Dongfeng fengshen Haohan real car, Mach electric hybrid DH-i won the "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten Engine and Hybrid System Award.

  On November 6th, 2023, the selection of "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten Engines and Hybrid Systems officially came to an end. Dongfeng Motor’s Mach-electric hybrid DH-i hybrid technology successfully won the "China Heart" 2023 Top Ten Engines and Hybrid Systems Award for its "super fuel-saving, super power, super quiet and super smoothness" in full speed range and all scenes. As the world’s first hybrid system integrating "power shunt+multi-gear series-parallel connection", Mach-electric hybrid DH-i technology integrates the characteristics of multi-gear series-parallel connection with good power economy and smooth power shunt, achieving a double breakthrough in performance and energy saving.

  The "China Heart" Top Ten Engines of the Year, sponsored by Automobile and Sports magazine, ranks with "Ward Top Ten Engines" and "International Engine of the Year" as the top three engines in the world, and its authority and gold content in the industry are obvious to all. As a representative work of self-owned brand hybrid technology, Mach electric hybrid DH-i hybrid system technology won the "China Heart" Top Ten Engine and Hybrid System Award, which proved that China’s own brand has been ahead of the joint venture brand in the field of hybrid technology.

  The strength is superior and the glory is added. The debut of Mach Power is the peak.

  Mach-electric hybrid DH-i technology was born in Mach Power, an independent passenger car power brand owned by Dongfeng Motor, including Mach G, Mach MHD and Mach E, covering four major fields: oil power, hybrid power, electric power and hydrogen power. Since the official debut of the "Dongfeng Motor Brand Spring Festival" conference in 2021, Mach Power has successively won three top ten engines and hybrid systems of "China Heart", two special awards from the jury of CCTV Automobile Fengyun Festival, People’s Network "People’s Ingenuity" award and many other industry awards. The dazzling honor comes from extraordinary strength. Mach Power has been recognized by the industry for many years, and it is inseparable from strong technical reserves and profound research and development skills. This award-winning Mach-electric hybrid DH-i hybrid system is the third generation Mach-MHD hybrid system, and its performance parameters are ahead of the industry.

  Mach-electric hybrid DH-i is the world’s first hybrid system integrating "power split+multi-gear series-parallel connection", which integrates the characteristics of multi-gear series-parallel connection, good power economy and good power split smoothness, and can achieve super fuel-saving, super power, super quiet and super smoothness in the full-speed scene of the whole vehicle. The hybrid system consists of a new Mach 1.5T hybrid special engine and Mach 4HD series hybrid electric drive. The thermal efficiency of the Mach 1.5T hybrid special engine is as high as 45.18%. It was certified by China Automotive Research Institute in early 2023, and the record has not been broken so far. The maximum power of the engine reaches 118kW and the maximum torque is 240Nm. Mach 4HD series hybrid electric drive has the most gears in the industry, 7 energy management modes and 26 working modes. Based on the self-developed intelligent control system, through continuous optimization and calibration practice on the whole vehicle, taking the optimal comprehensive efficiency as the core and combining with other performance requirements, the optimal mode and operating point suitable for each scene are intelligently selected. Under comprehensive working conditions, more than 95% working points of the engine are running in the high-efficiency range of the engine with thermal efficiency greater than 40%, thus improving the efficiency of the whole hybrid system and making the whole vehicle fuel-efficient, safe, smooth and powerful in the full-speed scene.

  Hard core strength does not believe in the limit, and dongfeng fengshen Haohan PHEV is amazing.

  There are two versions of Mach-electric hybrid DH-i, HEV and PHEV, among which the PHEV version, which participated in the "China Heart" Top Ten Engine Selection, has a maximum power of 265kW and a comprehensive maximum torque of 615 N m. Based on the 4-speed parallel connection/dual-mode power split, the PHEV version significantly improves the output torque of the wheel end from 0 to 90 km/h, with the peak torque reaching 5200Nm, and the hybrid mode accelerates to 6s level, and the climbing and overtaking abilities are significantly improved.

  Thanks to the strength of Mach electric hybrid DH-i hybrid system, dongfeng fengshen Haohan PHEV has achieved the ultimate experience of power loss and fuel consumption as low as 3.8L/100km, comprehensive cruising range of 1,350 km, 0-100km acceleration in 6s and zero frustration in gear shifting, which fully embodies the brand connotation of Mach Power "extremely fast, extremely economical, extremely quiet and extremely demanding".

  Driven by the strategy of "peak carbon dioxide emissions, Carbon Neutralization", the penetration rate of new energy in China automobile market continues to rise, and hybrid technology, as a new energy technology route that can not only give consideration to cruising range, but also improve energy efficiency, is increasingly welcomed by consumers in the market. Dongfeng Mach hybrid DH-i, with its strong strength and excellent technical indicators, has set a new benchmark for China’s own brand hybrid technology. With the blessing of industry-leading technology, Dongfeng will also bring more powerful, energy-saving, safer and more comfortable new energy products to consumers, and walk out of the road of new energy belonging to China’s own brand.