Xinyang Volvo XC90 is on sale! The latest offer is 467,000 yuan, which is very beneficial today.

According to the news of car home Xinyang preferential promotion channel, preferential promotion activities are being carried out in Xinyang area. The minimum starting price of this luxury SUV is 467,000 yuan, and the maximum discount amount reaches 179,900 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you may wish to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV, and its design is full of strength and modernity. The front face adopts Volvo family-style design language, and the air intake grille adopts a unique straight waterfall design, which shows the unique charm of the brand. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is simple and atmospheric, which makes people recognize that this is Volvo’s work at a glance. At the same time, XC90 is also equipped with a series of high-end configurations, such as LED headlights and unique taillight design, which makes it more conspicuous when driving at night. In addition, the XC90 also adopts a unique body color and wheel hub design, which makes it more eye-catching in appearance. In a word, the design of Volvo XC90 is full of Nordic style, which is both simple and luxurious and impressive.

Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV, with a length, width and height of 4953*1958*1778mm and a wheelbase of 2984mm, with smooth body lines and stable overall shape. The specifications of the front and rear wheels are both 275/45 R20, and the tire width is larger, which can provide better grip and stability. The lines on the side of the car are simple and smooth, showing the unique design style of luxury brands.

The interior design of Volvo XC90 is full of Nordic style, simple and generous, with attention to detail and comfort. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them. The 9-inch central control screen has a large size, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. The front seat is made of leather, which supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support, providing a comfortable riding experience. The co-pilot seat also supports a variety of adjustment methods, including front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support. The front seats are also equipped with heating function, so that drivers can enjoy a comfortable driving experience in cold weather. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion to provide more storage space. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. Generally speaking, the interior design of Volvo XC90 is very user-friendly, providing many comfortable and convenient configurations, so that drivers and passengers can feel more comfortable driving experience during the journey.

Volvo XC90 is equipped with a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and meet the needs of daily driving. This engine performs well when accelerating, and also has good fuel economy performance, which brings more comfortable driving experience to drivers.

The design of Volvo XC90 has always been one of its highly praised highlights, which has also been confirmed in the evaluation. He/she said that he/she was "absolutely satisfied" with the appearance of XC90, especially the iconic Raytheon Hammer, low-key blue and overall streamlined design, which was very fashionable. In fact, the design of XC90 has always been full of Nordic style and simple aesthetic feeling, and at the same time, it incorporates modern design elements, making people recognize its unique style at a glance. No matter from the details to the whole, the Volvo XC90 shows the exquisite design and care, which brings incomparable driving pleasure and experience to the owners. Therefore, if you are also interested in a luxury SUV with both fashion and personality, Volvo XC90 is undoubtedly a good choice.

BYD Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition went on sale at the peak, with a price of 189,800 ~ 289,800 yuan.

On May 18th, 2023, BYD’s brand-new Han DM series peaked. Among them, the Han DM-i Champion Edition comes with three innovations: color, chassis and experience, and a 200km pure battery life version is launched, which will completely subvert the mainstream B sedan market! At the same time, BYD’s first mass-produced and modified super hybrid coupe, the Chinese DM-p Ares version, is amazing. With its triathlon of concept, temperament and strength, it meets the individual needs of users in multiple dimensions!

This time, among the two models of Han DM series with comprehensive and advanced product strength, the price range of Han DM-i Champion Edition is 189,800 yuan ~ 249,800 yuan, and the price of Han DM-p Ares Edition is 289,800 yuan. In addition, the new Han DM series also provides users with five major online services of Zhilian, five exclusive VIP services and two worry-free car purchase policies.

Subverting the mainstream B sedan market, Han DM-i Champion Edition is superior in strength.
Under the new energy east wind, the brand of China has risen strongly. With the strength of hard-core products, Han DM-i has rapidly increased its quantity, fully occupied more than 200,000 mid-to-high-end car markets, and gradually grasped the market dominance. Nowadays, the brand-new Han DM-i Champion Edition adheres to the market strategy of "the same price for oil and electricity", takes advantage of the situation, advances strategically within 200,000 yuan, and carries out subversion to the end!

Han DM-i Champion Edition is equipped with DM-i super hybrid technology, which has six advantages of "fast, economical, quiet, smooth, green and luxurious". Its fuel consumption is only 4.2L/100km in the state of power loss, and it can be used for oil and electricity, and its comprehensive cruising range can reach 1260km. At the same time, it has the policy advantages of library-level quietness, infinite driving experience close to pure electricity, and green brand without purchase tax. In addition, the Han DM-i Champion Edition has created a luxurious and comfortable space, super intelligence, and luxury is not limited, leading more than one generation!
Continuing the foundation of success, Han DM-i Champion Edition comes with three great rejuvenation! In terms of color, it launched a brand-new glacier blue car color, using BASF’s two core material technologies, which made the color appear metallic fluidity, and the visual effect was light and pure, which vividly set off the beauty of overseas fashion design. On the chassis, FSD variable damping suspension system and aluminum alloy multi-link are standard. The perfect combination of them enables it to flexibly adapt to complex and diverse road conditions, bring comfortable riding experience and enhance the driving pleasure of the vehicle. Most notably, some models of Han DM-i Champion Edition can be equipped with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system (the hardware has been installed, and OTA will be upgraded this year). Yunqi -C is perfectly compatible with comfort and handling, bringing subversive improvement to the driving experience.

In terms of configuration, Han DM-i Champion Edition comes standard with NFC car keys, which supports Android and Apple devices, greatly improving the convenience of car use. At the same time, BSD blind spot monitoring and W-HUD head-up display are two major configurations: "getting on the bus", active safety is strengthened, and technology is used to escort travel. In addition, the Han DM-i Champion Edition comes standard with ten core high-end configurations, which are high at the beginning and lead from the inside out, setting a new benchmark for the value of B-class cars!

In order to further meet the higher-level travel needs of elite groups in big cities, Han DM-i Champion Edition has newly launched a 200km pure electric endurance version to create a "5+2+N" full-scene car experience. 5-day daily commute, 200km long pure battery life to easily cope with the intensity of work; Two days holiday travel, the comprehensive endurance of 1260km greatly improves the length of travel; After reaching the destination, the external discharge of up to 6kW can bring n possibilities and expand the width of life indefinitely. The 200km version of the champion version of Han DM-i has achieved a ceiling of 250,000, and achieved the experience subversion of the generation difference with the flagship quality.

The first mass-produced modified super hybrid coupe, Han DM-p Ares Edition highlights the flagship nature.
At the same time, in order to further respond to the market demand and meet the needs of personalized users, Han DM series has newly launched Han DM-p Ares Edition! The new car pays tribute to Huo Qubing, the God of War, and draws inspiration from the famous sentence of Xin Qiji’s famous work "Never Meet Le Jingkou Beigu Pavilion Nostalgia", "Think of that year, Jin Ge Tiema swallowed Wan Li like a tiger", in the name of God of War, conveying China’s self-confidence and China’s strength.

In terms of color, the armor is inspired by the mysterious black color matching, and BASF third-generation black paint is used. The deep black is delicate and shimmering, which has a strong visual impact! Appearance, Han DM-p Ares Edition adopts a series of blackened appearance kits, including blackened sports wheels, matte black logo, black metal triangular windows and frames, etc., which makes the appearance of the whole vehicle more performance-oriented and highlights the hard-core strength.
The interior of the DM-p Ares Edition of Han Dynasty has added a series of sports elements and high-grade materials, such as extremely black high-grade suede-coated seats, door panels, passenger side panels, central control armrest boxes, etc., supplemented by black carbon fiber materials, and equipped with integrated sports seats and golden yellow seat belts. The interior of the whole vehicle has been upgraded in sports sense, which complements the individual appearance and the inspired color matching of armor.

In addition to the design highlights, the new car is equipped with DM-p hybrid technology, which has completely surpassed the mechanical four-wheel drive in four dimensions: power, safety, difficulty relief and energy consumption. Under the blessing of DM-p king’s hybrid, the Chinese DM-p Ares version has four characteristics: fast running, good braking, steady walking and far walking. Its peak horsepower is 580Ps, the maximum torque is as high as 822N·m, and the fastest acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 3.7s! At the same time, the golden yellow high-performance four-piston fixed pliers can escort the ultimate performance output. In addition, in terms of energy efficiency, it can be powered by oil. Under NEDC working conditions, the battery life is 200km, the fuel consumption is only 5.2L, and the comprehensive battery life is 1120km.

At the same time, BYD’s latest safety technology, Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system (hardware has been installed and upgraded by OTA this year), will also be installed on the Chinese DM-p Ares Edition, which has the technical advantages of extreme experience and extreme safety, and can make the Chinese DM-p Ares Edition realize the perfect combination of safety and handling, so as to achieve a "luxurious and leapfrog new experience".
As a super hybrid coupe modified by mass production, the Han DM-p Ares Edition is a perfect interpretation of China’s luxury performance coupe with the combination of three ip’s: DM-p King Hybrid, Yunqi -C and Ares Design!

For a long time, the auto market has always had the saying that "the person who wins the B sedan wins the world", and the B sedan market is regarded as the best stage for all auto companies to show their brand strength and product strength. Han DM-i Champion Edition and Han DM-p Ares Edition form a strong Chinese ip, which combines the two swords to break the monopoly of joint venture brands. The sword refers to the mainstream B-class sedan market champion! (Zou Zhengmao)

Shaoxing Volvo V60 hot promotion! The highest discount is 36,700, and the car is sufficient.

In the preferential promotion channel in Shaoxing, car home, we are very happy to announce that preferential promotion activities are under way! As a luxury car loved by consumers, the price of Volvo V60 in Shaoxing area is now more close to the people. The lowest starting price is 315,800, and the highest discount is 36,700. If you want to know more about the discount, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form!

Volvo V60 is a luxury medium-sized station wagon, with a simple design and a sense of power. The front face adopts the iconic Volvo family design, and the straight waterfall air intake grille and large chrome trim are very eye-catching. The body lines are smooth, and the sides are designed with double waistlines, which highlights the sense of movement and movement. The rear design is simple, and the taillights are made of LED strip, which is recognizable after lighting. The overall style is elegant and noble, which shows the unique design style and high-quality manufacturing technology of Volvo brand.

Volvo V60 is a medium-sized station wagon with a length of 4778mm, a width of 1850mm, a height of 1437mm and a wheelbase of 2872 mm.. The body lines are smooth and unique, especially the side line design, which is more slender and shows elegant temperament. Tyre size is 235/45 R18, and the rim style is fashionable and atmospheric, which makes the whole vehicle more sporty. The specific parameters of the rear tread (mm) and the front tread (mm) are not provided.

The interior design of Volvo V60 is simple and atmospheric, and the overall style is mainly Nordic style. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, and feels comfortable. The central control screen has a size of 9 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control multimedia, navigation and telephone functions. There are two USB/Type-C interfaces in the front row and the back row, which is convenient for charging and connecting devices. The seats are made of leather, and the front and rear seats, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support can be adjusted. The front seats also support heating and electric memory functions. The rear seats can be laid down in proportion, which increases the flexibility of space. Generally speaking, Volvo V60 is a medium-sized vehicle worthy of consideration because of its rich interior configuration, comfort and practicality.

Volvo V60 is equipped with a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. The car uses an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience. The high performance of the engine and the intelligent design of the gearbox enable drivers to enjoy a more comfortable and stable driving experience. In addition, Volvo V60 is equipped with advanced safety technology and luxury configuration, which brings a safer and more comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.

In this article about the price reduction promotion of Volvo V60, we have introduced various features and advantages of this model. It has impressive design, spacious and comfortable interior space, excellent safety performance and powerful power system. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are offering special promotions so that you can buy this excellent model at a more affordable price. If you are interested in Volvo V60, now is an excellent time. Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Go to our dealer now to learn more details and enjoy this offer!

Affordable Volvo XC90 is listed! Full-time four-wheel drive, 2.0T hybrid +8AT, tall and mighty only 220,000.

Recently, a medium-sized and large SUV was officially launched at the Beijing Auto Show. This new car is also a large SUV that I particularly liked in the past. It has excellent mechanical literacy and the price is really cheap now. This model is the Lectra 09. The global version of the four-wheel drive is listed this time.

The guide price of this Lexus 09 is 265,800 yuan, and the manufacturer directly gives the price of 235,800 yuan, and there is still a subsidy of about 10,000 yuan at the terminal. The price of bare cars that can basically be sold is 225,800 yuan.

The advantages of the new car are actually very many. The first is the power system, which is equipped with a 2.0T+48V light mixing system and matches the eight-speed automatic manual transmission. More importantly, this Lectra 09 matches the central differential, full-time four-wheel drive, and adopts the front double wishbone independent suspension and the rear multi-link independent suspension system like BMW. The handling properties and mechanical literacy are in place, which is also the main reason why I liked this new car at first. In addition, the new car also has six driving modes, such as off-road, snow, strong dynamic performance, plus hard-core four-wheel drive, which can be very anti-skid

Although the appearance design is tall and powerful, it also has some shortcomings, which is also the main reason why I gave up this new car. As far as the appearance is concerned, the domineering shape is full of masculinity, the all-black appearance shows domineering, the hidden electric door handle, the 19-inch petal-shaped wheel hub and the four exhaust pipes, so the face value can definitely be beaten. In the body data section, the length, width and height of this Lectra 09 are 5042/1977/1780mm and the wheelbase is 2984mm, which is a seven-seat SUV.

The internal design has also been greatly upgraded. In addition to the two screens we saw, the new car has actually upgraded the chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 on the new model, and compared with the previous model, it has more Lectra OS N design. The 5G network signal adopted by the new car has active noise reduction function and remote control of the mobile phone, and it is also equipped with L2-level intelligent assisted driving system as standard in the whole system. There are only two kinds of maps: Gaode and Baidu. Automatic parking in place, automatic lane change assistance is readily available. Bluetooth key, card key and panoramic sunroof can be opened, which are also standard in the whole system. In addition, even the seats are equipped with heating, ventilation, massage, memory and boss buttons, and the global version of our four-wheel drive is also available.

So what’s wrong with this Lexus 09? From all aspects, it is actually perfect, with good price, domineering appearance and high intelligence. Why don’t many consumers buy it? The main reason is that it is very similar to the shortcomings of Volvo’s SUV, for example, the space inside the car is very small, and the mute effect inside the car is also very general. In fact, it is understandable, because this Lectra 09 and Volvo XC90 are the same chassis, and their advantages and disadvantages are basically the same.

Xiaomi Leijun: The core problem of the long delivery time of Xiaomi SU7 is that the sales volume is 3-5 times higher than expected.

Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Automobile, responded to "the delivery time of Xiaomi SU7 is too long" during the live broadcast today. "The core problem is that the sales volume is 3-5 times higher than we expected, and an emergency supplier meeting was held a week ago. The original planned standard version and PRO version were delivered at the end of April. In fact, delivery has started today, 12 days ahead of schedule. "

99.06% equity of Jia Yueting LeTV has been frozen. How much money is left to pay off debts?

  Regarding the problem of arrears, LeTV responded that "LeTV will never owe money to any creditor, including financial institutions, including the supply chain. As long as LeTV is given time, it will definitely be fully repaid." However, in the situation of being chased for the arrears everywhere, for Jia Yueting, even though he may not agree with what Sun Hongbin called "what should be collected, what should be sold", the realistic pressure may force him to consider this way.

  Letv is facing four debts to be recovered. According to Jia Yueting, over the past six months, LeTV has paid back more than 15 billion yuan. However, LeTV’s money is obviously far from being repaid, which ultimately leads to the fact that most of the shares of LeTV, a listed company held by Jia Yueting, have been frozen.


  More than 99% of the shares of LeTV held by Jia Yueting were frozen.

  According to the announcement issued by LeTV last night, at present, Jia Yueting holds 524,074,478 shares of LeTV directly or indirectly through LeTV Holdings, accounting for 26.27% of the company’s total share capital. Among them, 512,133,322 shares directly held by Jia Yueting have all been frozen; Of the 11,941,156 shares held through LeTV Holdings, 7,000,000 shares were frozen. So far, the accumulated frozen shares of LeTV in Jia Yueting have reached 519,133,322 shares, accounting for 99.06% of the company’s shares. Numerically, the 519,133,322 shares frozen in Jia Yueting are exactly the same as the number of shares frozen by the Shanghai High Court due to a loan dispute with China Merchants Bank the day before.

  Regarding the problem of arrears, LeTV responded that "LeTV will never owe money to any creditor, including financial institutions, including the supply chain. As long as LeTV is given time, it will definitely be fully repaid." However, for LeTV, how many assets can be used to repay the account?

  At its most brilliant time, LeTV once had three listed companies, a LeTV network listed on the A-share Growth Enterprise Market, a Cool Group of Hong Kong stocks, and a new three-board company online wine network. This is not counting the new three-board companies such as Ruixin Media, Yongsheng Animation and Yongle Culture. However, two of the three listed companies have suspended trading for several months, and the online wine network has taken the initiative to withdraw from the market in the first half of this year.

  press sb for an interview

  Letv has been suspended for nearly three months.

  Under the pressure of LeTV’s capital chain crisis, the A-share company LeTV has been declining since the end of last year, during which it was suspended. It was rumored that the share price was close to the liquidation line of Jia Yueting’s equity pledge, but it was denied by LeTV. What is particularly embarrassing is that after Sun Hongbin received more than 10 billion emergency funds, it still failed to boost LeTV’s share price. Until April 15 this year, LeTV announced the suspension of trading on the grounds of planning major events, and it has been nearly three months.

  Until last week’s shareholders’ meeting, LeTV has not given a specific resumption time. However, it is obviously impossible for LeTV to suspend its trading for an indefinite period. According to the new suspension regulations issued by Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May last year, for listed companies planning major asset restructuring, the suspension time is up to six months. But in fact, in the three months since the suspension of trading, the negative news of LeTV has not gradually subsided but has become more and more prominent, which makes it difficult to imagine the stock price trend after its hasty resumption of trading.

  pay close attention

  Coolpad will be removed from the Hong Kong Stock Connect Index next week.

  The acquisition of Coolpad, a well-known domestic mobile phone brand listed in Hong Kong, was also an influential merger and acquisition of LeTV. In June last year, LeTV acquired a total of 28.9% of the shares of Coolpad Group twice and became the largest shareholder of the latter. According to the idea of LeTV at that time, by integrating the existing super mobile phone business of Coolpad and LeTV, "2016 ‘ Letv+Coolpad ’ The total sales volume of smartphones can reach 50 million to 60 million units, and the sales volume is expected to exceed 100 million units in 2017, making it one of the largest mobile phone companies with sales volume. " However, less than half a year later, in November last year, Coolpad Group issued a profit warning on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, saying that it is expected that the company will lose HK$ 3 billion in 2016. Up to now, Coolpad Group has been unable to publish the 2016 annual report "because the audit problem has still not been solved". According to the regulations, the end of March this year is already the deadline for its disclosure of last year’s annual report. Correspondingly, Coolpad shares have been suspended since March 30 this year. Before the suspension, the share price was 0.72 Hong Kong dollars/share, which was more than half of the loss of 1.5 Hong Kong dollars/share when LeTV acquired it.

  According to the latest index change notice issued by Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Company this week, Coolpad Group (02369) will be excluded from the Hang Seng Global Composite Index and also be excluded from the Hang Seng Hong Kong Stock Connect Index. This change will take effect from next Tuesday.

  Net Wine Network used to be the second LeTV company to independently land in the capital market after LeTV. On August 24th, 2016, the online wine network was listed and traded on the New Third Board. The controlling shareholder of the company is LeTV Holdings, and Jia Yueting indirectly holds 50.35% of the shares of the company through LeTV Holdings. The online wine network is also an organic part of the LeTV ecosystem.

  However, in less than eight months, on April 24 this year, the online wine network announced the termination of listing on the New Third Board. The scene that appeared before its delisting from the New Third Board was also the failure to disclose the 2016 annual report on time. In addition, 70% of the shares indirectly held by Jia Yueting in the online wine network have been pledged.


  Letv has experienced negative growth this year.

  LeTV’s super tv business has always been a relatively good asset of LeTV, which was also recognized by Sun Hongbin, a real estate player who rescued LeTV for more than 10 billion yuan at the beginning of the year. But the unavoidable fact is that as of the end of last year, LeTV has not been able to achieve profitability. At the beginning of this year, Liang Jun, the head of LeTV TV, issued a military order to make a profit this year, but there are indeed too many variables in LeTV this year. In the case that other professional color TV manufacturers are in a tight situation this year, LeTV TV obviously needs to accept greater challenges if it wants to turn a profit in this difficult period. Moreover, Liang Jun admitted at the shareholders’ meeting of LeTV last week that LeTV had experienced negative growth since the first half of this year.

  Another bad news for LeTV is that Foxconn, which had worked closely with LeTV before, has now almost broken up with it. For LeTV, which does not have its own manufacturing business, OEM companies like Foxconn were once important partners in its hardware development. LeTV’s super tv used to leverage Foxconn’s cheap manufacturing to be influential in the color TV market. In addition to the business connection in OEM, LeTV and Foxconn once had a close capital bond. In 2013, disclosed the resolution of the board of directors. Shenzhen Guanding Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Foxconn, achieved a 20% share by increasing its capital to LeEco Zhixin Company, which is mainly engaged in LeTV TV.

  However, with the financial shortage of LeTV, Foxconn has quietly broken up with LeTV. According to media reports, since 2016, Shenzhen Guanding has been out of LeTV’s new shareholder list. According to the data of, a data company in the domestic household appliance industry, in the first four months of this year, the number of LeTV TVs shipped by Foxconn was only 6,600, 3,200, 7,200 and 4,500 respectively. This means that the vast majority of LeTV TVs are not from Foxconn, and the cooperation between them has almost broken up.


  The unlisted part is afraid of "selling the sale"

  According to the analysis of people close to LeTV, after Sun Hongbin invested real money in LeTV, the supervision of LeTV’s funds has been significantly strengthened. At present, the pattern formed is that Sun Hongbin keeps an eye on the operation of some listed companies of LeTV; For the unlisted part of LeTV business, Jia Yueting is in charge, the largest part of which is LeTV. Although the listed company and the unlisted part are still connected in many businesses, it is impossible to transfer funds, which is why Jia Yueting admitted at the shareholders’ meeting last week that the financial pressure of the unlisted part of LeTV is greater than expected.

  For Jia Yueting, he now needs to take care of various businesses such as LeTV Sports and LeTV Mobile Phone with extremely limited funds. Even though he may not agree with what Sun Hongbin called "what should be collected, what should be sold", the realistic pressure may force him to consider this way. Easy access was once an important part of Jia Yueting’s ideal LeTV car ecology. When it was first acquired, Jia Yueting was ambitious. "Through completely independent research and development, we will build the best Internet smart electric car and establish the car Internet ecosystem, so that China’s automobile industry will subvert the traditional giants in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, effectively solve urban smog and traffic congestion, and let everyone drive super cars and breathe pure air." But today, it is a foregone conclusion that LeTV is easy to sell.


  Letv will sell the mobile phone sector in the future?

  In addition, some media expect that LeTV will sell the mobile phone sector next, so what really triggered the crisis of LeTV’s capital chain at the end of last year was the arrears of suppliers in the mobile phone business. Almost all of Jia Yueting’s shares in LeTV were frozen this time because of the property preservation caused by his personal joint guarantee for the financing of LeTV’s mobile phone business.

  It is worth noting that Jia Yueting said at the shareholders’ meeting last week that in the future, LeTV will focus on two major industries, namely, listed companies and automobile business. He also specifically mentioned that businesses that are not included in the "focus" category, such as LeTV’s mobile phone, LeTV Sports and Easy Access, "I hope that in the next two or three months, everyone will gradually see LeTV’s determination this time, and its limited assets will gain the greatest value". As soon as the voice just fell, it was announced that the controlling shareholder was no longer LeTV, which naturally increased people’s association with the future LeTV mobile phone business. However, in response to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday, LeTV Mobile said, "All the business of LeTV Mobile is normal at present, and the release of new machines is also planned."

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Expert: The viewpoint of "highly toxic, short-lived and easy to explode" of network-transmitted lithium battery is too one-sided.

  The widely circulated online articles also questioned lithium batteries, including: lithium batteries are highly toxic, short-lived, explosive and harsh in use conditions; Unable to recycle, resulting in great environmental pressure … … Is this really the case? The "Verification" column of People’s Daily continued to interview many industry experts to explore the truth.

  Lithium batteries are highly toxic and dangerous goods?

  Response: Lithium batteries do not contain toxic substances, and the impact is far less than that of lead-acid batteries.

  "Strictly speaking, lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries are still conceptually different." Wang Fang, chief expert in the field of power batteries in China Automotive Technology Research Center, secretary-general and senior engineer of battery testing and application technology alliance, said that lithium batteries usually refer to batteries with lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode and non-aqueous electrolyte. Lithium-ion battery refers to rechargeable secondary battery, the negative electrode does not use metal lithium, and it works by lithium ion moving between the positive and negative electrodes. However, in daily life, people are used to calling lithium-ion batteries lithium batteries or lithium batteries for short.

  It is understood that most of the new energy vehicles promoted in China (including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles) use lithium-ion batteries, of which Ferrous lithium phosphate accounts for 80%— 90%, ternary lithium batteries have also been widely used in passenger cars.

  In response to the statement that lithium batteries are "highly toxic dangerous goods" pointed out in the online article, Wang Fang refuted that lithium batteries do not produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead acid, nickel chromium and nickel hydrogen, and are relatively less polluted. And its electrolyte is organic solvent and lithium salt, mostly non-toxic or low-toxic; However, the decomposition or hydrolysis products of lithium batteries are hydrofluoric acid and other fluorine-containing compounds, which are corrosive and toxic.

  Liu Haojie, a researcher-level senior engineer at the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, said that the lithium-ion battery itself does not contain toxic substances, and the carbon in the negative electrode and the metal oxide in the positive electrode are basically non-toxic. Because lithium-ion batteries belong to a sealed system, they will not be exposed to these substances in normal use. "In any case, its impact is far less than that of the most widely used lead-acid battery at present."

  Lithium batteries have short life and harsh conditions?

  Response: The life of power lithium-ion battery can reach 2000 cycles, and the battery management system can limit "overcharge and overdischarge".

  How long is the current lithium battery life? Will shallow charging and discharging and overcharge and overdischarge affect the safety and life of the battery?

  "There are many factors that determine the service life of power lithium-ion batteries, including the characteristics of the system itself, as well as the manufacturing process and working conditions. A high-quality battery system and scientific system management can achieve a long service life. " Wang Fang said that according to the cut-off condition that the capacity decays to 80% and the discharge depth test of 100%, the life of power batteries can basically reach 2000 cycles.

  "Overcharging and overdischarge means that the voltage of the battery exceeds or falls below the specified cut-off voltage during charging and discharging, which will bring harm to the performance and life of the battery." Wang Fang said, but the BMS battery management system in the battery will limit and protect it. It will limit the charging of the battery at low temperature and recharge it when it is heated to a suitable temperature. Wang Fang said that in order to ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries, there are a series of safety protection designs from battery cells, modules to battery systems to prevent the batteries from being overcharged and over-cooled, and alarm and protect them in time in case of abnormality.

  It is mentioned in the net that there have been media reports that "Tianjin No.18 Institute has proved that lithium batteries burn and explode in almost all projects such as high temperature and high pressure, puncture and impact, and overcharge and overdischarge".

  In this regard, Liu Yanlong, secretary general of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, said that at the end of May 2014, the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group was interviewed by the media, but the phenomenon of battery burning and explosion in the program was caused by dismantling the protection circuit according to the requirements of program recording, and then conducting abuse experiments. The main purpose of this experiment is to let users know about the possible dangerous situation of ternary lithium battery without protective measures under abuse conditions.

  "The safety of lithium-ion batteries is theoretically controllable, and most of the safety problems are caused by product defects and abuse." Liu Yanlong said. "But the safety of battery cells, modules and systems alone is not enough to ensure the absolute safety of electric vehicles equipped with lithium batteries." Li Ping, Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL), introduced the current top Model— S used 7104 Panasonic ternary lithium batteries, and made great efforts in battery safety protection, including setting sensors, being controlled by battery control system, and using a large number of high-strength aluminum alloys and other materials for collision protection. With these safety designs, the probability of safety accidents still reaches one in ten thousand.

  Wang Qinghua, a researcher-level senior engineer at the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, also pointed out that the products in the electric vehicle battery market are mixed, and the batteries produced by some manufacturers have poor consistency, and the effectiveness of the management system is not very effective. The problem of a single battery will have a certain impact on the overall life of the battery pack. In this regard, Wang Qinghua suggested that the government should improve the corresponding test and verification standards and strengthen the management, supervision and testing of the electric vehicle market.

  Is the pollution of waste lithium batteries uncontrollable?

  Response: Due to relatively small environmental risks, lithium batteries have not been included in hazardous waste management, but the recycling system should be laid out as soon as possible.

  Is there a compulsory recycling policy for lithium batteries at present? Is it true that waste lithium batteries will cause great environmental pressure, as stated in the online article? Wang Fang said that at this stage, waste batteries that are included in hazardous waste management by environmental protection departments include waste cadmium-nickel batteries and waste lead-acid batteries. Disposable batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc. are not included in hazardous waste management because of their relatively small environmental risks.

  However, when waste lithium-ion batteries enter the environment, the electrode materials and electrolyte react with other substances in the environment, such as hydrolysis and oxidation, which may cause heavy metal ion pollution such as nickel, cobalt and manganese, fluorine pollution and some organic pollution. So, can these pollutions be controlled?

  Wang Fang said that for the treatment of lithium-ion batteries, the "Recycling Policy for Power Batteries of Electric Vehicles (2015 Edition)" drafted by the Environmental Protection Department of the National Development and Reform Commission stipulates that wet smelting technology is encouraged to treat waste lithium-ion batteries, and the comprehensive recovery rate of nickel, cobalt and manganese should be no less than 98%. "For the processing technology of lithium-ion batteries, China has always had research teams from universities and conducted cooperation and exchanges with the United States." Wang Fang said.

  On January 8th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Interim Measures for the Administration of Industry Standard Announcement on the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Power Batteries of New Energy Vehicles (Draft for Comment), which intends to implement dynamic management of enterprises for the comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries of new energy vehicles, and entrust relevant professional organizations to assist in the relevant work of announcement management.

  Hu Shuqing, chief expert and researcher-level senior engineer of China Electronics Science and Technology Corporation, said that for lithium-ion batteries with Ferrous lithium phosphate, lithium manganate and ternary materials with low cobalt content as positive active materials, due to the low commercial value of recycling, enterprises are not interested. The recycling of these used batteries must be issued by the state policy, in order to successfully realize the closed loop of the industry. At present, China has issued some policies and standards, such as the classification of used batteries, storage and transportation norms, and technical policies for pollution prevention and control of solid waste and hazardous waste, but they are not sufficient.

  "The work of recycling lithium-ion batteries should be laid out as soon as possible." Wang Binggang, head of the National 863 Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Project Supervision and Consulting Expert Group, said that to establish a power battery recycling system, it is necessary to improve battery standardization, establish a code traceability system, implement strict reward and punishment measures, and conduct qualification management for recycling enterprises.

  (Reporter Wang Zheng Zhu Hong)

You don’t need your cell phone number. You think it’s okay to stop? Scared out in a sweat …

  ▌ This article source: Guangzhou Daily, Suzhou Public Security Micro Police, Fuzhou Public Security.

  CCTV News:I don’t need my mobile phone number. Can I just stop it? If you think so, you are all wet!

  The netizen bought a mobile phone card and accidentally found that the former card owner’s Alipay and other information can be known!

  Recently, a message circulated in the circle of friends:

  I helped my son to get a new mobile phone SIM card. As soon as I put it in my mobile phone, it shows that this number has been registered with WeChat (the contact number keeps popping up in the system, asking to add friends), and then I use this mobile phone number to check Taobao and Alipay, all of which are easily entered. Fortunately, I am a good person, otherwise the money in the bank card bound by this person may be inexplicably gone in a blink of an eye … …

  This message came from a netizen named "Noisy Mom". She said that after buying this second-hand mobile phone card, she found that the former card owner used this number to bind too much information. She wants to find the former card owner and untie his bound things. But obviously, it is not possible to call this number again, so where can I find the former card owner?

  Noisy mom searched the Internet for related questions, but who knows that some related "tutorials" jumped out: the mobile phone number is the login name, as long as you bind the mobile phone, and you can also tell you intimately whether this mobile phone is registered with Taobao or Alipay; Don’t know the login password? The system will also tell you what to do if you forget your password. You only need a mobile phone verification code. 

  That is to say, as long as you have your mobile phone number, your account number and password! Give it a try, if you really enter this card owner’s Taobao account, you can see all kinds of information — — Where did you go to college, where did you often receive the goods, where did you live, where did your girlfriend live, where did you go before, and where did you go now … …

  When logging in to Weibo registered with this mobile phone number, even the password is the default, and all the Weibo information that you and others can see is presented one by one, so that you can not only know the life experience of the original card owner, but also know some subtle moods at a glance.

  With this simple method of resetting the password, you can definitely get into Alipay and the bound bank card. As long as you go in, you can control the money inside like a master. Think carefully and be extremely afraid!

  Former card owner: I forgot to untie the number I used in college after changing it.

  "Noisy Mom" found a frequent number through the information on the mobile phone card and tried to call it in the hope of finding the owner of the original number. When I heard the phone call from "Naomao", the other end of the phone was shocked. Soon, the noisy mother got in touch with the original owner of the mobile phone number.

  The former owner of this mobile phone number said that it was used in college. After work, the company gave it a new number, and the old number was no longer used, but I forgot that it was also bound with Weibo, WeChat, Alipay and two bank cards.

  "It’s met a good man! In the process of unbinding, the mobile phone verification code is constantly needed, and the mother keeps sending it. " It took a lot of effort, and the former card owner finally untied Alipay and other software with the help of his mother.

  It turns out that the number you stopped using will be recycled by the sales number and given to others for the second time. If you used it to bind Weibo, WeChat, Alipay, bank card, etc. before and didn’t cancel it, it would be very dangerous! Most people may not realize it.

  Operator: the data bound to other companies cannot be cleaned up after the mobile phone sales number is recovered.

  The customer service staff of the communication operator said that if a mobile phone number is overdue for more than 60 days, it may be recycled, and when it will be released for reuse, the time may be long or short. This is not necessarily the case.

  Why is there so much personal information bound to the recycled SIM card?

  The customer service replied that this is a secondary numbering, and some information related to the operator company will be cleaned up, but there is no way to clean up the information of other companies.

  Introduction: What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or my number is disabled?

  1. Back up the phone book

  Some people have too many important customers in their mobile phone address book, but they neglect it, and they don’t know it’s too late until they throw away their old cards. In addition, it is best to save the old card after replacing the mobile phone card to avoid being used by others.

  2. The mobile phone number does not need to be cancelled in time.

  Some friends directly abandon the old mobile phone card when changing the mobile phone number, thinking that it will automatically close and cancel as long as it is not used. In fact, although it will be automatically cancelled, it will take several months. During this period, the system will automatically deduct the monthly rental fee until it is cancelled. The mobile phone is connected with the user’s credit. Please cancel it in time for future business or banking business.

  3. Change the bank card binding

  After the mobile phone number is changed, it is necessary to modify the passwords of various bank cards and credit cards bound to it as soon as possible. You can also log in to online banking to modify online banking account information and change your mobile phone number. Those who have stopped selling their numbers can only bring their bank cards and ID cards to the business hall of the bank.

  4. Change QQ number and WeChat binding.

  Many people log in to QQ and WeChat directly through their mobile phone numbers. It is recommended to complete rebinding online before changing the mobile phone number.

  5. Change application bindings such as Taobao and Alipay.

  You can change the bound mobile phone number directly from the website. Taking Taobao as an example, changing the new mobile phone number requires the verification code of the original bound mobile phone. If you can’t receive the verification code, you can only apply for email replacement or contact customer service to modify it.

  6. Change the Weibo binding.

  Take Sina Weibo as an example.

  7, change the mailbox binding

  Take Netease mailbox as an example:

  8. Change the registration information of 12306 Ministry of Railways train ticket in official website.

  9. Member information change

  Some supermarket credit cards and daily chemical store credit cards can enjoy discounts by directly saying the mobile phone number and involve points. Please also remember to change it in time.

These "rushing to hot search" emergency rescues make this holiday a little warm.

  This May Day holiday, a doctor "rushed to the hot search". He is Dr. Zhao Yipin from Zhoukou Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Henan Province.

  On May 3rd, in Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Luoyang, Henan Province, an old man suddenly fainted during the tour. Dr. Zhao not only stepped forward to rescue him, but also silently guarded him until he regained consciousness. Later, Dr. Zhao also received an unexpected "gift".

  Doctors save people during their tour and get free tickets for life in the scenic spot.

  At about 13: 30 on May 3, someone suddenly called for help in the crowd visiting Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, saying that someone had fainted. Just as the crowd was a little flustered, a tourist quickly went forward to check on the old man.

  It turned out that the tourist’s name was Zhao Yipin and he was a doctor. After preliminarily judging the vital signs, he quickly cleaned up the food residue in the mouth for the elderly, kept the respiratory tract unobstructed and in a suitable position, and stayed with the elderly until she regained consciousness. At present, the elderly are in good health.

  After the incident, after learning of Dr. Zhao’s kindness, the scenic spot quickly found him, exempting him from all the expenses of sightseeing and accommodation in Baiyun Mountain, and enjoying free tickets for life.

  Emergency treatment of female sudden pulmonary embolism by doctors

  At 9 o’clock in the morning of April 30, at the physical examination center of Shangqiu Central Hospital, a woman suddenly felt unwell. Duan Jing, a doctor on the way to the consultation, was hurriedly called by the nurse.

  Duan Jing, Doctor of Physical Examination Center of Shangqiu Central Hospital:She said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go to the bathroom. I said, let’s go together with you. When she walked to the glass door, she suddenly fainted. I didn’t feel the pulse at that time, so I thought I had to have CPR for the first time.

  Duan Jing helped the woman do an emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but the woman’s teeth were clenched and she didn’t feel anything.

  At this time, the emergency doctor on duty also came to the rescue. A few minutes later, with the help of many medical staff and enthusiastic citizens, the woman was pushed into the emergency room. After examination, it was learned that the woman was suffering from severe acute pulmonary embolism.

  Wei Bing, Emergency Doctor of Shangqiu Central Hospital:The mortality rate of pulmonary embolism is 45%. She (patient) is now suffering from acute myocardial infarction, and the mortality rate is more than ten times. Especially her massive pulmonary embolism, if not treated in time, there will be no life in ten to twenty minutes.

  Emergency doctor of Shangqiu Central Hospital Shi ZhenkaiThe chest compressions (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) done at the first time won valuable time for the patients.

  At present, the woman’s vital signs have returned to normal and she is receiving further observation and treatment in the hospital.

  The elderly station suddenly became ill, and the police drove to the hospital urgently.

  At about 2 pm on May 3, the police station in Beidaihe Station, Hebei Province received a passenger’s request for help. A 70-year-old man suffered a heart attack and collapsed in the waiting room seat, hoping that the police would help him.

  Police:Did you take your medicine? Do you have any medicine? Pills or something.

  Family members of the elderly:I ate it.

  Police:Just a moment, we are contacting (the hospital).

  Old man:Thank you.

  Police:Don’t worry, our car will pick you up and take you to the hospital.

  Old man:Oh, thank you so much.

  Police:Now you just talk less, don’t talk, don’t worry.

  In order to gain medical treatment time, after obtaining the consent of the elderly and their families, the police used police cars to send the elderly to the hospital for treatment. Due to timely treatment, the elderly are now in good health.

  Peng Zhiqiang, a policeman from Beidaihe Station Police Station:Passengers who have a special medical history or are physically unfit for long-distance travel are advised to travel with their relatives and friends when taking the train, and at the same time, take the commonly used essential medicines with them. In case of emergency, please contact the railway staff and the police for help in time.

"Village Super" has a new way of playing! Guizhou Rongjiang Food Football Friendly Tournament Begins.

  Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, August 13th (Reporter Jiang Cheng) On the 13th, as a continuation of the "Village Super" football match, Guizhou Rongjiang Food Football Friendly Tournament (the first season) started in Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. On the same day, eight teams from all over the world competed fiercely and presented four wonderful games for the audience.

  On August 13th, the actors performed during the break of the competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  Guangdong and Guizhou cooperated to forge a new road, and Rongjiang merged into Greater Bay Area. At 2: 35pm, accompanied by the cries of tens of thousands of spectators, Rongjiang Villagers Team and Hong Kong Stars Team jointly staged the first football match and kicked out the first kick. This is a friendly and harmonious match between Rongjiang County to build Guizhou into the main position of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s "bridgehead" and integrate with Greater Bay Area.

  According to the arrangement of the event, the second game was played by Guizhou University Ecological Tea Team against Guangxi University Sugarcane Juice Team. It is understood that Guizhou University has helped Rongjiang County for more than ten years, helping Rongjiang win the battle against poverty, and now it is an important helping force for rural revitalization in Rongjiang County. Historically, due to the spread of war, Guangxi University moved to Rongjiang in 1944 and brought football to Rongjiang, which is the root of Rongjiang football development. This game is a friendship game between Guizhou and Guangxi universities.

  On August 13th, players of Guangxi University sugarcane juice team showed local delicacies when they entered the stadium. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  The third game is the match between Qiandongnan Soup Team and Guicheng Bamboo Shoot Team in Foshan City. Foshan City helps Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guangdong and Guizhou are concentric, and mountains and seas are connected. This competition is a dream-building competition for cooperation between the east and the west. At about 8: 30 p.m., Rongjiang Fenfen Team and Nanchang Fenfen Team, both old revolutionary base areas and food capitals, made their debut, contributing to the fourth game of the day, which was not only the inheritance of red blood, but also the collision of food culture.

  It is understood that the competition time of Guizhou Rongjiang Food Football Friendly Tournament (the first season) is from August 13 to October 28, 2023, with a total of 19 games. Considering the influence of the game, the history of Rongjiang football, the cooperation between the east and the west, the theme of the game and other factors, the organizers invited four games in the first week, aiming at producing a wonderful opening game and proofing the subsequent friendly matches.

  On August 13th, spectators dressed in national costumes were watching the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  The full name of Guizhou "Village Super" is Guizhou Rongjiang (Sanbao Dong Village) and American Country Football Super League, which is a village-level football competition mainly organized and hosted by Rongjiang villagers. Since the opening match started on May 13th, the related content has been viewed more than 30 billion times on the whole platform, making it a "phenomenal" sports event. Before the food football friendly match, Rongjiang received a total of 798 teams, and 297 teams were confirmed to be able to participate, including 83 teams in Guizhou Province and 214 teams outside the province.

  Xu Bo, the county magistrate of Rongjiang County, said in an interview earlier that the purpose of holding the friendly match of gourmet football is to make the brand of "Village Super" bigger and stronger, and gather wisdom to make "Village Super" a sustainable event, so that the bonus of "Village Super" can be shared in many places.