The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology upgraded the "one certificate for universal access" mobile phone number and related Internet accounts can be inquired.

  How many Internet accounts are associated with your mobile phone number? Did someone else use it to register an Internet account? What should I do if I find that my registered account is fraudulently used?

  On July 21st, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially launched the service of "One Certificate for General Enquiry 2.0" — — With the nationwide Internet account "one certificate for universal inquiry", users can inquire about the number of Internet accounts associated with their mobile phone numbers by virtue of the last six digits of their mobile phone numbers and ID numbers.

  Protect user privacy and cover major applications.

  It is understood that "One Certificate General Enquiry 2.0" is a national Internet account convenience inquiry service launched by the Anti-fraud Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the basis of the "One Certificate General Enquiry" service of the national mobile phone card, in conjunction with Internet companies and telecommunications companies.

  As a brand-new upgraded anti-fraud "sharp weapon", the "one-certificate-through-check 2.0" service has three main characteristics — —

  Protect user privacy. In strict accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations such as Network Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law, the personal information of users is collected to the minimum, and desensitized display is carried out in the query page. The feedback query results only include the number of related Internet accounts, excluding personal information such as account names.

  Covers major applications. The first batch of "One-Certificate Access 2.0" docked 11 applications of 8 Internet companies, including WeChat, QQ, Taobao, Alipay, Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker, etc., which can meet the query needs of most users at present.

  The query method is convenient. When users use the service of "One Certificate General Enquiry 2.0", they can make convenient inquiries through various channels, such as micro-newspaper WeChat official account, anti-fraud special class WeChat official account of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, WeChat official account of China Information and Communication Research Institute, and Alipay’s "One Certificate General Enquiry" applet.

  Prevent fraud by using Internet accounts.

  In September last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the convenience service of "one certificate for universal inquiry" for national mobile phone cards. Users can inquire about the number of registered phone cards under their personal names by virtue of their resident ID cards. If there is any objection, they can inquire about the detailed information through the corresponding telecom enterprises and deal with it accordingly. By avoiding the risk of uninformed card handling, we can effectively safeguard the interests of the people and help crack down on telecommunication network fraud.

  After a lapse of nearly a year, why did you launch the "One Certificate General Check 2.0" service again?

  "In the early stage, the national mobile phone card &lsquo was launched through innovation; One-card general investigation ’ Service, convenient for users to check the number of calling cards under their names, and effectively prevent users from being unknowingly processed. " Sui Jing, director of the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that in practice, it was found that Internet accounts were "favored" by criminals because of their strong concealment and low application threshold, and have become one of the main criminal tools of fraudsters.

  Some users reported that their mobile phone numbers were registered as Internet accounts without their knowledge. Due to the lack of a unified and convenient effective way to query their phone numbers related to Internet accounts, it provided convenience for criminals to register illegally, resell Internet accounts and use Internet accounts to commit fraud, and it also caused inconvenience to the broad masses to safeguard their vital interests.

  In order to further promote the prevention and control of telecommunication network fraud, effectively safeguard the interests of the broad masses of the people, and fundamentally solve the problems such as the difficulty in querying and unbinding Internet accounts associated with telephone numbers under one’s name, on the basis of the previous "one-card universal query" service of national mobile phone cards, the anti-fraud center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology upgraded and developed the "one-card universal query 2.0" service, that is, the internet account query service associated with mobile phone numbers, which is convenient for users to query account details and handle services such as cancellation and unbinding.

  More Internet companies will be docked to meet the query needs.

  How to correctly use "one certificate for general inquiry 2.0"? After the user enters the query portal, fill in the mobile phone number, the last six digits of the ID number and the verification code on the query page to query. The query results will be replied within 48 hours through the unified SMS port of 10699000.

  When the user inquires about the number of Internet accounts associated with his mobile phone number, which is inconsistent with the personal situation, he can click "Unbinding and Detailed Inquiry" to understand the processing mechanism of each enterprise. After passing the authentication, unbind or cancel the dissident account according to the guiding documents of the enterprise. If the problem still cannot be solved, you can call the customer service phone number of the corresponding Internet company.

  According to reports, in the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will connect more Internet companies, support a wider range of Internet application queries, and further meet the query needs of users.