Is there a "money way" for old food brands to cross the border to produce new products into "online celebrity"

  Recently, Wahaha launched a special edition of Nutrition Express with the value of 98 yuan, and attached a "Nutrition Express Makeup Gift Box". The make-up gift box contains two bottles of nutrition express line with classic packaging and two make-up plates with different colors. One of the make-up plates with orange tones has been praised by netizens as "good color matching, I want to try!"

  Since November 21st, Zong Qinghou, Chairman and General Manager of Wahaha, and his daughter Fuli Zong have been warming up this series of products in Weibo — — Previously, Weibo of Zong Qinghou had not been updated for nearly 27 months, and the last Weibo of Fuli Zong stayed in June 2018. Both of them appeared on social platforms in Weibo again, both for the promotion of this event. Wahaha’s make-up plate has been welcomed by netizens. Weibo, the official Wahaha official, issued a lottery Weibo on November 26th, with nearly 30,000 entries forwarded.

  Many brands try to make cosmetics and skin care products from the food industry. Every time food brands launch cross-border new products, it will almost cause a heated discussion on the Internet and become a veritable "cross-border online celebrity".

  However, if you become a "online celebrity", will there be a "money way"?

  Individual combat

  Wahaha put on a make-up plate, and LU ZHOU LAO JIAO CO.,LTD perfume was on fire for a while.

  From the end of November, the official account of @ Wahaha continued to warm up in Weibo, until December 1, when Habao Amusement Park, the mall in Wahaha WeChat WeChat official account, officially launched a special edition of Nutrition Express.

  Although you can’t see the specific sales figures on its purchase page, the customer service of Habao Amusement Park told the reporter, "This is an activity while stocks last." As of 16: 00 p.m. on December 4, a limited number of 5,000 products can still be purchased.

  The relevant person in charge of Wahaha told the reporter, "The make-up plate is just a gift of the special edition of Nutrition Express. Wahaha has no plans to transform into make-up for the time being, and chose make-up products because this category is highly topical and popular among young people, which is more suitable for carrying some innovative attempts. "

  "Wahaha has never invested too much energy in marketing. With the upgrading of consumers, we also want to try some new things. We tried AD calcium milk moon cakes before, but they were very popular, and they were snapped up within 1 second. We want consumers to know that Wahaha’s brand image is changing, becoming more interesting and diverse, and no longer having a sense of distance and time. "

  LU ZHOU LAO JIAO CO.,LTD and Nongfu Spring, which also started with drinks, face the same problems as Wahaha in cross-border operation — — They all launch cross-border products under a single brand.

  As a brand selling liquor, LU ZHOU LAO JIAO CO.,LTD’s cross-border products are also related to its main products, and the perfume named "LU ZHOU LAO JIAO CO.,LTD’s stubborn taste" is widely concerned by netizens because of its fragrance. In February, 2018, relevant persons in LU ZHOU LAO JIAO CO.,LTD revealed to the media that the first batch of 20,000 bottles of perfume had been sold out within a few days. This cross-border led to an increase of 94.1% in the sales volume of official flagship store of brand Tmall and an increase of 18.70% in PV.

  However, after the heat subsided, the sales of this perfume fell off a cliff. The reporter found that whether in official website or in its Tmall flagship store, its monthly sales volume is below 250 bottles.

  Also starting with drinks, Nongfu Spring chose to cross the border to make mask products. At the end of 2017, three hydrating skin care products launched by Nongfu Spring focused on the moisturizing effect of "natural birch juice". Zhong Shanshan, chairman of Nongfu Spring, once said in an interview with Sina Finance that some people wanted Nongfu Spring to launch moisturizing products a long time ago. "We have no doubt about our direction, and our products are subversive."

  The reporter found that the monthly sales volume of two moisturizers with a price higher than that of 200 yuan was less than 200 pieces. It is worth mentioning that in the follow-up news release of this mask, the phrase "this product was launched across the border for Nongfu Spring" no longer appears too much. This may also be the dilemma that a single brand will face when launching cross-border products. Once the wind as a gimmick has passed and sales are weak, how should products continue to be marketed?

  combined operations

  White rabbit+Meijiajing launched milk-flavored lip balm

  There are still many brands that choose to cooperate with other brands to launch cross-border products.

  White rabbit toffee is also one of the "cross-border online celebrity". As early as September this year, White Rabbit Butterflies had jointly launched a lip balm with the domestic brand Meijiajing. Lip balm not only follows the packaging of white rabbit toffee, but also its fragrance, which belongs to white rabbit toffee alone.

  The first batch of white rabbit lip balm was put on the shelves on September 20th. According to the Beijing Evening News, in less than 2 minutes, all the white rabbit lip balm was robbed of the shelves. The next day, the emergency replenishment of Meijiajing was launched again, and the price was raised from two in 78 yuan to two in 80 yuan, but it was still sold out.

  The 59-year-old white rabbit toffee and the 56-year-old Meijiajing are both "old brands". In an interview with the media, the relevant person in charge of the United States and Canada said, "Although young people can easily buy cosmetics from all over the world and all kinds of imported sweets and snacks, they are hard to replace the old-fashioned domestic complex in many people’s hearts. We believe that when these time-honored brands rise to ‘ Complex ’ The height is difficult to be easily replaced. "

  On the e-commerce platform Taobao, the reporter browsed the official flagship store of Meijiajing and found that the price of White Rabbit Lipstick has been restored to two in 78 yuan. At present, the products on the shelves are only pre-sold, but their monthly sales have reached 8,353, and the buyers’ comments are basically favorable. The most frequent phrase is "Full of childhood memories".

  Zhou Heiya, which also introduced lip products, has integrated the "spicy" characteristics into the small spicy kiss and bite lipstick that cooperated with the Royal Mud Workshop. At present, the small spicy kiss and bite lipstick has stopped selling, but the discussion and exposure brought by this product to the two brands are still not over.

  outshine others

  "Wang Zi" with nose and eyes is better than "feelings" that can’t be seen or touched?

  In all the cross-border attempts of food brands, Want Want is better.

  In 2018, Want Want successively cooperated with clothing brands TYAKASHA and Nature Hall, and launched clothing and other products, which not only successfully attracted the attention of netizens, but also gained considerable recognition in the fashion industry, and even appeared many knockoffs on major e-commerce platforms.

  According to the report of beijing business today, the clothing jointly signed by Want Want and TYAKASHA was put on sale on a small scale on October 16th. The data shows that co-branded products such as sweaters, sweaters and coin purses were all sold out within 7 seconds, which also drove nearly 700,000 fans into the official flagship store of Want Want Tmall, and the passenger flow increased more than 10 times than usual.

  The "Want Want Snow Cake" air cushion foundation jointly launched by Want Want and Nature Hall has also been affirmed by the data. After the pre-sale started at 0: 00 on October 20, the number of reservations in only one day has reached nearly 10,000.

  Even if the limelight has passed, the peripheral products sold by Want Want in Tmall flagship store can still be "played" compared with other brands. On December 3, the reporter found that the monthly sales of two peripheral products of Want Want exceeded 1,200.

  The reason is probably not unrelated to the "Wangzai" IP image it launched. Compared with other time-honored brands, Wangwang can only give an intangible "feeling", and the biggest trump card in Wangwang’s hands is Wangzai’s IP image.

  Want Want seems to gradually realize that its IP itself may sell better than food. At the same time of launching joint-name funds in succession, Want Want also launched the "Want Want Sun Star Double Creation Plan" at the end of 2017, and planned to incubate relevant operation teams to create a "internet plus Wenchuang+Food" model.


  The more products a brand has.

  The higher the binding to the new generation of consumers.

  Zhu Danpeng, a food industry analyst, told reporters that traditional food companies frequently try to launch cross-border products in order to gain more new generations of consumers.

  "In modern society, the needs of young people are more and more diverse. The more products a brand has, the higher its binding to the new generation of consumers. These cross-border products are essentially to enhance the stickiness with the new generation of consumers and make the whole brand younger to meet the multi-dimensional needs of the new generation of consumers. "

  Zhu Danpeng said, "At present, it is still difficult to judge which brand’s cross-border is successful, and everyone is testing the water. Although after the launch of cross-border products, both heat and effect have been achieved, it remains to be seen whether they can be transformed into effects in the end. At least until the first quarter of next year, we can judge which brand’s cross-border is successful by comprehensively looking at the sales data of various brands. "

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Intern reporter Yang Peiwen