The most enjoyable is these thirteen thrilling spy war movies.

  In recent years, the release of European and American spy war blockbusters has been overwhelming, and almost every masterpiece will have different highlights. No matter the cast, high-tech products, weapons and equipment, stunts, pictures and sound effects, the filmmakers’ originality is reflected, the movie plot is ups and downs, and various innovations emerge one after another.

  With the release of Bourne ultimatum 5 in mainland China on August 23rd, fans have turned away from a trend of surfing the Internet to review classic spy films.

  Xiaobian also stayed up late to sort out the classic spy war movies in recent years, I hope you like them!

Bourne bourne (2016)

  You must have seen your favorite action movie this year. Completely return to the level of the first part. There is a neat temperament that does not need nonsense to get to the point, and the role is smart and logical enough. Cam and Bourne are evenly matched, so let the rhythm be tense every minute. As always, action plays have to be swaying and realistic. The discussion on information monitoring in the network age is wonderful.

Wandering stars

Wandering stars

Wandering stars

Wandering stars

Wandering stars

Zhou Dongyu, a 32-year-old strong woman in Hot Search, is in dispute over her transformation?

Special feature of 1905 film network As the youngest "three-gold-winning actress", her film career has always attracted much attention.

In 2023, Zhou Dongyu starred in three works, and for the first time, she played a senior and capable self-media editor, Chen Miao, in her 2023 big screen finale, Hot Search. Her screen image has gradually changed from a girl to a Mesozoic woman, but in the process of her role transformation, the debate of polarized comments has never stopped.

For Zhou Dongyu, Hot Search is a challenge.

In the face of the role transformation debate, she has publicly stated that she did not deliberately transform, and in front of the age of 32, transformation is a natural thing. But in the face of Chen Miao, a capable female role in the workplace, she also regards it as a challenge.

In this challenge of trying to jump out of the comfort zone, Zhou Dongyu first broke through the limitation of her girlish appearance in external conditions, and created the image of women in the workplace through the makeup of wavy curly hair, big red lips and windbreaker; Secondly, she also deliberately lowered her voice to strengthen the maturity and credibility of Chen Miao’s role.

In the aspect of character temperament, Zhou Dongyu actually added an irreplaceable sense of fragmentation to Chen Miao. During the film’s release, there was a hot search for "Zhou Dongyu Chen Miao Shuang Wen’s mistress", and some netizens commented that "Chen Miao’s liveliness is not based on a perfect person’s design, but it is precisely because she is an imperfect rescuer that she is particularly real". As a girl who grew up in an unhappy background in family of origin, Chen Miao’s image is full of arc light.

When Zhou Dongyu plays the role of Chen Miao, the moments when her acting skills can most impress the audience are often those when she reveals fragility, weakness and a sense of fragmentation in the life stage of a mature woman. She is using her best acting skills — — Play the girl’s way, to perform the weak girlhood moments that occasionally flash on mature women. It seems that in breaking the inherent mature label of the workplace, Zhou Dongyu has injected his own personality label.

But many viewers also commented after watching the movie that Zhou Dongyu seemed to be reciting his lines all the time. Indeed, the character Chen Miao is actually running hot news in a large amount of information ocean, facing the constant test of traffic. When Zhou Dongyu, as the editor-in-chief, is reading data and repeating media terms such as "magic bullet theory" and "silent spiral", it is really easy for the audience to play by calmly and mechanically chanting.

Zhou Dongyu himself once said in an interview that one of the biggest difficulties in challenging the role of Chen Miao is to change her girlish voice to adapt to Chen Miao’s mature and professional language expression.

Who is calling for the transformation of Zhou Dongyu?

In the challenge of Zhou Dongyu’s transformation, apart from the audience’s hope to talk to more mature Zhou Dongyu, directors also hope to shoot more Zhou Dongyu.

The director of Hot Search chose Zhou Dongyu to play Chen Miao, just because of the complexity of Zhou Dongyu’s temperament, expecting to portray a new media editor who is both girly and capable enough through the lens.

From this point of view, it is not so much that the market is expecting, but rather that the market is eagerly calling for actresses like Zhou Dongyu to step out of the space of girlish roles and go into the broader spectrum of female roles.

Zhou Dongyu is now a "three-gold actress", and she is irreplaceable as an actress of the same age in terms of awards, the appearance of the film face and even the expressive force of acting.

The audience will mention the transformation, definitely because her previous role has given everyone an excellent "type" cognition, but these three films, represented by Burning Winter, Killing Parrots and Hot Search this year, actually represent a "female stage" that Zhou Dongyu wants to try. She may be a little more mature than a girl, but she is not completely an impeccable and indestructible career in the audience’s cognition.

Zhou Dongyu showed the audience the sense of vulnerability of professional women in Chen Miao’s body in Hot Search. Let the audience see the wandering and confusion of middle-aged women in Nana in Burning Winter; In Killing a Parrot, the audience can also see a woman who has been hurt by her feelings, and her emotional complex texture, and at the last moment, she can also be the one who takes up arms and fights back. In fact, it also adds some rich levels and dimensions to the female roles in film and television works in the market.

For directors or producers, choosing Zhou Dongyu is a icing on the cake. Even if she doesn’t succeed in the transformation, her performance in the film can pass, but if she can create a successful transformation role, the texture of the whole market and the whole film will show a better return on investment.

Therefore, this may also be a wind direction where the industry just chose Zhou Dongyu and expected her to present the transformation characteristics in her own works.

How to take the road of actor transformation?

Zhou Dongyu’s current state and performance can actually provide reference for the market and other actors of the same type.

First of all, the market, the creators must provide more female roles with a richer and broader spectrum for these actors to choose from; Secondly, put it on the actors themselves, and the audience and the market may also hope that they can expand themselves in a wider range and contribute more classic screen images.

Looking back at some examples of successful actresses, for example, when she was about 30 years old, she worked as a film producer, which created a new trend of "chick movies" in mainland China; It was also in his early 30 s that he gained his masterpiece.

So even though there may be some bumps and stumbling in the process of trying, maybe actresses need to make more attempts to adapt upward, so when she chooses a role, her role may grow rapidly with herself.

We also expect Zhou Dongyu, who is standing at the corner intersection and waiting for the traffic lights, to play more beautiful music scores of Mesozoic women on the screen in the future and find the most suitable scale for herself.

C919 completed the first commercial flight expert: China’s aviation-related supporting industries will usher in new opportunities.

  Beijing, May 29 (Reporter Jing Wong) At 12: 31 on May 28, after a flight of 1 hour and 59 minutes, the flight MU9191 of China Eastern Airlines, which was carried by C919 passenger plane, landed smoothly at Beijing Capital International Airport, passing through the "Watergate" symbolizing the highest etiquette of civil aviation, marking the successful completion of its first commercial flight, officially entering the civil aviation market and opening a new stage of market-oriented operation and industrialization development.

  This first commercial flight is a milestone from "product" to "commodity" for C919. Guo Qing, an associate professor at the Aviation College of Northwestern Polytechnical University, said in an interview with a reporter from Yangguang. com that the realization of the first commercial flight of C919 boosted the confidence in the development of China’s civil aviation industry, and China’s aviation-related supporting industries will usher in new opportunities.

C919 completed the first commercial flight expert: China's aviation-related supporting industries will usher in new opportunities.

  C919 large passenger plane ushered in its first commercial flight at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (photo by reporter Han Xiaoyu from Yangguang. com)

  China has officially entered the market competition of world large aircraft production.

  Large aircraft is known as "the jewel in the industrial crown", which is a concentrated expression of a country’s scientific and technological ability, industrial level and comprehensive strength. "The operation of domestic large aircraft means that China has officially entered the market competition of world large aircraft production, which has made China’s aviation industry move to a higher level." Guo Qing’s analysis also means that in the high-end manufacturing products, China manufacturing can also compete with the world’s large enterprises and stand out from the crowd, which means that the influence of China manufacturing is increasing, which will help to enhance China’s international status.

  According to "2022 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Report" issued by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, by the end of 2022, C919 had accumulated 32 customers and 1035 orders. On April 27th, 2023, HNA Aviation Group and China Commercial Aircraft Corporation signed a purchase agreement for 100 aircraft, including 60 C919 aircraft. Qi Qi, an expert from China Civil Aviation High-quality Development Research Center, told the reporter of Yangguang. com that airlines and leasing companies are extremely optimistic and confident about the commercial market prospects of C919 aircraft, and they are scrambling to sign purchase agreements and strive to get the delivered aircraft and put it into commercial operation earlier.

  According to Commercial Aeroengine Market Forecast 2021-2040 released by Comac of China, from 2021 to 2040, it is estimated that 41,429 new aircraft will be delivered worldwide, with a value of about 6.1 trillion US dollars. Among them, China aviation market is expected to receive 9,084 passenger planes of 50-seat class or above, accounting for 21.92% of the world, with a value of about 1.4 trillion US dollars, accounting for 22.95% of the world.

  Qi Qi said that with the commercialization of C919, the trillion-dollar large aircraft industry chain is gaining momentum. "The continuous increase in C919 orders is actually a test of China Commercial Aircraft’s delivery ability, and more specifically, China Commercial Aircraft’s ability to integrate and coordinate the core elements of the C919 industry chain." According to Qi Qi’s analysis, the benefit degree of large aircraft industry chain will be ultimately determined by the annual production capacity and delivery schedule of Comac China. On the basis of ensuring the safe operation and high reliability of aviation, it will be the focus of the next stage to steadily promote and upgrade the localization rate of large aircraft parts, especially core systems and components.

  Qi Qi believes that the improvement of the localization degree of C919 will fundamentally improve the delivery capacity, stable delivery level and autonomous controllability of Comac China.

  Orders in related industries such as aircraft supporting manufacturing may surge.

  After the successful development of C919 large passenger aircraft, customers pay much attention to it. According to reports, according to the international practice of the aviation industry, a model is mature and commercialized on a large scale, and it needs to be continuously optimized and upgraded for many years after entering the commercial operation stage. The reporter learned that in the future, China Eastern Airlines will cooperate with many parties to operate the C919 with high quality and precision, and help make the C919 a successful model recognized by the global industry. "Starting from May 29th, the C919 model will be put into normal operation on the route from Shanghai Hongqiao to Chengdu Tianfu, and with the introduction of this model, the C919 will be put on more routes." Feng Dehua, member of the party group and deputy general manager of China Eastern Airlines, said.

  Great Wall Securities Research Report believes that, as a representative of high-end manufacturing industry, large aircraft projects have the characteristics of long industrial chain, high correlation and great radiation-driven effect. The development and research of large aircraft projects can effectively promote industrial technology upgrading, promote the process of China’s civil aviation industrialization, and comprehensively promote the development of China’s aviation industrialization.

  Next, Guo Qing believes that the orders of industries such as metalworking, composite materials, electronic components and chips manufactured by aircraft will surge with the increase of orders of large aircraft. In addition, the education industry will also usher in a "new direction". Aerospace innovation education for young people, aviation majors in colleges and universities, and majors related to industrial chain will all usher in the peak of application, and more young people will devote themselves to China’s large aircraft industrial chain.

New regulations in June: the high temperature allowance came to the network car and was included in the rental assessment system.

  Beijing, May 31st, the client of Zhongxin. com, starting from tomorrow, the time will enter June. At the same time as the hot summer, there are a number of favorable policies, such as high-temperature allowance and new rules for online car rental, which will bring real "coolness" to your summer in terms of income and travel.

Data map: An electric power operator in Fuzhou braved the high temperature to climb the pole to work. Photo by Wang Dongming

    Data map: An electric power operator in Fuzhou braved the high temperature to climb the pole to work. Photo by Wang Dongming

  High temperature allowance began to be distributed.

  Every summer, the distribution of high temperature allowance is concerned by the public. In most parts of China, with the arrival of June, the money will be credited to the workers’ accounts one after another.

  According to the Management Measures for Heatstroke Prevention and Cooling Measures revised in 2012, if the employer arranges the workers to engage in outdoor open-air operations in hot weather above 35℃ and cannot take effective measures to reduce the workplace temperature below 33℃, it shall pay the workers a high-temperature allowance.

  Judging from the distribution time of high temperature allowance, there are also differences in different places due to differences in climatic conditions. For example, the distribution period in Beijing, Shanxi and other regions is from June to August; Jiangsu, Shanghai, Gansu and other places are from June to September; Guangdong, Guangxi and other places are from June to October.

  In addition, Jiangsu, Tianjin and other provinces also raised the high temperature allowance this year.

Data Map: On May 16, 2018, law enforcement officers of the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Communications inspected the qualifications related to online car rental in guangzhou east railway station. China News Service reporter Chen Yushe

    Data Map: On May 16, 2018, law enforcement officers of the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Communications inspected the qualifications related to online car rental in guangzhou east railway station. China News Service reporter Chen Yushe

  The network car is included in the taxi service assessment system.

  The safety and convenience of taxi travel are also concerned by the public. The "Measures for the Assessment of Taxi Service Quality and Credit" will be implemented on June 1, and the online car will be included in the taxi service assessment system, but the assessment of the online car driver will only be "returned to the furnace".

  Specifically, the "Measures" will include the new format of the network car in the assessment, and clarify that both the network car and the cruise car need to carry out the service quality reputation assessment. In the indicator setting, the common requirements of the network car and the cruise car are considered, and according to the unique operating service characteristics of the network car, the indicators such as data access and operating service information disclosure are tailored.

  In addition, the "Measures" also adjusted the distribution setting of the assessment scores of taxi companies, increased the assessment scores of providing operational services for passengers and other matters, and guided drivers to actively improve service quality.

  It is worth mentioning that the "Measures" stipulate that drivers should be assessed for compliance with laws and regulations, safe production, business behavior and operational services. If taxi drivers score less than 3 points during the assessment period, they should receive training as required.

  English "national standard" will be implemented.

  How to evaluate the English level of China people? On June 1st, the first English proficiency assessment standard for English learners in China, China English Proficiency Rating Scale, will be launched.

  It is understood that the scale was released by the Ministry of Education and state language commission in April, which graded English learners and users in China in detail. Among them, the English language ability of English learners and users in China is divided into one to nine grades from low to high, which are classified into three stages: basic, improvement and proficiency.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, the scale is like a competency scale, which will play an active role in improving the quality of examinations, promoting the docking of domestic and foreign examinations, promoting multi-evaluation and feedback teaching, and is conducive to achieving "quantity balance".

Data map: UAV China News Agency reporter Zhang Yushe

    Data map: UAV China News Agency reporter Zhang Yushe

  Drone access conditions are reduced.

  In recent years, the unmanned aerial vehicle market in China has grown rapidly, and its application in agriculture, electric power, surveying and mapping, security and other fields has become increasingly mature. However, the relevant regulations on unmanned aerial vehicles engaged in commercial flight activities have always been a blank.

  From June 1st, the Administrative Measures for Operational Flight Activities of Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Provisional) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration will be implemented soon. The "Measures" standardize the access and supervision requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles to engage in operational general aviation flight activities, and enterprises engaged in operational flight activities will be legal and compliant from now on.

Data Map: Shareholders in the sales department of a securities company in Haikou pay attention to the stock market dynamics. Luo Yunfei

    Data Map: Shareholders in the sales department of a securities company in Haikou pay attention to the stock market dynamics. Luo Yunfei

  What impact will A-shares enter Morocco?

  In June, there is another financial event worthy of attention.

  On May 15th, MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International Company, also known as "morgan stanley capital international Company" in China) announced the adjustment results of semi-annual index constituent stocks, showing that 234 A-shares were confirmed to be included in the MSCI index system and officially implemented on June 1st.

  According to the data, MSCI index is compiled by Morgan Stanley International Capital Corporation (MSCI), which is often used by mainstream international funds as investment guidance or tracking index, and their own ETF funds (transactional open index funds) are allocated according to MSCI index. From next year, overseas funds can also purchase A shares directly through MSCI index.

  In the eyes of the industry, the participation rate of overseas institutional investors will continue to rise after A shares are included in the MSCI index. In the medium and long term, the A-share market will become more mature, the liquidity will increase, and the market trend will gradually be dominated by short-term market noise and driven by basic factors.

The four departments issued a new subsidy policy for new energy vehicles: 20% lower than the current standard.

  According to the website of the Ministry of Finance, with the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Notice on Adjusting the Financial Subsidy Policy for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the Notice). According to the Notice, except for fuel cell vehicles, the central and local subsidy standards and ceilings for all types of vehicles in 2019-2020 will be reduced by 20% on the basis of the current standards. The policy will be implemented from January 1, 2017.

  The "Notice" pointed out that in terms of new energy buses, with the power battery as the core of subsidy and the production cost and technological progress level of the battery as the accounting basis, the entry threshold for subsidies such as energy consumption level, vehicle driving range, battery/vehicle weight ratio and battery performance level is set, and the vehicle subsidy standard is determined by comprehensively considering factors such as battery capacity, energy density level, charging rate and fuel saving rate. Further improve the subsidy standards for new energy trucks and special vehicles, and verify them according to the method of grading and regressing the battery power that provides driving power. At the same time, the upper limits of central and local subsidies are set respectively, in which the local financial subsidies (the sum of local financial subsidies at all levels) shall not exceed 50% of the central financial bicycle subsidies.

  In terms of batteries, the Notice stated that the new national standard for power batteries was introduced to improve the safety, cycle life, charge and discharge performance and other indicators of power batteries, and set the energy density threshold of power batteries. Improve the technical requirements of fuel cell vehicles.

  The following is the full text of the Notice:

  All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, the finance department (bureau), the competent department of industry and information technology, the science and technology department (bureau, science and technology commission), and the development and Reform Commission:

  In order to further promote the healthy development of the new energy automobile industry, continuously improve the industrial technology level, enhance the core competitiveness, and promote the application of new energy vehicles, with the approval of the State Council, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

  I. Adjust and improve the subsidy policy for popularization and application.

  (1) Raise the threshold of the recommended vehicle catalogue and adjust it dynamically. The first is to increase the energy consumption requirements of the whole vehicle. According to the different kerb quality of pure electric passenger cars, the power consumption requirements of 100 kilometers under corresponding working conditions are increased; According to the vehicle type, the pure electric special vehicle increases the requirements of energy consumption per unit load (Ekg) and power consumption per ton and 100 kilometers; Further improve the energy consumption per unit load (Ekg) requirements of pure electric buses. The second is to improve the threshold requirements for the driving range of the whole vehicle. Improve the driving range requirements of pure electric buses and fuel cell vehicles, and timely adjust the driving range test method of new energy buses from 40km/h constant speed method to working condition method; Gradually increase the driving range threshold of pure electric passenger cars. The third is to introduce a new national standard for power batteries, improve the safety, cycle life, charge and discharge performance and other index requirements of power batteries, and set the energy density threshold of power batteries. Improve the technical requirements of fuel cell vehicles. The fourth is to improve safety requirements. For vehicles with safety accidents caused by product quality, depending on the nature and severity of the accident, the subsidy funds will be deducted and the vehicle or enterprise subsidy qualification will be suspended. The fifth is to establish a market sampling mechanism, strengthen the management of vehicle inspection links, and timely clean up the Catalogue of Recommended Vehicles for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the Catalogue) for enterprises and products that fail to pass the sampling inspection. The sixth is to establish a dynamic management system for the Catalogue. Sales promotion of new energy automobile products can only apply for subsidies after they are included in the Catalogue. If there are still no models actually sold within one year, the qualification of Catalogue will be cancelled. Seventh, supervise and promote the application of new energy vehicles.When applying for subsidies for new energy vehicles purchased by non-individual users, the cumulative mileage must reach 30,000 kilometers (except for special vehicles for operation), and the subsidy standards and technical requirements shall be implemented according to the year when the vehicle obtains the driving license.

  (2) Under the premise of maintaining the overall stability of the subsidy policy from 2016 to 2020, adjust the subsidy standards for new energy vehicles. For new energy buses, the power battery is the core of subsidy, and the production cost and technical progress level of the battery are taken as the accounting basis. The subsidy entry threshold such as energy consumption level, vehicle driving range, battery/vehicle weight ratio and battery performance level is set, and the vehicle subsidy standard is determined by comprehensively considering factors such as battery capacity, energy density level, charging rate and fuel saving rate. Further improve the subsidy standards for new energy trucks and special vehicles, and verify them according to the method of grading and regressing the battery power that provides driving power. At the same time, the upper limits of central and local subsidies are set respectively, in which the local financial subsidies (the sum of local financial subsidies at all levels) shall not exceed 50% of the central financial bicycle subsidies (the detailed plan is attached). In addition to fuel cell vehicles, the central and local subsidy standards and ceilings for all types of vehicles in 2019-2020 will be reduced by 20% on the basis of the current standards. At the same time, relevant ministries and commissions will constantly adjust and improve according to factors such as technological progress, industrial development, and scale of popularization and application of new energy vehicles.

  (3) Improve the allocation of subsidy funds. At the beginning of each year, the production enterprise submits the capital settlement report of the previous year and the sales and operation of products, including sales invoices, technical parameters of products and vehicle registration information, etc. The lead department of new energy vehicle promotion in the place where the enterprise is registered shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, review and verify the materials reported by the enterprise and report them to the lead department of provincial promotion work step by step after publicity. The provincial lead department for the promotion of new energy vehicles shall, jointly with relevant departments, review and focus on spot checks, report the application materials to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance, and send a copy to the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Development and Reform Commission. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shall, jointly with relevant departments, review the application reports of all localities, and issue verification reports to the Ministry of Finance in combination with daily verification and key spot checks. The Ministry of Finance shall allocate subsidy funds according to the verification report.

  Second, implement the main responsibility of popularization and application

  (A) production enterprises are responsible for ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the promotion information of new energy vehicles. Production enterprises should strictly abide by the relevant laws, regulations, standards and institutional measures of the state and industry; We should strengthen the management and control of our own production and sales links, and be responsible for the authenticity and reliability of the promotion information of new energy vehicles reported together with the sales enterprises; We should formulate a feasible control scheme, use product information management system, etc., and strengthen the management of sales information of its distributors at all levels. Sales enterprises should strictly check every sales information to ensure that the product promotion information and consumer information reported step by step are true, accurate and searchable. Production enterprises should establish an enterprise monitoring platform to reflect the sales and operation of vehicles comprehensively, truly and in real time, and report relevant information in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with relevant national requirements, by unifying interfaces and data exchange protocols. New vehicles must be equipped with remote monitoring equipment such as vehicle-mounted terminals; Vehicles have been shipped or sold before 2016, providing users with free installation services; For vehicles sold to individual consumers, personal privacy should be strictly protected in information collection and management.

  (two) the local government is responsible for the implementation of supporting policies, organization and promotion. Local governments should conscientiously implement the requirements of relevant documents of the State Council, assume the main responsibility for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, clarify the local lead department for the promotion of new energy vehicles, and earnestly do a good job in organizing and implementing the promotion of new energy vehicles. First, adjust and improve local support policies. Local governments at all levels should, in light of local conditions, scientifically formulate promotion plans for new energy vehicles, increase support for the charging infrastructure of new energy vehicles, intensify the renewal and replacement of new energy vehicles in public services such as urban public transport, rental and sanitation, and strengthen supervision and inspection of enterprises. The second is to strengthen the management of fund use. The local lead department for the promotion of new energy vehicles shall, jointly with the relevant departments, earnestly undertake the supervision of the management of the declaration and use of financial funds, and strictly review and check the aspects of vehicle licensing, vehicle operation, subsidy declaration and data review according to their respective responsibilities; The management of vehicle inspection should be strengthened to ensure that the core components such as vehicle and battery are consistent with the Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products (hereinafter referred to as the Announcement) when the vehicle is delivered for use; A system of accountability should be established, and those responsible for lax control should be investigated according to law, and penalties for dishonest enterprises such as fraudulent compensation should be increased. Local financial departments should strengthen the management of financial funds and allocate subsidy funds according to the actual promotion of enterprises to ensure the safety and effectiveness of subsidy funds. The third is to establish and improve the local supervision platform. Relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should establish a local supervision platform for new energy vehicles, timely summarize and sort out the data submitted by enterprises, dock with the national supervision platform, and strengthen the supervision and management of vehicles in the region.The fourth is to optimize the industrial development environment. It is not allowed to implement the restriction and purchase restriction policy for new energy vehicles. The national unified Catalogue shall be strictly implemented, and obstacles shall not be set up or disguised to restrict foreign brand vehicles and parts, foreign charging facilities construction and operating enterprises from entering the local market.

  (three) the relevant departments of the state will strengthen the supervision and inspection of popularization and application. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology takes the lead in establishing a national supervision platform for new energy vehicles, and through this platform, it conducts daily supervision on the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (private purchase of passenger cars may be relaxed as appropriate). In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will establish a verification system for the promotion of new energy vehicles with relevant departments, and regularly and irregularly organize third-party institutions or relevant provincial departments to carry out verification and spot checks on the promotion information of new energy vehicles.

  Third, establish a punishment mechanism

  (1) For enterprises that seek compensation in violation of regulations and cheat compensation by means of false report or impersonator, the relevant funds sought and defrauded in violation of regulations shall be recovered, the illegal income shall be confiscated, and the relevant enterprises and personnel shall be fined and punished according to the Regulations on Penalties and Punishment for Financial Violations, and those suspected of committing crimes shall be investigated and dealt with by judicial organs. At the same time, according to the seriousness of the circumstances, take punishment measures such as suspending or canceling the "Announcement" of vehicle production enterprises and products and canceling the eligibility for subsidy funds. For those who do not cooperate with the verification of promotion information, and the relevant departments verify and spot check that false sales, product configuration and technical status are inconsistent with the Announcement and Catalogue, uploaded data are inconsistent with the actual situation, and vehicles are idle after receiving subsidies, depending on the seriousness of the case, they will take punishment measures such as deducting subsidy funds, canceling the qualification for applying for subsidy funds, suspending or canceling the Announcement of vehicle manufacturers or products. For products with potential safety hazards and safety accidents in application, depending on the nature and severity of the accident, punishment measures such as stopping production, ordering immediate correction and suspending the eligibility for subsidy funds shall be taken.

  (II) Government agencies and their staff who assist enterprises to defraud financial subsidy funds by means of false report or impersonator shall be investigated for corresponding responsibilities in accordance with the Civil Service Law, the Administrative Supervision Law and other laws and regulations; Those suspected of committing a crime shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling.

  (III) In areas where the management system is not perfect, the audit is not strict, the verification work is poorly organized, and there are fraudulent behaviors of enterprises, informed criticism will be given and infrastructure award funds will be deducted according to the seriousness of the situation.

  This notice will be implemented as of January 1, 2017, and other relevant regulations will continue to be implemented in accordance with the Notice on Financial Support Policies for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles in 2016-2020 (Cai Jian [2015] No.134).

Hans Zhang’s biggest problem is not greasy, but no entertainment spirit.

To say that the person who can climb the hot search list every day in recent days is not the latest young top stream, but Murong Yunhai-Hans Zhang, who was known to the whole country with meteor rain more than ten years ago.

No matter which entertainer is in the entertainment circle, it must be a good thing to go online for hot search. After all, it means higher exposure. Unfortunately, it’s not that Hans Zhang has anything good to do with the hot search. The hot topic of this round of search is the drama Gentlemen of East Eight Districts, which was produced, written and starred by Hans Zhang himself.

A TV series with such a high volume of content has attracted everyone’s attention, not because it is so good-looking, but because it is beyond measure. Winning the historic score of 2.1 points has successfully become the lowest record in domestic film and television dramas in Douban score. There is more than a little bit of sadness in the play, and the source of all this is of course our producer, screenwriter and starring Hans Zhang.

In this regard, some netizens teased that Hans Zhang had taken over the greasy work of domestic male stars in an all-round way, which can be called an unprecedented and unprecedented master. But the question is, is Hans Zhang just greasy? In fact, his biggest problem is not greasy, but no entertainment spirit.

Said he didn’t have a strong spirit of entertainment, there have been two well-known events, which reflects this.

Once it was an expression pack incident.

Hunan Satellite TV followed suit to shoot Korean dramas, and produced a super-power TV series similar to You from the Stars, so it invited Hans Zhang to star in this drama-Different Handsome Man. Most netizens mentioned this drama, and they should not remember it at all.

However, there is a special expression pack in this drama, that is, looking back and smiling from Hans Zhang. This screenshot showing 18 big white teeth has made everyone spoof. Netizens are actually not malicious, they just think it’s fun. Many stars, such as Jacky Cheung and Z.TAO, have experienced it and let the whole network take it as an expression pack. Stars, their existence is to let the audience entertain.

It happened that Hans Zhang was unconvinced and blacked out several marketing numbers that forwarded this emoticon. Some of them went too far, so he simply sued them directly. Later, he also responded to this incident and explained plausibly: "At that time, I just met a low state and was teased by others. During that time, I was very uncomfortable. I slept for three hours every day and took sleeping pills every day."

However, when netizens heard him talk like this, they didn’t feel that Hans Zhang at that time was distressing, but it made people feel that he couldn’t afford to play. There are more people in the entertainment circle than Zhang Hanhong, who are subjected to black, slander, rumors and personal attacks. I have never seen others come forward to find so many reasons and excuses for themselves.

There was a discordant episode before the big explosion drama "Shanshan is coming" was broadcast and a preview was released in advance. There is a clip in the preview, in which Feng Teng, the hero played by Hans Zhang, said to Shanshan, the heroine played by Zhao Liying, "I want everyone to know that this fish pond has been contracted by you." Then, a film and television blogger intercepted the video and sent a long picture saying, "I really don’t understand, there is nothing to show off."

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this is just a joke of a blogger who spits. When the TV series is combined in the later stage, there is a reason for the hero to say this sentence. He wants to reassure his beloved woman and use the fish pond as a metaphor.

And Hans Zhang didn’t have the courage to hold his breath at all. He went to Weibo directly, and even swore, "Because I am your good father, my sons go out every day to embarrass themselves and lose their moral integrity. How can dad earn money to support you if he doesn’t pretend?" Originally, it was a small-scale spit, but as a result, a stone stirred up a thousand waves at once, making countless people think that he was so stupid. Today, the blogger is on Hans Zhang’s Lahei list.

Artists walking in the entertainment circle, if they don’t have any entertainment spirit, then they should take pictures with peace of mind, isolate themselves from the audience, try to show people with their roles, take filming as their work, and don’t expose their temperament. If there is no way to be single-minded and just shoot movies, you should keep interacting with fans and netizens. Even if you can’t cultivate an invulnerable diamond heart, you should at least have the entertainment spirit of being willing to play with the public.

In the first half of the year, the monthly living scale of CCTV integrated channel of the Central Radio and Television General Station was 740 million.

On July 18th, the iconic title of "News Network" made a new appearance and the full HD news production and broadcasting was upgraded, which attracted the attention of the industry and society. On the 19th, the 17.6-second video of the first broadcast of "The Challenge of Climbing to the Top is Impossible (Season 5)" also went viral online. Nowadays, the media competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The CCTV integrated channel of the Central Radio and Television General Station is transforming from a traditional TV channel into an all-media communication platform with strong influence.

The viewing data is "bright"

In the first half of this year, the average ratings of integrated channels increased by 8% compared with the same period last year.

The per capita viewing of news/current affairs programs increased by 59% compared with the same period of last year.

The average ratings of news columns such as News Network, Focus Interview, News 30, Evening News and Morning News all increased by more than 20%.

"legal report" and "Chinese Poetry Conference (the fifth season)" ranked first in the national legal programs and seasonal variety shows respectively.

Source: China Guangshi Sophomore National Network Measuring Instrument.

User scale "ranks first"

In the first half of this year, the daily live audience of the comprehensive channel was 160 million, and the monthly live audience was 740 million. The cumulative active audience in the late prime time (19:00-22:00) exceeded 1 billion, ranking first among the satellite channels.

Even if it is enlarged to the all-media structure, the monthly user scale of 740 million people is in the top three compared with the super-first-line commercial Internet platform.

Source: China Guangshi Sophomore National Network Measuring Instrument.

Source: Yiguan Qian Fan

Young audiences "get together"

Those who win users win the world and young people win the future.

In the first half of this year, the ratings of young viewers aged 15-24 on the integrated channel increased by 28% compared with the same period of last year, the audience composition increased by 16.8%, and the daily live audience reached 15.34 million, an increase of 14.4%, ranking first on the satellite channel.

In the first half of the year, there were 170 million young viewers aged 15-24, accounting for nearly 80% of the total audience aged 15-24 (219 million), ranking first on the satellite channel.

Source: China Guangshi Sophomore National Network Measuring Instrument.

During the epidemic period, news programs and TV dramas were the most popular among young viewers aged 15-24, and the total viewing time of the two programs accounted for about 60%, especially news programs, which accounted for an increase of 80% compared with the same period last year.

Source: China Guangshi Sophomore National Network Measuring Instrument.

Source: China Guangshi Sophomore National Network Measuring Instrument.

Innovation ability is "amazing"

Those who know what is often and change clearly win, and those who are upright and innovative advance.

The comprehensive channel has the courage to take responsibility and make bold innovations, and has successively launched a large number of innovative media programs such as The Reader, Chinese Poetry Conference, Classical Poems, China in the Story, The Host Contest of CCTV in 2019, The First Lesson of School Opening, and Starting from Dreams MV. These programs, which are full of the fragrance of poetry and books and full of spiritual strength, set the industry benchmark and won the audience’s love.

The Reader won the only award for the best quarterly broadcast TV program in the 23rd Shanghai Magnolia TV Festival, and Classic Chanting (Season 2) won the 2019 Asian Broadcasting Federation Award. China in the Story, Classic Chanting (Season 2) and Waiting for Me were selected into the list of innovative and excellent programs of the State Administration of Radio and Television in 2019.

See you every day in "Hot Search"

In the first half of this year, the program content of the integrated channel was repeatedly searched and praised on the third-party social media platform. Among them, it was listed on Sina Weibo Hot Search List for a total of 199 times, with a cumulative time of 61,532 minutes, and it was listed on Weibo Hot Search List for 1.09 times a day, with an average time of more than 5.5 hours a day, which is called "See you every day".

The related topic words of "2019 Host Contest of China Central Radio and Television General Station" have been listed on the hot search list of Weibo for 65 times, and have been rated as "Douban’s domestic variety show with the highest score in 2019". They have been ranked first in the "One-week domestic variety show word-of-mouth list" for many times, and the program ranks first in the overall list of Bili Bili (bilibili) broadcast charts.

Douban scored 8.7 points in Classic Chanting, and the total number of official short videos was 120 million, with 7.139 million likes. Among them, there are 3 videos that have been watched for millions of times and 12 videos that have been watched for millions of times on Tik Tok’s official website.

The official short video of "China in the Story" has been watched 100 million times, with 7.674 million likes. Among them, 3 videos on the official Tik Tok have been watched ten million times, and more than 10 videos have been watched one million times. China # Tik Tok’s topic words in the story have been read more than 170 million times.

The "double-screen resonance" and "overlapping the screen" of large and small screens triggered by high-quality content resources fully demonstrate the great brand value and social influence of integrated channels. (Dong Kun Zhu Chen)

In the first half of 2020, some program contents of CCTV comprehensive channel in the main station were searched on the list in Weibo.

Source: Sina Weibo

(Source: Original title of China Journalists Association Network: CCTV Integrated Channel of Central Radio and Television General Station: New Vitality Brought by Converged Communication)

(Editor: Li Jiajia HN153)

A number of fantasy movies have been broadcast on the movie channel since 12.27 to start a happy journey.

Special feature of 1905 film network The new year is coming, it’s time to start the happiness of 2023!This week, the movie channel has prepared five wonderful fantasy blockbusters for everyone, with bold imagination, gorgeous pictures, vivid ways and meaningful meanings. Let’s follow the movies for a spiritual baptism.

DolittleWonder WomanShrekAladdinPoster of "New Joy on Earth"


Reconciliation with yourself in the new year

On December 27th, the movie channel will broadcast Dolittle, a fantastic adventure masterpiece adapted from the classic fairy tale Dr. Dolittle, to break through the boundaries of imagination and enter the wonderful and dreamy imagination world together.

The film assembled a "fairy-level" dubbing line-up, and marion cotillard, Ralph Fiennes, Tom Holland, emma thompson and other big coffees gave voices to the animal characters with distinctive characters in the film.

The original production teams of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Sleeping Curse" made great efforts to create them, and Stephen Gaghan, who won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay for "Drug Network", wrote and directed them, and the top behind-the-scenes team escorted the films, bringing an audio-visual feast.

This time, Robert Downey Jr. took off his steel armor and became an imperial doctor who could communicate with animals, leading them to start an adventure together to find the fruit of Eden tree.

The adventure along the way is also a healing process along the way.Dr. Doolittle, who had closed himself up because his beloved woman drowned in the sea, began to open his heart again, make new friends, teach his knowledge and skills, and continue to save animals.Finally, Dr. Doolittle, make peace with himself.

In the new year, make peace with yourself, get back on your feet and start again!

Wonder Woman

A small universe broke out in the new year.

"All beautiful incarnations, the greatest warrior ever." It has the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the face value of Aphrodite, the ability of Alter, the goddess of hunting, and the speed given by Hermes … …She is DCjustice leagueWonder woman, one of the seven elders.

On Wednesday, December 28th, the film channel will broadcast the film Wonder Woman, which tells the growth of a female hero in a more humane way.

Diana, who owns the star flying crown, bullet-proof bracelet, lasso of mantra, sword of killing god, aegis and armor of God of War, can be said to be full of plug-ins, but even so, she didn’t become wonder woman from the beginning.

Growing up again and again transformed her from a girl into wonder woman.In the new year, our little universe breaks out and inspires our hidden unknown forces!


Meet true love in the new year

Shrek, broadcast by the movie channel on Saturday, December 31st, broke the fairy tale image of the prince and princess in the past, but it still made us feel beautiful.

In Shrek, the hero is no longer a handsome prince, but an ugly, smelly monster, and the heroine is no longer a beautiful princess, but a princess with a cursed face day and night.

Although Shrek subverts the perfection of fairy tales, it is more likely to resonate with us.Although they don’t have handsome and beautiful looks, they have beautiful hearts.

Finally, with a sincere kiss, the spell was broken.In the new year, may you also meet your true love!

New joy in the world

Get happiness in the new year and drive away troubles.

"Add a spoonful of sugar when drinking medicine and find pleasure in depression."On January 1, 2023 (Sunday), the movie channel broadcast the movie "New Joy on Earth" for you. A well-known classic figure in Europe and America, the magic nanny Mary Poppins, arrived slowly with joy and hope.

Mary Poppins, a magical nanny who wears a fancy bowler hat, a bright scarf, a dark coat, a parrot-headed parasol and a treasure handbag made of magical carpets, can take away all the troubles and bring endless happiness to children.

This 54-year-old sequel, "New Joy is Full of People", will be full of childlike memories.Reality and fantasy are constantly intertwined, and we follow Mary Poppins, the magic nanny, to wander in the world of magic and reality.

In the new year, may we all be happy and drive away our troubles!


Speak your wishes in the new year.

On the evening of Saturday, December 31st, 2022, and at noon on Sunday, January 1st, 2023, a live-action movie "Aladdin" will be broadcast for you on the film channel, and you will enter the Arab fairy tale world together.

The story of Aladdin and the magic lamp from Arabian Nights haunts many children to fall asleep.Arab-style market streets, magnificent palaces and gorgeous song and dance scenes are directed.Guy RitchieIt is particularly dreamy under the lens.

In order to make fairy tales more realistic, the film used 200 people to build a team, and spent nearly half a year building the interior scene of the palace and a bird’s eye view of the whole city.

At the same time, the leap-forward improvement of CG technology has further blurred the boundary between virtual and real, and the cooperation of real scene construction and 3D modeling has realized a refreshing visual spectacle.

Calling Aladdin’s magic lamp can realize three wishes. What’s your New Year’s resolution?In the new year, I hope everyone can realize their wishes!

Fantasy movies are dreamlike fantasy, which has entrusted our beautiful vision for 2023.May everyone’s dreams come true in the new year!

a program parade

In 2022

December 27th (Tuesday)


December 28th (Wednesday)

Wonder Woman

31 December (Saturday)



In 2023

1 January (Sunday)

Aladdin (replay)

New joy in the world

The three ministries and commissions issued a series of policies to encourage consumption, and the automobile industry became the focus.


  Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other three ministries and commissions issued a series of policies to encourage consumption to promote the upgrading of key consumer goods such as automobiles, household appliances and consumer electronics. Among them, the cost of new energy vehicles is greatly reduced, and it is strictly forbidden to introduce new car purchase restrictions in various places. All localities are not allowed to restrict or purchase new energy vehicles, and so on. What is the background of the "prohibition order"? How much automobile consumption potential is expected to be released? How should all localities do a good job in implementation? Our reporter interviewed relevant experts — —

  A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Commerce issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Updating and Upgrading of Key Consumer Goods and Smooth Resource Recycling (2019— 2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan"), put forward a series of measures to promote automobile consumption, which aroused social concern.

  Consumption potential needs to be released

  The "Implementation Plan" proposes that, on the one hand, all localities should not impose restrictions or purchase restrictions on new energy vehicles, and those that have been implemented should be cancelled. Encourage local governments to give support to car-free families to purchase the first home new energy vehicle. On the other hand, it is strictly forbidden to introduce new automobile purchase restriction regulations in various places. Local governments that have implemented automobile purchase restriction should speed up the shift from restricting purchase to guiding use according to the effect of urban traffic congestion, pollution control and traffic demand control.

  "This policy is highly targeted, which is not only a major positive for new energy automobile enterprises, but also means that there will be no new cities with restricted purchases in the future, which is conducive to breaking the barriers to passenger car consumption." Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said.

  At present, how big is the automobile consumption potential of cities with restricted purchases? Li Xianjun, director of the Tsinghua University Automobile Development Research Center, said that as of the end of March 2019, the number of effective applications for waiting for lottery cars in Hangzhou had reached 819,000, including 802,000 individuals; As of April 26, 2019, the number of valid applications for waiting for lottery cars in Shenzhen has reached 1.227 million, including 1.209 million individuals, which is equivalent to the annual sales of passenger cars in Russia; As of April 8, 2019, there were 3.689 million car purchases in Beijing, including 3.209 million individuals, which is more than the demand of European countries in one year.

  "The above three cities have a total of 5.735 million lottery numbers. If this part of the car purchase potential can be released, it will account for 20.4% of domestic car sales last year and 24.8% of passenger cars." Li Xianjun said, "Even if an average family of three people participate in the lottery at the same time, the potential purchasing power will reach 1.91 million, which is expected to contribute 6.8% to the increase in automobile consumption."

  The "Implementation Plan" also emphasizes that localities should reasonably set up congestion areas in combination with road congestion and guide their use. "Intelligent management of vehicle traffic should be realized, and the number of times vehicles enter congested areas should be restricted to prevent excessive use of motor vehicles." Li Xianjun said.

  Aim at pain points and promote consumption

  "In addition to canceling the restrictions and purchases of new energy vehicles, the" Implementation Plan "also proposes to vigorously promote the electrification, intelligence and greening of the automobile industry, and strive to enhance the supply guarantee capability of new products." Wu Songquan, chief expert of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. and deputy chief engineer of Information Institute, believes that the Implementation Plan focuses on many bottlenecks and difficult problems in the consumption of new energy vehicles and clearly puts forward targeted measures.

  In view of the cost of new energy vehicles, the "Implementation Plan" proposes that the cost of new energy vehicles should be greatly reduced. Specific measures include accelerating the research and development and industrialization of a new generation of vehicle power batteries, improving the energy density and safety of batteries, gradually realizing battery platformization and standardization, and reducing battery costs. Guide enterprises to innovate business models, promote the separation of consumption modes of new energy vehicles, such as battery leasing, and reduce the cost of car purchase. Optimize product access management, avoid repeated certification, and reduce enterprise operating costs.

  "The key to reducing costs lies in batteries, which is also an important factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles at present." Cui Dongshu said that it was planned that the battery density of new energy vehicles would reach 260 WHr/kg in 2020, but it is still difficult now, so it is necessary to increase research and development.

  In view of the "anxiety" in the use of new energy vehicles, the "Implementation Plan" proposes to speed up the development of new energy vehicles with convenient use. Specific measures include focusing on pain points such as short driving range and long charging time, drawing lessons from the power exchange mode and application experience in the public service field, and encouraging enterprises to develop new energy vehicle products with the combination of charging and replacing, flexible battery configuration and long driving range. Promote the development and application of high-power fast charging, wireless charging, mobile charging and replacing electricity and other technical equipment, and improve the convenience of charging and replacing new energy vehicles.

  Cui Dongshu believes that the development of new energy vehicles is characterized by the rapid increase in driving range and the obvious large-scale vehicles. At present, the development of micro-electric vehicles is slow and there is a big demand gap. Therefore, the "Implementation Plan" emphasizes that the development of new energy vehicle products that take into account the length of driving range is not only in the right direction, but also forward-looking.

  The "Implementation Plan" also proposes to speed up the update of vehicles in urban public areas. Promote the upgrading of vehicles in urban public areas, accelerate the use of new energy or clean energy vehicles for new and updated buses, sanitation, postal services, taxis, commuting and light logistics distribution vehicles in urban built-up areas, and reach 80% in key areas for air pollution prevention and control by the end of 2020. Encourage local governments to increase support for the operation of new energy vehicles and reduce the use cost of new energy vehicles.

  "In key regional cities for air pollution prevention and control, new energy or clean energy vehicles will account for 80% of vehicles used in the public sector. This is a rigid indicator and will have a huge pulling effect on the new energy automobile industry." Cui Dongshu said.

  "The" Implementation Plan "puts forward a series of measures to promote the consumption of new energy vehicles, focusing on the bottlenecks and pain points of current automobile consumption, especially new energy vehicle consumption, which is of great significance for promoting the upgrading of key consumer goods such as automobiles." Wang Qing, deputy director and researcher of the Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, said that the introduction of the "prohibition order" meets the needs of consumers and the market, which is conducive to the overall consideration of the combination of long and short, and promotes the upgrading of consumption.

  Guangzhou and Shenzhen took the lead in responding.

  The "Implementation Plan" also proposes to innovate and develop smart cars; Accelerate the elimination of old cars and the renewal of vehicles in urban public areas, and actively promote the upgrading of rural vehicle consumption; Vigorously promote the circulation and consumption of used cars, actively guide the innovation of auto financial products, and gradually improve the infrastructure such as charging and replacing electricity and parking.

  Cui Dongshu said that this policy has a good guiding role in the development and market of new energy automobile industry, and it is good for local governments, enterprises and consumers. The key lies in how local governments introduce specific measures to further refine and implement them.

  In January this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and other ten ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Further Optimizing Supply, Promoting Steady Growth of Consumption and Promoting the Formation of a Strong Domestic Market (2019)", focusing on six measures to promote automobile consumption. Among them, the requirements for the gradual liberalization of the automobile purchase restriction policy are included.

  Up to now, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have taken action. On June 2, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation and Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation respectively issued the Notice on Increasing the Allocation Quota of Incremental Indicators for Small and Medium-sized Passenger Cars. Starting from June this year, Shenzhen will increase the allocation quota of incremental indicators for ordinary cars by 40,000 per year from 2019 to 2020 on the basis of the original regulation target of 80,000 per year. On the basis of the original quota, Guangzhou will increase the number of small and medium-sized passenger cars by 100,000 from June this year to December 2020.

  "The market is one of the core elements of industrial competition." Li Xianjun pointed out that automobile is one of the industries with the largest impact coefficient on the national economy, the strongest employment, the most remarkable development of related industries and the strongest ability to integrate new technologies. At present, the number of cars with 1,000 people in China is more than 170, which is not only far lower than that of developed countries, but also lower than the world average. This means that there is still much room for growth in China’s automobile consumption. Especially with the rapid development of new technologies and the emergence of new products, China’s automobile industry contains great innovation vitality and potential. Therefore, we should constantly optimize the consumption environment, smooth the recycling of resources, continuously release the potential of domestic demand, further promote the upgrading of automobile consumption and promote the formation of a strong domestic market.

Mei Lanfang was exposed by the explosion of fashion and rare swimsuit photos.

    Mei Lanfang’s swimsuit photos taken during her stay in the United States.

    Mei Lanfang improved the hairstyle and clothing of the new fashion drama, and added fashion elements to the Beijing drama.

    For the modern young audience, Mei Lanfang is just a symbol. From the textbook, we know that he is the first of the four famous artists and represents the culture of Peking Opera. Perhaps many people can’t tell the difference between Mei Lanfang and Anita Mui. In fact, Mei Lanfang is not only a master of art, but also the most popular fashion star of the year. Recently, some netizens exposed a group of unknown old photos of the Peking Opera master in real life in the forum. In this group of photos, a rare photo of Mei Lanfang wearing a swimsuit is particularly eye-catching.

  Mei Lanfang loves fashion to take swimsuit photos.

    The netizen said that this swimsuit photo was taken in Shanghai in the 1930s, when the social atmosphere was not so open. On the other hand, the shooting background seemed to be out of place with the word swimsuit. However, some netizens said that in Shanghai in the 1930s, fashionable people would take a few swimsuit photos. At that time, people often saw the appearance of swimsuits from those fashionable cigarette cases and moon cards. As a well-known Peking Opera actor at that time, Mei Lanfang was naturally unwilling to lag behind, and generously took such a swimsuit photo by the swimming pool.

    According to the historical records of that year, in 1926, the public swimming pool in Hongkou, Shanghai was opened to the public, and men and women traveled together in Shanghai. By 1930, Gao Qiao Beach had been built, and swimsuits had long been the equipment of Shanghai-style figures. At that time, almost all the stars and celebrities-Shang Guanyunzhu, Ruan Lingyu, etc.-had fashionable styles in swimsuits. Mei Lanfang’s swimsuit photo was produced under such an "open" historical background, even though it was not taken in Shanghai but in the United States on the other side of the ocean. In 1946, when Drama Illustrated published this swimsuit photo of Mei Lanfang during her stay in the United States, it also caused quite a stir.

  Love to take pictures, generous show camera

    Mei Lanfang’s hobby of spare time also keeps ahead of the trend. In old Shanghai, it was fashionable to take photos in a photo studio, not to mention owning a camera. Cameras were a luxury at that time, and families who could buy them must be rich and fashionable enough. Mr. Mei Lanfang’s camera, which seems to be inadvertently painted, is also put into the photo to some extent as an ornament that embodies a kind of taste and shows off.

  Singing Beijing Opera in Modern Costume

    Besides taking photos, Mr Mei Lanfang used fashionable elements in Beijing Opera, and he was once called the "originator of fashion dramas in Beijing Opera". At that time, he personally created a new play "The Waves of the Evil Sea", and at the same time he created his own hairstyle and clothes for the new fashion play, which was true to others. It is understood that Mei Lanfang rehearsed three new fashion plays, among which "Deng Xiagu" and "A wisp of hemp" received great response. For a time, Peking Opera dressed in modern clothes became fashionable, and it did not lag behind the vernacular drama at that time.

Editor: Sun Jie