Changhong Meiling obtained the patent of beauty display screen, which realized the beauty function of the display screen and improved the user experience.

Patent abstract shows that the invention discloses a beauty display screen installed on a refrigerator panel through a fixed structure. And relate to that technical field of mirror beauty mirrors of refrigerator. The invention comprises a display screen body; The surface of the display screen body is plated with a nano-scale film layer; The fixing structure comprises a circular outer box cover, an embedded box and a refrigerator door body; The display screen body is arrange on one side of that outer box cov; The embedded box is clamped and fixed on the inner side of the refrigerator door body through a buckle and a T-shaped hook; The outer box cover is clamped and installed on the embedded box through L-shaped claws and L-shaped buckles. Accord to that invention, the nano-scale film layer is arrange on the glass plate with the semi-transparent and semi-reflective optical film, so that the beauty function of the display screen body is realized, and the user experience is improved; When installing and disassembling, it is only necessary to control the elongation and contraction of the miniature electric telescopic rod; Realize the quick loading and unloading of beauty display screen; It avoids the complicated steps of dismounting the embedded box when dismounting, which is convenient and quick.