"Southern Station" box office super 150 million Hu Ge interpretation role shimmer

1905 movie network news Since its release, the film has won 136 million box office performance in the first weekend, refreshing the director Diao Yinan’s personal box office record. On December 9, the film once again won 14 million box office, and continued to gain good reputation. The film roadshow also ushered in the last stop, starring Hu Ge airborne in Zhengzhou and surprised the local audience.

14 million box office on working days, with a strong reputation and praise "Treasure Crew"

On December 9th, directed by Diao Yinan, starring Hu Ge and Gui Lunmei, Liao Fan and Wan Qian starred in the movie "The Wild Goose Lake" starring Qidao, the cumulative box office has exceeded 150 million, and the first weekend alone has refreshed the director Diao Yinan’s Berlin Golden Bear Award box office record, and also successfully created the mainland box office record of the Chinese film shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Cannes International Film Festival, becoming a domestic film with a double harvest of word-of-mouth in the same period.

It is reported that the movie "The Wild Goose Lake" took 155 days to shoot, with 82 locations in Wuhan. 370 staff and 3,200 actors contributed 1,307 shots. Behind each amazing number is the absolute implementation of strict standards by all the crew. It is even called "Virgo crew" by Wan Qian, one of the starring actors: Hu Ge exhausted his strength for a shot that repeatedly rolled into the quagmire. Gui Lun magnesium suffered deep second-degree burns and still insisted on shooting. The Wuxing actor was accidentally injured and did not want to affect the shooting effect. The workers carefully put away the equipment after each shooting. The netizens were deeply moved and said: "What a treasure is this crew! The actors are struggling in the weather with a body temperature of more than 50 degrees. All the staff are attentive. I am sorry for the crew’s intentions if they don’t brush it again!"

Hu Ge made an appearance at the roadshow terminal in Zhengzhou, breaking himself and presenting the role interpretation

A few days ago, the film came to Zhengzhou, which was warmly welcomed and loved by the local audience, and also drew a successful end to the film roadshow. Some audience members said excitedly: "I think this film is very good. I am very grateful to Hu Ge for breaking himself and presenting Zhou Zenong."

Hu Ge also responded sincerely: "There are definitely challenges and pressures, I rarely try the big screen, and then there are such excellent teams, producers and directors, and such excellent actors to work together. Whether it is from the performance or from the past experience, it is a new beginning for me. But I feel that I am almost 40 years old. We also talked about it a few days ago, called unbreakable. I think everyone still needs to have some challenges and breakthroughs in themselves, otherwise we will never know where our potential is."

Talking about the glimmer of light on the top of the mountain that Zhou Zenong and Liu Aiai saw in the film, Hu Ge also shared his understanding with the audience: "This light is two interpretations. One is that Zhou Zenong also has a human brilliance. Although he hides in the night most of the time, we can still see his warmth when his life is approaching the end. Another light is hope. It is the 300,000 bounty he exchanged for his life and the hope for his family’s future life. This is the light I hope you can see and feel in this movie, in addition to the neon lights that you see and the lights on the mountains in the distance."

As part of the film’s New Year’s ceremony, Hu Ge and the audience also followed the roadshow convention and tacitly taught the Henan version of the line "Big brother, borrow a fire". The "Borrowing Fire" tour is dotted, running through Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and other cities, placing the good wishes of the creators and fans, and connecting a warm gathering at the end of the year that belongs to "The Wild Goose Lake".