C919 completed the first commercial flight expert: China’s aviation-related supporting industries will usher in new opportunities.

  Beijing, May 29 (Reporter Jing Wong) At 12: 31 on May 28, after a flight of 1 hour and 59 minutes, the flight MU9191 of China Eastern Airlines, which was carried by C919 passenger plane, landed smoothly at Beijing Capital International Airport, passing through the "Watergate" symbolizing the highest etiquette of civil aviation, marking the successful completion of its first commercial flight, officially entering the civil aviation market and opening a new stage of market-oriented operation and industrialization development.

  This first commercial flight is a milestone from "product" to "commodity" for C919. Guo Qing, an associate professor at the Aviation College of Northwestern Polytechnical University, said in an interview with a reporter from Yangguang. com that the realization of the first commercial flight of C919 boosted the confidence in the development of China’s civil aviation industry, and China’s aviation-related supporting industries will usher in new opportunities.

C919 completed the first commercial flight expert: China's aviation-related supporting industries will usher in new opportunities.

  C919 large passenger plane ushered in its first commercial flight at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (photo by reporter Han Xiaoyu from Yangguang. com)

  China has officially entered the market competition of world large aircraft production.

  Large aircraft is known as "the jewel in the industrial crown", which is a concentrated expression of a country’s scientific and technological ability, industrial level and comprehensive strength. "The operation of domestic large aircraft means that China has officially entered the market competition of world large aircraft production, which has made China’s aviation industry move to a higher level." Guo Qing’s analysis also means that in the high-end manufacturing products, China manufacturing can also compete with the world’s large enterprises and stand out from the crowd, which means that the influence of China manufacturing is increasing, which will help to enhance China’s international status.

  According to "2022 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Report" issued by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, by the end of 2022, C919 had accumulated 32 customers and 1035 orders. On April 27th, 2023, HNA Aviation Group and China Commercial Aircraft Corporation signed a purchase agreement for 100 aircraft, including 60 C919 aircraft. Qi Qi, an expert from China Civil Aviation High-quality Development Research Center, told the reporter of Yangguang. com that airlines and leasing companies are extremely optimistic and confident about the commercial market prospects of C919 aircraft, and they are scrambling to sign purchase agreements and strive to get the delivered aircraft and put it into commercial operation earlier.

  According to Commercial Aeroengine Market Forecast 2021-2040 released by Comac of China, from 2021 to 2040, it is estimated that 41,429 new aircraft will be delivered worldwide, with a value of about 6.1 trillion US dollars. Among them, China aviation market is expected to receive 9,084 passenger planes of 50-seat class or above, accounting for 21.92% of the world, with a value of about 1.4 trillion US dollars, accounting for 22.95% of the world.

  Qi Qi said that with the commercialization of C919, the trillion-dollar large aircraft industry chain is gaining momentum. "The continuous increase in C919 orders is actually a test of China Commercial Aircraft’s delivery ability, and more specifically, China Commercial Aircraft’s ability to integrate and coordinate the core elements of the C919 industry chain." According to Qi Qi’s analysis, the benefit degree of large aircraft industry chain will be ultimately determined by the annual production capacity and delivery schedule of Comac China. On the basis of ensuring the safe operation and high reliability of aviation, it will be the focus of the next stage to steadily promote and upgrade the localization rate of large aircraft parts, especially core systems and components.

  Qi Qi believes that the improvement of the localization degree of C919 will fundamentally improve the delivery capacity, stable delivery level and autonomous controllability of Comac China.

  Orders in related industries such as aircraft supporting manufacturing may surge.

  After the successful development of C919 large passenger aircraft, customers pay much attention to it. According to reports, according to the international practice of the aviation industry, a model is mature and commercialized on a large scale, and it needs to be continuously optimized and upgraded for many years after entering the commercial operation stage. The reporter learned that in the future, China Eastern Airlines will cooperate with many parties to operate the C919 with high quality and precision, and help make the C919 a successful model recognized by the global industry. "Starting from May 29th, the C919 model will be put into normal operation on the route from Shanghai Hongqiao to Chengdu Tianfu, and with the introduction of this model, the C919 will be put on more routes." Feng Dehua, member of the party group and deputy general manager of China Eastern Airlines, said.

  Great Wall Securities Research Report believes that, as a representative of high-end manufacturing industry, large aircraft projects have the characteristics of long industrial chain, high correlation and great radiation-driven effect. The development and research of large aircraft projects can effectively promote industrial technology upgrading, promote the process of China’s civil aviation industrialization, and comprehensively promote the development of China’s aviation industrialization.

  Next, Guo Qing believes that the orders of industries such as metalworking, composite materials, electronic components and chips manufactured by aircraft will surge with the increase of orders of large aircraft. In addition, the education industry will also usher in a "new direction". Aerospace innovation education for young people, aviation majors in colleges and universities, and majors related to industrial chain will all usher in the peak of application, and more young people will devote themselves to China’s large aircraft industrial chain.