Hans Zhang’s biggest problem is not greasy, but no entertainment spirit.

To say that the person who can climb the hot search list every day in recent days is not the latest young top stream, but Murong Yunhai-Hans Zhang, who was known to the whole country with meteor rain more than ten years ago.

No matter which entertainer is in the entertainment circle, it must be a good thing to go online for hot search. After all, it means higher exposure. Unfortunately, it’s not that Hans Zhang has anything good to do with the hot search. The hot topic of this round of search is the drama Gentlemen of East Eight Districts, which was produced, written and starred by Hans Zhang himself.

A TV series with such a high volume of content has attracted everyone’s attention, not because it is so good-looking, but because it is beyond measure. Winning the historic score of 2.1 points has successfully become the lowest record in domestic film and television dramas in Douban score. There is more than a little bit of sadness in the play, and the source of all this is of course our producer, screenwriter and starring Hans Zhang.

In this regard, some netizens teased that Hans Zhang had taken over the greasy work of domestic male stars in an all-round way, which can be called an unprecedented and unprecedented master. But the question is, is Hans Zhang just greasy? In fact, his biggest problem is not greasy, but no entertainment spirit.

Said he didn’t have a strong spirit of entertainment, there have been two well-known events, which reflects this.

Once it was an expression pack incident.

Hunan Satellite TV followed suit to shoot Korean dramas, and produced a super-power TV series similar to You from the Stars, so it invited Hans Zhang to star in this drama-Different Handsome Man. Most netizens mentioned this drama, and they should not remember it at all.

However, there is a special expression pack in this drama, that is, looking back and smiling from Hans Zhang. This screenshot showing 18 big white teeth has made everyone spoof. Netizens are actually not malicious, they just think it’s fun. Many stars, such as Jacky Cheung and Z.TAO, have experienced it and let the whole network take it as an expression pack. Stars, their existence is to let the audience entertain.

It happened that Hans Zhang was unconvinced and blacked out several marketing numbers that forwarded this emoticon. Some of them went too far, so he simply sued them directly. Later, he also responded to this incident and explained plausibly: "At that time, I just met a low state and was teased by others. During that time, I was very uncomfortable. I slept for three hours every day and took sleeping pills every day."

However, when netizens heard him talk like this, they didn’t feel that Hans Zhang at that time was distressing, but it made people feel that he couldn’t afford to play. There are more people in the entertainment circle than Zhang Hanhong, who are subjected to black, slander, rumors and personal attacks. I have never seen others come forward to find so many reasons and excuses for themselves.

There was a discordant episode before the big explosion drama "Shanshan is coming" was broadcast and a preview was released in advance. There is a clip in the preview, in which Feng Teng, the hero played by Hans Zhang, said to Shanshan, the heroine played by Zhao Liying, "I want everyone to know that this fish pond has been contracted by you." Then, a film and television blogger intercepted the video and sent a long picture saying, "I really don’t understand, there is nothing to show off."

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this is just a joke of a blogger who spits. When the TV series is combined in the later stage, there is a reason for the hero to say this sentence. He wants to reassure his beloved woman and use the fish pond as a metaphor.

And Hans Zhang didn’t have the courage to hold his breath at all. He went to Weibo directly, and even swore, "Because I am your good father, my sons go out every day to embarrass themselves and lose their moral integrity. How can dad earn money to support you if he doesn’t pretend?" Originally, it was a small-scale spit, but as a result, a stone stirred up a thousand waves at once, making countless people think that he was so stupid. Today, the blogger is on Hans Zhang’s Lahei list.

Artists walking in the entertainment circle, if they don’t have any entertainment spirit, then they should take pictures with peace of mind, isolate themselves from the audience, try to show people with their roles, take filming as their work, and don’t expose their temperament. If there is no way to be single-minded and just shoot movies, you should keep interacting with fans and netizens. Even if you can’t cultivate an invulnerable diamond heart, you should at least have the entertainment spirit of being willing to play with the public.