The movie "The Seven" exposes Hong Jinbao, Yuan Heping and Tsui Hark’s director special

1905 movie network news On July 20, the film set for July 29 officially opened for pre-sale, and at the same time, the director’s special was exposed to reveal the creative world of the three masters, and to provide audiences with a glimpse of the ideas and anecdotes behind the scenes of the film.

The film brings together seven master-level directors from Hong Kong to create a unique era. The film includes seven independent units of Samuel Hung’s "Practice", "Principal", "Farewell Night", Yuan Heping’s "Return", "Gold Everywhere", "Lost" and Tsui Hark’s "Deep Dialogue", just like a style picture of the Pearl of the Orient.

Hong Jinbao dreams of being a teenager, reappearing the years of great kung fu

In "The Seven," where he has worked as an actor, director, and movement director for 50 years, he once again chose the kung fu theme "Practice," which tells the story of how a group of children who practiced on the rooftop in the 1950s worked hard and gained hope.

"Practice" is the epitome of Hong Jinbao’s true experience. In the production of the special, he recalled the experience of learning martial arts as a child. He bluntly said that the master is a very strict person, and those who catch the lazy practice will be severely punished. When he grows up, he realizes that it is this kind of strictness that has helped him succeed. In the film, there is the story of the inheritance of kung fu by masters and apprentices. Outside the film, there are good stories about the inheritance of father and son. Hong Tianming, as the star of the film directed by his father, Hong Jinbao, and played the master of Hong Jinbao when he was a teenager, added more special meaning to "Practice".

Yuan Heping showed warmth and told the story of the contradictions and reconciliation between the two generations

In "The Seven", Yuan Heping did not choose the narrative framework of an action movie, but instead used kung fu as the clue of the film, telling a warm family story through "Return".

In Yuan Heping’s opinion, there are inevitable conflicts between families, and they should all be considerate and tolerant of each other. "Return" is such a film about differences and reconciliation between relatives. Kung fu is still an important element in the film, and this is the field that Yuan Heping has been focusing on. When talking about the current situation of action movies, he lamented that most directors are unwilling to make kung fu movies, and actors do not want to take such scenes. There is a situation where talents are not accepted. Even if he has some regrets about the current situation, Yuan Heping still believes that from the script level to the technical level, the film is improving every year, and he is optimistic about the future of the film.

Tsui Hark keeps his humor and focuses on the topic of future world filmmakers

In "The Seven," Tsui Hark directs the "Deep Dialogue" unit, the story shows the wild imagination, through a dialogue that takes place in a mental hospital, thinking about the filmmaker’s self-identity.

In the special issue, Tsui Hark also interpreted "Deep Dialogue". He said that whether it is to pay tribute to friendship or to have fun together, he wants to tell the world of filmmakers through this story, so he placed a lot of interesting stories related to filmmakers, hoping that the audience will come up with their own answers after watching the film. In Tsui Hark’s heart, "The Seven" gathers seven Hong Kong directors, which is a memorable event and has very precious significance.

It is reported that the film will be released in mainland China on July 29, and the national pre-sale activities have been launched in full swing.