green", and the mass society will also pay attention to how brands practice the principles of "openness, transparency" and "traceability", such as sustainability in raw materials and research and development; Environmental protection in production, terminal, packaging, logistics and so on. "Natural and organic" is being reborn with the concept of "sustainable beauty".

02 domestic beauty cosmetics catch up with the sustainable wind

At present, there is no clear definition of sustainable beauty at home and abroad, but it is generally believed that sustainable beauty includes two dimensions: content sustainability and packaging sustainability.

In terms of contents, sustainable beauty cosmetics pursue minimalist ingredients, safety, transparency, naturalness, organic, traceability and environmental friendliness. In the outer packaging, sustainable beauty should adopt recyclable materials, recycled raw materials and reusable packaging design. In addition, in the production, research and development, circulation and other links, brands should also implement more energy-saving and emission-reduction measures as much as possible.

For international beauty brands, sustainable beauty has become a must for brand development.

In the second half of last year, sustainable beauty became the darling of the international capital market. Yepoda, a natural skin care brand with sustainable concept in Korea, completed the A round of financing; Líha Beauty, a British aromatherapy natural and sustainable skin care brand, received an investment of 1 million pounds; Iris&Romeo, a "pure" beauty brand, has been invested by True Beauty Ventures and so on.

Back in the domestic market, compared with the prohibition of natural and organic concepts in the field of beauty, the state is encouraging the development of sustainable beauty.

Previously, the "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption" jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven departments clearly stated that by 2025, the concept of green consumption in China will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the green transformation of consumption in key areas will achieve remarkable results, and the green consumption mode will be widely implemented, and the consumption system of green and low-carbon circular development will take shape; By 2030, green consumption mode will become the conscious choice of the public, green low-carbon products will become the mainstream of the market, and the green low-carbon development model of consumption in key areas will basically take shape.

Under the guidance of sustainable development and green consumption, many domestic head beauty enterprises are vigorously promoting ESG construction.

Bettini, Nature Hall, shanghai jahwa, Polaiya and other brands are already releasing ESG reports, planning outlines and proposals. In the report, Polaiya Group disclosed that in 2022, the per capita office power consumption will be reduced by 4.36% year-on-year, and the per capita office water consumption will be reduced by 13.27%. Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced in raw material procurement, product production, product packaging and logistics transportation, and the accumulated carbon emissions will be reduced by 2,261.23 tons. Betani guides the development of packaging through three major directions: new structure and new material, plastic reduction and non-plastic, and introduces the concept of green packaging from the design end.

Alexandra Palt, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer and CEO of L ‘Oré al, once said that through the topic of environmental protection, brand value can be better enhanced, thus guiding consumers’ consumption choices. The brand’s sustainable development and sense of social responsibility can affect the purchase behavior of individual consumers, and consumers’ recognition of sustainable beauty can also promote the brand’s development in this field.

Sustainable beauty should not only be a marketing concept, but more brands need to practice sustainable development with practical actions. China’s beauty industry needs to participate more in the international sustainable beauty alliance, and establish its own alliance system and standard system, so that sustainable beauty will become the outlet to promote the development of the industry in the "post-ingredient era".