Tourists in Dongjiang Bay Beach Scenic Area surged during the Spring Festival holiday.

During the Spring Festival this year, Dongjiang received more than 300,000 tourists, focusing on "leisure tour", "cruise tour" and "holiday tour" to provide tourists with a joyful and full-fledged feast of marine cultural tourism.

Cross the sea, approach the seaside, collect the sea and seagulls with the lens, and enjoy a moment’s rest. During the Spring Festival, the cultural tourism activities with the theme of "Dragon Ball Presents Ruins, Gulls Meet in Dongjiang" are in full swing, and a series of Spring Festival activities such as Tik Tok VLGO Competition, offline photography exhibition, popular science exhibition, printmaking research, and dragon ball punching are simultaneously launched with the theme of "Gull Season in Dongjiang", and tourism in Dongjiang continues to be hot.

Cruise is a redefined way to see the sea and a new tourism model. During the Spring Festival, the "Mediterranean" cruise ship with two voyages left the country, starting a six-day, five-night Spring Festival holiday trip. Tourists from all over the world gathered on the Mediterranean to celebrate the Spring Festival in year of the loong. The word "Fu", lanterns, Chinese knots … The elaborate decoration on the cruise ship creates a full flavor of the year.

Living in Dongjiang and feeling the slow time of being close to the sea. During the Spring Festival, Hyatt Regency Dongjiang, Guanhai Hot Spring Private Soup Courtyard in Dongjiang Bay, Erhai B&B, Tianjin Dongjiang International Hot Spring Apartment and other places have become popular choices for holiday travel, and various accommodation methods such as parent-child travel, couples travel and hot spring travel are favored by tourists.

During the festival, Dongjiang comprehensively improved the tourism service guarantee, timely improved the problems such as toilet, transportation and catering that tourists reflected more, strengthened the propaganda and guidance of civilized play, further optimized the experience of tourists during the Spring Festival, continuously improved the service quality, and made the trip more comfortable.