Had to have an early reunion dinner: a warm dinner for the Hong Kong police

In a disciplined services dormitory in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, Hong Kong police, family members and retired police officers celebrated the Lunar New Year together. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Gang)
Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, January 24th (Reporter Liu Mingyang) "Everyone has worked hard! The New Year is safe and smooth! " Near New Year’s Eve, in a disciplined services dormitory in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, some Hong Kong police officers, their families and retired police officers gathered together to raise a glass to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
"A few days ago, my husband and I just moved into the dormitory where we queued up to apply, and we were very happy to decorate our new home." Officer Zhang, who is in her thirties and works in the criminal department of the Hong Kong Police Headquarters, told the reporter that she and her husband, Officer Ling, who are also policemen, have just moved into a new two-bedroom home of more than 40 square meters. "It’s just time to catch up with the Chinese New Year, and my old colleagues and senior officers specially came to celebrate the housewarming for us, because we have to be on duty on New Year’s Eve, and we also take this opportunity to have a happy reunion dinner together."
In order to make Hong Kong people live a stable year, many Hong Kong police officers still have to stick to their posts and go to work on New Year’s Eve. They had to invite relatives and friends in advance to have a rich and warm reunion dinner together.
Potted vegetables, eight-treasure duck, roasted goose, barbecued pork, and pig’s hands in sauce … On entering the room, the table was already full of delicious and Hong Kong-style reunion dinner.
"Pot dishes have the meaning of being full of pots, which can accommodate different kinds of food, such as chicken symbolizing’ good luck’, braised pork symbolizing’ being fat and moist at home’, prawns that are booming, mushrooms that are round and round, and so on." Police officer Zhang introduced the auspicious meaning of Hong Kong’s reunion dinner to reporters.
Does it take a long time to prepare such a big table of delicious food? Ms. Liang, the police sister-in-law who came to help prepare the reunion dinner early in the morning, told the reporter with a smile that it could be done in a few minutes with a finger. "Now Hong Kong, like the mainland, is more popular to order food online and deliver food to your door. All kinds of reunion dinners can be booked through smart phone software, which is convenient and fast. "
Police officer Zhang told reporters that due to the nature of work and recent social events, the work of the police force is very busy, overtime is normal, and rest time is precious. It takes a lot of time and energy to cook a large table of family reunion dinner by yourself. Online ordering is very suitable for the fast-paced life now.
Most of these police colleagues have known each other or worked together for many years. Everyone was beaming and in high spirits, sitting around the table. While tasting the traditional delicious food of the Youth League, they also talked about their work and life in the past year, looking forward to the new year and a new atmosphere, hoping that Hong Kong can get back on track and recover as soon as possible.
"As a frontline riot police, I have been dealing with riots at the front line for the past six months, working at least 12 hours a day and working six days a week." Officer Ling, who works in the Crime Department of the New Territories North Region of the Hong Kong Police Force, told the reporter that for the stable life of more than 7 million Hong Kong citizens, more than 30,000 Hong Kong police officers fought in the front line to stop violence and control chaos. After more than seven months of intensive work, there must be some pressure and fatigue, but he and his colleagues feel more of a responsibility and mission.
"Our husband and wife are both policemen. In the past six months, we really rarely met. It is often two or three weeks before we can have a meal together." Police officers Ling and Zhang, who have been in the police for more than 10 years, all said that Hong Kong is the place where they were born, grew up and lived. It is really painful to see Hong Kong being destroyed and constantly turbulent.
"I hope that this storm that seriously affects the daily life of countless families in Hong Kong can be calmed down as soon as possible. In the new year, I can spend more time with my family. " This is the New Year’s wish of the post-80s Hong Kong couple.
Sergeant Deng, who led the team to fight in the front line of riot prevention, told reporters that in his police district, quite a few police officers could not go home for a reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve and had to be on duty. "In the past year, in addition to some memories of sweating and bleeding, there were also many warm moments. For example, many citizens sent many gifts and cards to the police station to cheer us up. When enforcing the law at the front line, the passing citizens will say’ sir, come on’ to us regardless of the intimidation of the mob. "
Speaking of New Year’s wishes, Sheriff Deng said that in addition to dealing with riots, the police actually have many other duties to perform, and all aspects of public security in Hong Kong need us. "I really hope that the rain will clear up soon."
"In the past six months, in order to try our best to protect MTR facilities and passengers’ safety, we often worked overtime for several days in a row, and sometimes it was impossible to predict when we could finish work." Looking back on the past year, Sergeant Ye from the Railway Police District said that having been a policeman for more than 30 years, he had never seen Hong Kong as violent and chaotic as last year.
"Although mobs often insult, provoke, attack us, and even’ start’ our families, this has not made us retreat, but has enhanced our sense of mission as a policeman." Sheriff Ye said. On New Year’s Eve this year, Sergeant Ye stuck to his post as usual to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the railway.
"In fact, my daughter and I are used to it, and we are very supportive of his work. If he says that he will not be on duty this New Year, we will feel a bit strange." Sheriff Ye’s wife, Ms. Liang, who is engaged in beauty management, told reporters that the storm of amending the law not only worried her husband’s safety at work, but also worried her about the beauty business.
"The shops I manage are basically in places where demonstrations often occur, and many times they are forced to close." Ms. Liang told reporters that the number of guests has decreased by almost 40% and the income has been greatly reduced.
"We are still relatively good. Some friends in the same trade are even more bleak, and some even close the store directly." Ms. Liang hopes that Hong Kong’s economy will recover on the basis of social stability in the new year.
"In the past year, Hong Kong has undergone a severe test, and the brothers and sisters of the police have really worked hard! Without their dedication and tenacity, Hong Kong might have been rolling in the deep. " Wen Dacheng, the initiator of this reunion dinner and former Chief Superintendent of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Police Force, said that it was several generations who worked hard for this home in Hong Kong, which led to today’s dazzling "Pearl of the Orient". I hope all citizens will cherish Hong Kong, our common home.
A series of dishes, tasting one after another, sometimes whispering, and sometimes laughing. During the dinner, everyone raised their glasses several times: "Pay tribute to the colleagues who are on duty at the front line, bless Hong Kong and bless everyone!"