The song and dance film "Wings of Singing" shows the beautiful scenery in Xinjiang.

1905 movie network news As a rare commercial blockbuster of youth song and dance in recent years, the Xinjiang local film "Wings of Singing", which has aroused widespread concern in the film industry and market, has been officially shown nationwide since March 28, and has been strongly supported by the national audience.

The local films in Xinjiang are thick and thin, and let the world see the real great beauty of Xinjiang.

The whole film "Wings of Singing" adopts the form of singing and dancing, and through the light and shadow writing of the songs and dances of various ethnic groups, it shows the splendid cultural traditions of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the happy and beautiful lives of all ethnic groups. Compared with the musical films in India and Hollywood, the creative team strives for a "new" word in this film, so that the audience can enjoy a fresh audio-visual feast of "song and dance, music and content".

Gao Huang Gang, the producer and general director of the film, introduced that Wings of Singing collected the largest investment scale, the largest human resources and the most advanced shooting equipment of Tianshan Film Studio in recent years, and traveled to seven prefectures, covering tens of thousands of kilometers in the starry night, and made extensive use of aerial photography to bring the beautiful scenery of "the bright moon lifts from the Mountain of Heaven and in an infinite haze of cloud and sea" in Li Bai’s poems to the screen.

As a musical, "Wings of Singing" uses a lot of song and dance elements, including eight circus songs, four groups of big songs and dances, and two musicals, showing the folk customs of as many as eight ethnic groups through giant screen images. Director Abdul Karim Abu Rizi said, "There are tens of thousands of people participating in this film and 17 big scenes have been filmed. The beautiful scenery of Xinjiang such as snow-capped mountains and ice peaks, hilly grasslands, Gobi deserts and plateau lakes will all be presented in the film. "


Xinjiang Song and Dance Film attracts worldwide attention, and stars gather to create a new benchmark for China Song and Dance Film.

Wings of Singing has attracted wide attention in the international film industry. At present, the film has been shortlisted for the Music, Film and Drama Festival in Kanda, Morocco, and has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Guldiyar Anayti), Best Original Music and Jury Award in Madrid International Film Festival. Shortlisted for the feature film unit of Buenos Aires International Film Festival; Shortlisted in the main competition unit of the European Geneva Film Festival.

Wings of Singing is organized and planned by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with strong support from the Culture and Tourism Department of the autonomous region. Gao Huang Gang is the general director, Abdul Klimu Abulizi is the director, Gaoshan Yan is the friendship director, Li Mushi and Gao Qi are the screenwriters, Dong Yingda composes the music, and Xia Wang, Zhang Yingbing, Corn Ti, Jiang Yihao (Ayiken) are the leading actors, and Liu Zhibing, Luo Gang, Nigmat and Si Qi are the leading actors.

"Wings of Singing" is being shown in the national cinema. The audience can enjoy the beautiful scenery, colorful folk customs and songs and dances of many ethnic groups in Xinjiang through the big screen, and feel the times style of unity, forge ahead and self-improvement of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.