25.1 yuan to buy a tablet computer received a pack of paper towels, and the online shop involved suspected that it was falsely sold.

  Can Mr. Li buy a tablet computer for 25.1 yuan from the paper towel respondents? There is really no pie falling in the sky. A few days ago, a number of consumers reported to the complaint platform of the quality report that a few days ago, they participated in the activity of buying a brand of tablet computers for 25.1 yuan launched by Tmall’s "Hanzhong Manotti Store". Unexpectedly, after paying for the purchase, they received a pack of paper towels.

  On September 10th, The Paper first asked the store as a consumer whether there was any activity of snapping up tablets for 25.1 yuan, and the customer service of the store said that "tablets don’t have 25.1 yuan"; When asked why someone took part in the 25.1 yuan rush to buy a tablet computer, but received a pack of paper towels, the customer service never replied.

  The Paper then called the store’s Shenzhen Manotti Trading Co., Ltd., but the phone could not be connected. Entering the sales page of this tablet computer in the online store shows that the product has been removed from the shelf.

  According to one of the consumers, Mr. Li, on August 30th, a friend shared a 25.1-yuan activity launched by Tmall’s "Hanzhong Manotti Store" on WeChat group, and he placed an order to buy a new brand T8 ultra-thin 2019 tablet. After receiving the 20 yuan coupon, he actually only paid 5.1 yuan.

  Surprisingly, a few days later, Mr. Li received the goods and opened the package with a pack of paper towels. He applied for a refund after repeatedly reporting to the store’s customer service that there was no result.

  The negotiation record between Mr. Jiang and the store. Together with Mr. Li, Mr. Liu and Mr. Jiang, his WeChat friends, bought the tablet computer of the online store. Liu and Jiang told The Paper that they refused the store’s refund request after receiving the paper towels and asked the store to reissue the tablet computer.

  According to the chat record between Mr. Jiang and the customer service of the store, he asked the merchant to reissue the tablet. The customer service said that Mr. Jiang had taken a deposit, saying that if he wanted the tablet, he would have to pay 300 yuan, otherwise he would only send a gift to Mr. Jiang by courier. At the strong request of Mr. Jiang, the customer service also said that it would reissue "genuine products".

  Mr. Jiang asked the store to reissue the tablet case. On September 9, Mr. Jiang received the "genuine" tablet case reissued by the store. He thought it was a tablet computer, but when he opened the parcel, the so-called "genuine" was actually a tablet computer "full netcom leather case".

  The order shows that the purchased product is a tablet computer. The Paper noticed that the online shopping order of Mr. Jiang and others showed that the purchased product was a brand "T8 ultra-thin 2019 new tablet computer 12 inches", which was configured as "the official standard of mobile Unicom’s 4G+WiFi video version 32G", and the price was 25.1 yuan. After deducting 20 yuan from the store coupon, the consumer actually paid 5.1 yuan.

  As of the afternoon of September 10th, four tablet computers were sold in the "Hanzhong Manotti Store", with prices ranging from 278 to 1010 yuan. The tablet computers purchased by Mr. Jiang and others have been removed from the shelves.

  In the "evaluation" of this type of tablet computer page, as of September 10th, there were 4,941 comments, and it is suspected that many consumers reflected in the comments that "they bought a tablet computer and received a paper towel".

  In the Tmall store information, the store involved was opened on August 1, 2019, and the operator was Shenzhen Manotti Trading Co., Ltd., and its business projects included clothing, clothing design, technology development and sales; Operating electronic commerce, etc.

  Another consumer, Mr. Liu, reflected the situation of "buying a tablet computer and receiving a paper towel" to the Taobao Tmall consumer hotline. Total recall, the Taobao Tmall consumer hotline provided by Mr. Liu, said that in this case, if the consumer confirms the receipt of the goods and feeds back the empty package to the platform, the platform will consider it as a brushing behavior, so it is not recommended that Mr. Liu confirm the receipt and contact him after checking with the merchant.