Interview with Huang Xiaoming + Yang Mi: "National CP"’s Comical Self-Black Talk Show

    1905 movie network feature At many press conferences, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi were referred to as "national cp" by the propagandists, or some people would be a little dissatisfied to see such a big name, but regardless of whether the screen couple they formed was a good match or not, looking back at the years of hard work in the entertainment industry, the two still have a "fate".

    In Zhang Ji’s version of "The Condor Heroes", Huang Xiaoming misses a group of women for life, and Yang Mi plays the infatuated little Guo Xiang. At that time, Yang Mi was still in school, and in the play, he called Huang Xiaoming "big brother" one by one, and occasionally his parents would come to visit the class during filming. After so many years, Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming had never worked together again, but both of them had experienced various "spiritual tempering" from "being hacked" to "self-hacking". Now Yang Mi could casually tease the "foot odor" meme, and Huang Xiaoming would always use "making too much trouble" to recall his "black history"…

    Until the two partnered again in "Why Sheng Xiao Mo" and became the male and female protagonists in the story of the "overbearing president" at the originator level, years of friendship and each other’s experience allowed them to seize the opportunity to black each other. During the interview, the two sat side by side. When Huang Xiaoming was reasoning for a long time, Yang Mi was next to him imitating his gestures. After he finished speaking, Yang Mi also said: If he were to chat with me, he would definitely be interrupted by me in less than a minute.

    Don’t look at Huang Xiaoming as a senior brother of the film school and the "big brother" in "The Heroes of the Condor", Yang Mi is several steps ahead of him on the road of life: at present, Yang Mi is guarding Liu Kaiwei and Xiao Nuomi’s family of three, and Huang Xiaoming is still showing his love with Angelababy all day long. Yang Mi said that "Uncle Liu" is a gentle and considerate man. Under such care, although she became a mother, her mentality will always be a girl; Huang Xiaoming himself is actually a little anxious: it is time to get married and have children. I don’t want my children to be young when I am in my seventies and eighties.

    But when it comes to the word "domineering president", as the most Jacques-Su-like actor in China, Huang Xiaoming immediately starts to play the role: "You have to impose your kindness on her, whether she accepts it or not."

    These days, celebrities are too good at finding trouble for themselves.

interview transcript

    1905 Movie Network: Is this style still taking the luxurious route?

    Yang Mi: Not luxurious, our play is really not luxurious.

    Huang Xiaoming: Yes, we are more realistic and not so beautiful. A lawyer has the identity of a lawyer, and he must wear the clothes he should wear. Zhao Mosheng also has her identity, but I still think that from the point of view of the girls, the style is still good-looking.

    1905 Movie Network: Yang Mi has seen big scenes in it. Will he feel a lot simpler this time?

    Yang Mi: You mean Brother Xiaoming has never seen a big scene?

    Huang Xiaoming: I admit, I really haven’t seen any big scenes. It’s just a suit, it’s very boring, very boring…

    Yang Mi: Eh! English! English!

    Huang Xiaoming: Yes! English is so good~

    1905 Movie Network: Has Yang Mi read the novel "Why Sheng Xiao Mo" before?

    Yang Mi: Actually, I read it a long time ago, because I like reading novels in my life. After I knew I was going to shoot it, I watched it again, and I also talked to Tang Yan about this play. In fact, there was no communication on how to act, but just how the character was and everyone’s understanding.

    1905 Movie Network: You always seem to be able to play the heroine of the novel that girls love to fantasize about.

    Yang Mi: (with a shy face) How can it always be…

    Huang Xiaoming: Yes! You summed it up right! Her appearance is typical of many heroines in novels. Maybe it’s because of her personality. I think an actor who creates a character must first be particularly suitable for this role, and her acting skills also make this character particularly full. The reason for the success of many movies and TV dramas must also be the credit of the male and female protagonists. Yang Mi is such an actor.

    (At this moment, Yang Mi has been imitating Huang Xiaoming’s gestures when speaking.)

    1905 Movie Network: Do you like to make fun of some of Huang Xiaoming’s signature moves?

    Yang Mi: Because the two of us are too familiar, I wouldn’t dare to change others. Brother Xiaoming is a particularly tolerant person. I called him big brother when I was a child. He has never had a temper with me, no matter how much I run on him.

    1905 Movie Network: After that, Huang Xiaoming seems to have played this "handsome" role again.

    Huang Xiaoming: I’m not as serious as I used to be. As a person who came out of the film school, I always think that big movies are my destination. But at the beginning of making movies, I can’t get good roles. Later, when I want to break through, I will choose roles that are not handsome. Maybe I didn’t do well enough. Sorry for polluting everyone’s eyes. That was my mistake. Just like when you are a reporter, you may not be the best one, but you are still working hard. I am the same as everyone else. Maybe everyone doesn’t like the characters I play, but I worked hard and I broke through. Now "Why Sheng Xiao Mo" I really like this novel and the character He Yichen. As Yang Mi said, just do what you like. Life is not long, and it is very important to do what you like…

    Yang Mi: I wouldn’t give him such a long time to chat with me. Maybe he was interrupted by me in less than a minute.

    1905 Movie Network: What kind of character do you think He Yichen is when you read the novel?

    Yang Mi: "Why Sheng Xiao Mo" is considered the originator of the overbearing president! When we were filming, we also read the script and read the novel, hoping to achieve the role in everyone’s mind.

    Is Huang Xiaoming a domineering CEO in his life? He seems to be quite obedient in front of Baby.

    Huang Xiaoming: (Seriously) It’s like this, that’s one side, and at the same time, I will also impose some arrangements and surprises on her, which is also a manifestation of domineering. You should impose your kindness on her, whether she accepts it or not, men should be like this, girls like surprises.

    Yang Mi: (earnest) You understand women too well.

    1905 Movie Network: Does Yang Mi like this type?

    Yang Mi: I like the kind of boy like our Uncle Liu~ He is a gentle and considerate man who helps you think about and take good care of everything.

    1905 Movie Network: When you read a novel, don’t you fantasize about being beaten by the male protagonist or something?

    Yang Mi: I just fantasize about being beaten by the wall, so what have I become! (laughs)

    1905 Movie Network: Is it because after becoming a mother, the mentality is not so girly?

    Yang Mi: I have always been a girl! Because Uncle Liu has always protected me well, I have always been very young mentally.

    1905 Movie Network: Now people all over the country are anxious about Huang Xiaoming’s marriage. Will you urge him as a past person?

    Yang Mi: No, no, I’m talking about what he’s doing, what does it have to do with me…

    Huang Xiaoming: That’s right! Whether I get married or not has something to do with her!

    1905 Movie Network: Looking at Yang Midu’s family of three and happy, aren’t you in a hurry?

    Huang Xiaoming: It’s alright. After all, it’s time to get married and have children. After all, I’m old, and I don’t want to wait until I’m in my seventies and eighties when my children are still very young.

    1905 Movie Network: You two seem to be typical examples of mainland actors and actresses who have been on the road of self-destruction for a long time.

    Huang Xiaoming: It has started, and it will go further and further.

    Yang Mi: I can help hack him! I came up with a lot of jokes on the set.

    1905 Movie Network: Which of you is stronger at heart?

    Huang Xiaoming: It must be her! At a young age, I also want to learn from her.

    Yang Mi: If you say that again, I should kneel down and draw…

    1905 Movie Network: Compared with the TV series version, what are your chances of winning?

    Huang Xiaoming: We don’t PK, we just work hard. (Yang Mi repeats this sentence on the side) Zhong Hanliang’s performance is really good, and there are things worth learning from. This is a sensitive topic. To put it bluntly, the entertainment industry is a big cake. You can’t finish it alone. Let’s eat it together.

    Yang Mi: Actually, Tang Yan and I don’t care about each other’s performances in private. There are so many roles. If I don’t play, you can do it. If you don’t play, there are others. Just like when we held a press conference today, a reporter said that there were four movies promoting at the same time in one day. I think this kind of competition is healthy.