The first live e-commerce competition in Baiyin and the selection of "Top Ten Online Goods Brands" will start on May 1st.

Recently, it was learned from the relevant departments of Baiyin City that the first live e-commerce competition and the selection of "Top Ten Online Goods Brands" in Baiyin City will officially start on May 1, with a duration of 15 days. At present, the organization and registration of the contest are being stepped up. The purpose of this competition is to select and train a group of outstanding live broadcast e-commerce talents, and at the same time select the "Top Ten Online Goods Brands" in Baiyin City. This will help to promote the standardization, digitization and branding of high-quality featured products in Baiyin, further promote rural income and help rural revitalization. It is understood that this competition is jointly organized by relevant departments of Baiyin City, aiming to explore and promote high-quality featured products in Baiyin region, promote rural economic development and help rural revitalization. The competition will last for 15 days, and excellent talents and brands will be selected through the preliminary, semi-final and final stages.

The deadline for registration of the contest is April 6th, and the time span of the contest is from May 1st to May 15th.