How big is the gap between those who insist on exercising and those who don’t?

Voltaire said: Life lies in movement.

The ancients did not deceive me. Insisting on exercise can not only bring us a tall and graceful posture and a rosy face, but also bring us magical changes in places we can’t see.

Over time, there will be a big difference between a life of exercise and a life without exercise.

Persist in exercise, and the ending of life can be complete.

Some time ago, a video "The Last Decade of Life" broke out on the Internet, which showed two completely different lifestyles of fitness and non-fitness in the last decade of life:

One is to walk in the park in sneakers every morning, and the other is to sit on a sickbed with an infusion tube in his hand and look at the sky outside through the window;

One is to travel around by bike and play with children and grandchildren, the other is to sit in a wheelchair, be taken care of and eat a bunch of pills;

One is to wear a suit and tie, get together with family and share delicious food, the other is to wear a hospital gown and hang an oxygen mask, and the whole family is guarding the ward.

After watching the video, many people were silent.

At the end of our lives, the level of health determines whether we can leave with dignity. And this health is a reward for insisting on exercise.

A survey report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which lasted for 15 years and involved 80,000 people, shows that ordinary people can reduce the risk of death by 28% through physical exercise.

From now on, stick to exercise, whether jogging or hiking, there is always a sport for you.

You will see that you are getting better and your life is getting better.

Fat and bloated no longer, replaced by tight lines; Exhaustion is swept away, and I am radiant and energetic every day.

The benefits of exercise may not be visible in the short term.

However, after one year, five years and ten years, you will live younger and happier than your peers.

You can go further, see more beautiful scenery and enjoy more beautiful time on the road of life.

Insisting on exercise brings five benefits.

1. It helps to sleep. Modern people are under great pressure, and many people suffer from insomnia. In addition, with the growth of age, people’s sleep patterns will change and their sleep will become shallow.

Studies have shown that women who take walks and other aerobic exercises for at least one hour four times a week have a 50% higher sleep quality than those who don’t like sports. Therefore, insisting on exercise can be described as a very effective "sleeping pill".

2. Controlling weight and keeping fit is the only way to keep fit. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, needs to burn fat to provide energy. During exercise, it consumes calories and has the effect of reducing fat.

In addition, some strength-based exercises can exercise people’s muscles well, enhance their metabolic ability, increase their daily energy consumption, avoid the accumulation of calories to form fat, and make their muscles have a sense of lines, making people fit and sunny.

3, delay aging, prolong life With the growth of age, all functions of the human body will decline, while insisting on exercise will increase muscle mass, making people still have a good body when they are old, and exercise can slow down the decline of various system functions of the body and prolong life.

According to foreign reports, after people reach middle age, insisting on aerobic exercise can delay physiological aging for 12 years.

4. Exercise improves brain function and intelligence. People often use "developed limbs and simple mind" to describe people who exercise and keep fit, but in fact, people who love sports are not simple at all.

Exercise can not only strengthen people’s physique, but also promote brain development, improve and improve brain function, and contribute to intellectual development. During exercise, people can enhance their memory by remembering the movements and essentials of exercise.

5. Reducing the risk of cancer Lack of exercise is an important cause of obesity. More and more epidemiological evidence indicates that obesity will increase the morbidity and mortality of some cancers, such as endometrial cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer and colorectal cancer.

Therefore, persistent exercise and weight control can reduce the risk of cancer.

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