"Running" is 70 cents a kilometer? Practice fake running, and the end point is socialization.

  Autumn is a good time for running and fitness, but many platforms have appeared sellers who claim to be able to "run" and "P sports data map". You can even ask someone to do your exercise? It is amazing that the "lazy economy" is frequent.

  Fake run

  It’s better to move your fingers than to be exhausted.

  "Friday, step 5411; Saturday, step 6001; On Sunday, step 8923 … …” On Xiaoyu’s computer desktop, there are a row of screenshots of "Alipay Movement", and each file is marked with different numbers.

  In Xiao Yu’s eyes, this is not a few screenshots, but his amount of exercise — — Although he didn’t really exercise, through the retouching software, he "P" a week’s exercise record in one breath. Every night, he will choose a screenshot and send it to the company’s WeChat group to show off his "achievements".

  "P is equal to running", which is somewhat helpless. Last spring, as an activity of enterprise team building, Xiao Yu’s colleagues in the department were divided into several exercise groups. Every day, the team members had to show their sports achievements, and all the achievements were evaluated by adding them together. At first, Xiaoyu also uploaded real exercise records. Because of his busy work, he exercised intermittently. After two months, he found himself a drag on the team. Others have to take eight or nine thousand steps every day, while his number stays at two or three thousand.

  "The work volume, even the exercise is rolled up." Seeing that some colleagues submit tens of thousands of exercise records every day, he can only "take a step" in order not to drag the team back. To take care of the children at night, he used his lunch break to circle the unit building and brush the steps.

  In winter, Xiao Yu couldn’t hold on a bit, and his friend reminded him that instead of being exhausted, he might as well move his fingers — — After changing the screenshot, my friend also took the initiative to help Xiaoyu, who can’t use retouching software, "1,000 steps to 5,000 steps". After several retouching, he tasted the sweetness, and as long as the number of steps is not up to standard, he will be P. "I can’t exaggerate, just write more than 5,000, change more points on weekends, and seven or eight thousand will be the best."

  Last month, Xiao Yu’s group won the second place, and everyone won the 200 yuan shopping card award. As for the moisture in it, it has become an unspeakable secret. Xiaoyu admits that not only is he critical of the daily exercise record, but it is also difficult to talk about science by comparing the exercise time. However, being in the workplace is related to the honor of the team, and the leaders are pointing fingers in the exercise group. Everyone can only insist, "It was exercise, and eventually it became a world of people."

  If you don’t want to exercise, you can deal with things with P pictures. Judging from many sellers who provide various exercise software retouching services on the online shopping platform, there are still many people who think of it with Xiaoyu. The reporter found that college students accounted for a considerable number.

  In order to enhance students’ physical fitness, colleges and universities generally require students to clock in on campus running, and students need to use designated software to complete running tasks. For example, Changshu Institute of Technology stipulates that the number of sunshine runs should be no less than 20 times per semester, and the distance of each run should be no less than 2 kilometers for boys and 1.5 kilometers for girls. Otherwise, the highest score of sports performance should not exceed 59 points. According to the regulations of Guangzhou Institute of Technology and Business, 68km for boys and 51km for girls should be completed every semester, and the mileage of each run should be no less than 1.2km for girls and 1.6km for boys … …

  On the online shopping platform, a store sells the P-picture service of a certain platform at the price of 2 yuan/piece, and can modify the details such as movement time, trajectory, distance and pace on the picture according to the customer’s demand, with a monthly sales of more than 400 pieces. There are many comments below, such as "college students must have it", "saved my final term" and "bought it many times, the retouching is very reliable, and it is no problem to pay a sports punch card".


  Speed route data can be customized.

  If the falsification on the data map is still virtual, the whole process only involves the "movement" of the keyboard and mouse. There is also a kind of operation that is more "bizarre". When you open the software, the line data is not fake. Running is really running, but it’s not me, but a runner specially invited to exercise in his own name.

  With "running on behalf of" as the key word, the business is booming, and all mainstream sports platforms can find corresponding runners. "You can run at the location you specify, one kilometer from 0.7 yuan. If you want to run a specially designed road map and add extra money, you can run it within 48 hours of placing an order." According to a seller, the operation mode is very simple. The buyer only needs to tell the account number and password of his sports platform, and he will log in the software on his mobile phone. After running, he will quit and the corresponding records will be kept in the buyer’s account.

  "I am transferring meat, and my pace is not fast, so I should exercise." A seller in Guangzhou said that running on behalf of others can motivate him to run as much as possible every day. "If you take the order, you must finish it within the agreed time." Due to the limited "running power", she can’t take a more difficult order. "Some people ask for a faster speed ratio. I can’t reach it after running for 1 km and 4 minutes. I can’t run for more than ten kilometers at a time." When running, she often takes pictures of the beautiful sunset glow and clouds she meets, which is very leisurely.

  The reporter saw that the order price of "Daipao" is not high, generally between 0.5 yuan and 1 yuan per kilometer. Sellers mostly aim at losing weight and fitness, or they are runners themselves, earning some pocket money by the way, and even a few claim that they can run for free. In contrast, there is no pressure to punch in, and what are the users who take the initiative to ask people to run for themselves?

  "I just want a medal. When I was in junior high school, the class teacher organized the whole class to run and took dozens of pieces. Everyone wanted it when they graduated." "Sanrio’s medals are really beautiful, and many girls like them" … … In many discussions around running on behalf of others, words such as medals, medals and activities are frequently mentioned.

  "It’s directed at the circle of friends to take pictures and run around." Qian Yi, a runner, explained that in order to encourage users to participate, sports platforms often launch running activities with various themes, with "limited money" physical medals. For example, on Valentine’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Qixi Festival and other festivals, you can get medals by signing up for activities and completing the required running distances of 5.2 kilometers and 13.14 kilometers. "It doesn’t matter how fast you run. You can take a break in the middle, but as long as you start running, you must stick to it. For people who don’t usually exercise, it is still difficult. If you want, find someone to run or spend money on it. "

  Take a well-known sports App as an example. In 2021, nearly 50 large and small running events were launched, and nearly 2.5 million people signed up to participate. In the photos on social platforms, some users collect medals and other running surroundings like collecting blind boxes and dolls, which attracts people to flock and comment, and it has become a traffic password.


  There is a dummy behind the fake movement.

  The end of the live broadcast is to bring goods, and the end of the movement is to socialize.

  In Qian Yi’s view, running, like paddle board, frisbee, fitness and yoga pants, helps to create the most popular sports-loving people among young people today. Love sports, which means "having money and leisure", is actually the recognition and yearning for the healthy and exquisite lifestyle of the middle class.

  If you exercise, you will naturally get some sun. If you can’t reach the amazing pace of running "Great God", you can only make some names and add some fun to your creative ideas. Everyone’s praise is also a kind of motivation.

  "Otherwise, there won’t be so many strategies on the Internet to teach you to run out of diamond-shaped and heart-shaped … …” Qian Yi said with a smile that he ran through the route of "Elephant" pattern in Tiantan Park according to the raiders, and after the trajectory was exposed to the circle of friends, the number of praises really increased significantly, which made him very useful. "To put it bluntly, vanity is at work, but it’s not a bad thing. Who doesn’t have vanity?"

  Beauty-treated photos before releasing them, pretending to be on vacation when you’re not out, and basking in other people’s road maps and medals instead of running … … In the eyes of Liu Xingliang, a well-known Internet scholar, these behaviors all show people’s humanity of "sharing" and "showing off", which is also the user psychology that Internet products attach the most importance to in-depth research.

  "The earliest BBS, how many posts have what kind of level, hot the glory of the king, bronze and silver level play up … … Many Internet products will introduce a user rating system. The accumulation of medals and badges represents the experience of the owner in this field, allowing users to go to the top and keep getting it. "

  In addition, in order to promote and create a strong word-of-mouth fission, products will spare no effort to encourage users to send social media, and we must continue to find discussion points and "out of the circle" angles for products.

  All kinds of medals and activities launched on festivals clearly know this. What’s more special and more ceremonial than giving each other a custom-made holiday medal? That’s what I got by running (or asking for it) specially for you! Some people even started a discussion on the Q&A website. "The boy I secretly love, 520 is willing to run 13.14km for me, but I paid 39 yuan for the registration activity. Will he like me too?"

  By the end of the year, many products will be scrambling to launch all kinds of inventory, showing how much money we spent, how many roads we walked, how many cars we took and what songs we listened to … … Liu Xingliang believes that all kinds of names are also designed to help users create personal settings, thus promoting sharing and communication. "The essence is the same."