Review the most significant fashion trends in 2023.

Looking back on the fashion trend in 2023, winter has not been considered as the most fashionable season. In addition to the new year and holiday styles, we often fall into a fixed pattern of wearing the same clothes every day. However, some new trends appeared last winter, and they are still very popular today. For example, loose jeans (in fact, any loose clothes) have become very popular. They bring a new and tattered silhouette, which is different from the traditional straight tube or mom jeans. In addition, low-waisted jeans have become popular again, becoming the y2k fashion trend in 2023.

Mini UGG boots were a big trend last winter. Almost everyone is obsessed with mini UGG. Although they are warm and comfortable, they are not suitable for walking through snow and mud in Boston’s cold winter.

Finally, let’s talk about coats. In winter, many different styles of jackets become fashionable, and some jackets are back in fashion. For example, long dresses have always been popular. This year, we have seen a large number of long dresses, from wool to leather. A long dress can enhance the taste of any clothing, keep warm and win-win. On the other hand, we have seen the rise of short cotton-padded jackets. Although these are not the most practical purchases for the weather, they can give people a good outline and are very suitable for warmer winter days.

When winter is over and warm spring is coming, we hastily change our heavy winter clothes into light and breathable ones. Like other seasons, the wardrobe in spring has its signature items-long skirts, flowing shirts and light-colored jeans. But what is exciting is that we have seen the rise of grunge, Ballet Style and y2k Fashion, which have persisted throughout the year.

Under the influence of y2k fashion, overalls are back in fashion. Originally designed for military use, overalls are easy to identify because of their multiple pockets and loose tailoring. Work pants can be worn in a variety of ways, and can be matched with baby T-shirts, corsets, etc. It is an important item that is more substitutable than jeans or trousers in our wardrobe.

In another alternative aesthetic trend, doll style has become very popular. Doll style refers to anything feminine, pink and feminine. In the spring of 2023, we saw many trends, such as ruffles, light pink, lace tops, bows in hair and so on. Although this trend started in spring, it remained strong all year round.

Completely changing the direction, the denim trend on denim became popular in the spring of 2023. Mixing denim with different colors and patterns has become a high fashion. With the development of denim trend, there are new trends, such as denim long skirts, which bring a more exquisite appearance to our usual denim mini skirts.

Warm weather makes dressing easier. No longer obsessed with jackets and heavy clothes, the perfect summer dress usually consists of shorts, T-shirts or light summer dresses. However, if the goal is to improve the rotation this year, there are many different fashion trends that can add some new ideas to our daily wear.

In the summer of 2023, y2k fashion was in full swing. Baby T-shirts, lace vests and miniskirts in the early 2000s dominated the fashion style. With the rise of fashion in the 2000s, second-hand shopping and consignment shopping became popular-not only did the early 2000s clothes return, but also sustainable shopping became popular. In summer, we saw a lot of baby T-shirts, trimmed vests, low-waisted denim skirts/shorts, etc.

Crocheting is a big trend in summer, from crocheted vests to bikinis and even skirts, crocheting is popular in fashion. Once the temperature rises, crocheted items will always return. But don’t get me wrong, this is not another short-lived trend. Crocheted items are becoming a model of summer style, surpassing the status of "fashion" and becoming a must-have item in summer.