The opening of "online celebrity College" in a university in Chongqing has attracted 19 students.

  Live broadcast skills, how to record small videos are popular, and these entertainment projects in life have now entered a college classroom. Recently, the opening of "online celebrity College" in Chongqing Institute of Engineering has attracted attention. On September 20th, Chongqing Institute of Technology responded to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that "online celebrity College" is neither an independent college nor a specific major, but a training project of "school-enterprise co-construction" between schools and enterprises. At present, 19 students have participated, and the enterprises provide training teachers and practical opportunities, while the schools provide venues and equipment. Students participate voluntarily to solve the employment problems of some students. The cooperative enterprise of "online celebrity College" said that it would train students in live broadcast skills such as "asking for gifts", and then sign a contract with them to become full-time anchors of the enterprise.

  In this regard, education experts believe that the establishment of "online celebrity College" in colleges and universities is not serious and rational enough. Experts pointed out that "online celebrity" can’t be called a profession at present. As a new phenomenon, it has no relevant subject connotation and can’t be the foundation of a college or major. He also reminded students that they should maintain the basic ability of value judgment in dealing with "online celebrity College" and not fall into the misunderstanding that "work is a simple matter".


  A university in Chongqing set up "online celebrity College" to select students.

  Recently, some netizens posted that "Xingyun online celebrity (Industry) College" (referred to as "online celebrity College") has been newly established in Chongqing Institute of Engineering, and the work of "selecting students" has been carried out. The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that there were a large number of people at the selection site, and the words "First online celebrity Student Selection Meeting of Xingyun online celebrity (Industry) College" were written on the display board. The posting netizen also said that "online celebrity College" has already held a "class opening symposium".

  According to public information, Chongqing Institute of Technology is a full-time undergraduate college with 30 undergraduate (junior) majors and more than 13,500 full-time students. According to the information of official website, on July 4th this year, the school and a local cultural communication company held a signing ceremony of "Building Xingyun online celebrity (Industry) College". The relevant person in charge of the school introduced at the scene that the opening of "online celebrity College" was "a beneficial attempt with pioneering strategic significance for the industry based on online celebrity’s economy", and expressed the hope that through cooperation, the problem of "a large number of high-quality and high-quality professionals are lacking at this stage" in online celebrity industry could be solved.

  After the incident was exposed, many netizens paid attention. Some netizens questioned whether "online celebrity College" is an independent college of the school or a major under it. Some netizens are curious: What courses are taught by online celebrity College and who will teach them? Some netizens are worried that the establishment of "online celebrity College" will bring excessive praise to the industries such as "online celebrity" and "anchor" among students.


  At present, it is an orientation class with 19 students.

  On September 20th, the reporter of Beiqing Daily called Chongqing Institute of Technology to inquire about this matter, and the school said that the management school of the school was responsible for the "online celebrity College". Subsequently, Mr. Zhang from the School of Management of the school told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that "online celebrity College" is neither an independent college nor a specific major of the school, but a cooperative project of "school-enterprise co-construction" between the school and the enterprise. "It should be regarded as a directional (training) class in the direction of online celebrity. The enterprise provides training teachers and practical opportunities, the school provides venues and equipment, and students participate voluntarily." He also introduced that "online celebrity College" started classes on September 19th and officially started classes on September 20th, with a training period of three months.

  Teacher Zhang told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that the selection of students is mainly aimed at undergraduate students in the graduating class of e-commerce and marketing in the School of Management. "Now the webcast is also quite popular. Participating in training will also help our students in the School of Management." Teacher Zhang said, "After students voluntarily sign up, the enterprise will also interview the students who have signed up, mainly considering the students’ body, language expression, face value and other characteristics. At present, there are already 19 students in this orientation class. "

  Teacher Zhang also said that "online celebrity College" is only an attempt at present. "If the operation effect is good, the school may declare such a major in the future, but it will not be called ‘ Online celebrity major ’ Because there is no such professional name in the professional catalogue of the education department, it may be called ‘ Network anchor ’ Or ‘ Webcast ’ Professional. " He added that at present, after the training of these 19 students, the school will not issue separate certificates, "which major was originally a student of the college, and which major was taken."

  Asked about the expected goal of the orientation training course, Teacher Zhang said that on the one hand, it is to solve the problem of job hunting for some students. "Considering their own interests, there are also related practicality. For example, the current e-commerce industry will also do live webcasting promotions, etc."; On the other hand, the school arranged for teachers to participate in lectures and study all the time, "to prepare for online celebrity’s economic research and possible application for related majors in the future".


  To learn "live skills", "psychology" and other courses.

  On the evening of September 20th, the reporter of Beiqing Daily contacted one of the first 19 students who participated in the training of online celebrity College — — Li Shan (a pseudonym). Li Shan told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that she was a graduating class student and signed up for the training under the recommendation of her teacher. "Most of the 19 students who participated in the training were girls.".

  Li Shan told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that at present, the "online celebrity College" training class of the school has set up related courses such as "Personality Shaping", "Live Broadcasting Skills", "Image Design", "Performance", "Psychology" and "Video Recording" this week, and these contents are all taught by personnel arranged by enterprises.

  Li Shan introduced that on the afternoon of 20th, "online celebrity College" officially started classes. The first class was "Personality Shaping", and everyone had 3-5 minutes to show on stage. Teachers would comment on students’ overall style and personal orientation according to their live shows. I was asked by my teacher to give an open performance. After the performance, two teachers commented on my performance one after another. She also told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that in addition to the "Personality Shaping" class, there were teachers at the scene to guide students how to shoot small videos. "The teacher will let us shoot ‘ Tik Tok ’ The video came to the top, I took it all afternoon, and now I am too tired to walk a step. "

  Li Shan said that the 19 students who participated in the training of "online celebrity College" are now paid by the school. "The teachers said that after graduation, the school would arrange for us to sign a contract with the company to do online celebrity, and I feel quite good. It will be very good for me and will be famous."


  Cultivate full-time anchor professors to "live broadcast gifts"

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that the enterprise that cooperated with Chongqing Institute of Technology to set up "online celebrity College" training was Chongqing Miyin Culture Communication Co., Ltd.. According to industrial and commercial information, the company was established in January this year, and its business scope is: organizing cultural and artistic exchange activities; Undertaking exhibition services; Cultural and artistic performance planning.

  On September 20th, the reporter of Beiqing Daily consulted the enterprise as a student about the establishment of "online celebrity College" in cooperation with the school. According to a person in charge, at present, the orientation classes offered in cooperation with the school mainly cultivate online celebrity in three directions: live broadcast, e-commerce and short video. "In addition to absorbing students from directional schools, social workers can also apply for training courses with the same teaching content, charging 3,980 yuan for three months".

  According to the person in charge, the current training for students is also three months. "The first month is mainly theoretical knowledge training, followed by ‘ Online celebrity ’ ‘ in related industries; Actual combat ’ Let the students learn to operate from the beginning. As far as students are concerned, they mainly cultivate talents and sell products eloquently. In addition to their own live broadcast profits, there are all-round types of anchors with extra business. "

  Subsequently, the person in charge sent a more detailed teaching schedule to the reporter of Beiqing Daily. Apart from the contents mentioned by Li Shan, there are also courses such as "appreciation of live broadcast" and "self-reflection after live broadcast". In this regard, the person in charge said that the designated assignment of "self-reflection after live broadcast" is to require students to show themselves by making personal short videos, so as to increase the spread and exposure of short videos. In addition to the training, we also set up an assessment link for students. "If students fail the assessment, it will affect our subsequent training of students."

  In addition, the person in charge stressed that during the training process, online celebrities will be invited to teach students some practical experience, "for example, they will teach students the skills of asking for gifts in live broadcast, and how to create live broadcast topics and master the psychology of fans". He also revealed that after the training, students can sign a contract with the company and become a full-time online celebrity anchor. "This training project can be said to be a online celebrity incubation base built by the company, and it has cooperated with several live broadcast platforms such as Betta, Zanthoxylum bungeanum, Dragon Ball and YY".


  "online celebrity" can’t form a discipline.

  Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at China Institute of Science Education, told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that it was not serious enough and rational enough for colleges and universities to offer the training course of "online celebrity College". "This is a manifestation of following the trend, its principle and creation ‘ Star major ’ Similarly, there is not much autonomy in essence, and it is a passive state. "

  Chu Zhaohui said, "The establishment of any college or major in colleges and universities needs to be based on the professional teaching content and standards, and the establishment of majors must follow the standardized procedures and evaluation process. But, at least for now, ‘ Online celebrity ’ It is just an emerging social popular phenomenon. It has no relevant subject connotation and has not been precipitated for a long time, so it cannot become the foundation of a college or major. "

  Chu Zhaohui pointed out that it will take time to test whether "online celebrity" can become a career, because a job that can be called "career" should meet the conditions of stable work content and scope. "It is recommended to first ‘ Online celebrity University ’ Observe for a period of time and then look at the development. " He also said that for "online celebrity College", most students should maintain basic value judgment ability. "Students should understand that even if they enter ‘ Online celebrity University ’ , it may not become ‘ Online celebrity ’ ; You can’t think that you have participated in ‘ Online celebrity University ’ As an anchor, I have a misunderstanding about employment and think that work is a simple and easy thing. "

  Text/Zhang Ya Zhang Xi Liu Sijia