How much exercise is appropriate every day? Experts recommend 6000 steps a day.

"Shut up and take your legs." Active exercise is always one of the important ways to keep healthy. At present, there is sufficient evidence that adequate physical activity can not only help to maintain a healthy weight, but also enhance physical fitness and reduce the risk of all-cause death and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Ma Guansheng, a professor at Peking University School of Public Health, said that exercise not only helps to adjust psychological balance, relieve stress, depression and anxiety, but also improves cognition, sleep and quality of life.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, physical activity refers to any physical activity produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy consumption, including professional physical activity, traffic-related activities, housework and physical activity in leisure time; Physical activity intensity refers to the amount of effort/force used to describe physical activity, which can be measured by metabolic equivalent MET, heart rate or self-perceived fatigue. The greater the intensity of physical activity, the more energy is consumed.

Moderate-intensity physical activity refers to activities that require some exertion, and the heartbeat and breathing are accelerated, but you can still talk easily during the activity, such as walking quickly, dancing, leisure swimming, and doing housework, such as cleaning windows and mopping the floor. High-intensity physical activity refers to more exertion, faster heartbeat and shortness of breath, such as jogging, aerobics, fast pedaling, playing tennis, competition training, heavy physical activities, such as lifting weights, lifting heavy objects or digging.

So, how much exercise is appropriate every day?

"Overall, 60-75% of the total energy consumption of the human body is used for basic metabolism; 5-10% is used for food heating effect; The proportion of physical activity is 15~35%. " Ma Guansheng said that according to the daily energy intake of adults of 1600~2400 kcal, the physical activity consumption of 15% is about 240~360 kcal. In other words, the daily activity of adults should reach the energy consumption of 240~360 kilocalories.

Generally speaking, the energy consumption of doing housework and occupation-related physical activities every day is about 60~80 kilocalories compared with 2,000 ~ 2,500 steps of walking. 6000 steps of active physical activity (fast walking at 5.4~6.0km/h) takes about 40 minutes and consumes 170 kilocalories. The total energy consumption of these physical activities is about 230~250kcal.

Maintaining this level of exercise can probably meet the requirement of energy consumption of 240~360 kilocalories per day.

The Dietary Guidelines for China Residents (2022 Edition) suggests that people of all ages should take physical activities every day, and adults are recommended to actively take daily activities and exercise, and take moderate-intensity physical activities at least five days a week for more than 150 minutes; Take 6000 steps of active physical activity every day. (Reporter Liu Xiaoxiao Shi Lan)

Source: China Economic Net