Andy Lau eats fast to pray for his mother, celebrating Eason Chan’s birthday, Miao Qiaowei throws cakes at each other

  Miao Qiaowei said that he would also invite the birthday star Andy Lau to celebrate his birthday. Will he play bowling with Andy Lau? He said: "Maybe, but he has been busy with concerts recently, playing less and has poor ball skills. (Will he let Sai?) It will make him angry, and he would rather lose brilliantly and pay the bill with his head down. (Prepared a birthday gift?) I want to give him a bowling ball with all the hits, but I can’t find it! Haha." In addition, Eason Chan admitted that he grew up watching Miao Qiaowei and Andy Lau’s dramas and TV shows carefully, and now it feels like a dream to work with them. There are rumors that he will cooperate with Zheng Xiuwen (listening to songs) to shoot a new film of Mai Zhaohui. Eason Chan said that it has not been implemented yet, and he has not contacted Zheng Xiuwen. In addition, when it was mentioned that Jacky Cheung had changed 21 Filipino maids in three years and was blacklisted by the Philippine Consulate, Andy Lau said that he did not know the actual situation of the incident, so it was inconvenient to talk more. Eason Chan said that although it was none of his business, everything had two sides. As for Miao Qiaowei, who said that the Filipino domestic helper had been employed for 17 years, he also regarded the Filipino domestic helper as a family member and a friend. Miao Qiaowei also said: "Ask him (Jacky Cheung) to invite an Indian maid."