There are 4 new car declaration maps exposed! Which one do you like to buy a car?

As the opening day of Guangzhou Auto Show approaches, news about all kinds of new cars is endless. On November 15th, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also disclosed the declaration information of many new cars. Among them, the most striking thing is undoubtedly the four brand-new cars we are going to talk about today. Let’s take a good look at them, and everyone may wish to think about which one they like.

1. Extreme Krypton 007

Extreme Krypton 007 is the fourth model under the brand of extreme Krypton, and it is also the first car after extreme Krypton 001, 009, X and other models. Not long ago, the official map of Extreme Krypton 007 was announced one after another, and recently, the declaration map of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Extreme Krypton 007 was finally officially disclosed.

Specifically, the polar krypton 007 based on polar krypton PMA2+ platform adopts the minimalist luxury design of Hidden Energy, and the front of the car is equipped with a luminous integrated headlight group, which looks more sci-fi. The side is a bit like the dark blue SL03, which belongs to the coupe model.

The rear of the car is also a penetrating taillight, but the scale-shaped decorative board design is somewhat incomprehensible. I would also like to ask you here, do you think it looks good? The interior is consistent with Krypton X. It is expected that the central control large screen can also slide left and right, while the Qualcomm 8295 chip will be used in the screen.

There will be single-motor and double-motor models, in which the maximum power of single-motor is 310 kW, while the front and rear power of double-motor models are 165 kW and 310 kW. In a word, with the exposure of the declaration map, Krypton 007 will definitely be listed soon, so we will wait and see.

2. Geely Galaxy E8

Geely’s brand has never had a high-end car, and with the official announcement of the Galaxy E8 declaration, Geely’s high-end car will come soon. From the appearance, the shape of Galaxy E8 is very sci-fi, and the front face is also equipped with an integrated luminous matrix, which is very beautiful.

The side of the car is a coupe design, and the drag coefficient is only 0.199cd, which is lower than the 0.20cd of Mercedes EQS, which is quite powerful. In terms of size, the length of the new car is more than 5 meters, and the wheelbase is 2925mm, which is a typical medium-sized and large-sized car.

The rear of the car is a penetrating taillight. Compared with the front of the car, the personal feeling is more calm and calm. The power is pure electric, equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive. The maximum power of the front motor is 165kw and the maximum power of the rear motor is 310kw. It is expected that the performance will be very strong, and it is expected to provide a more entry-level single-motor version.

Finally, the Galaxy E8 also uses an integrated 45-inch 8K large screen, and it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, so the degree of intelligence should be high, so let’s look forward to it.

3. Domestic brand-new Sonata

New Sonata Ordinary Edition Made in China

Domestic brand-new Sonata N Line Edition

Previously, it has been transmitting the real shots of the overseas version of the new Sonata. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has finally announced the declaration map of the new generation of Sonata made in China. From the picture, the new car completely continues the design of overseas models, and there will be regular and N-line models, which is quite friendly to Chinese people.

In terms of appearance, I personally think that the N-line version of the new domestic Sonata will look better. First, this version has more sports appearance kits, and second, it has bilateral exhaust, so the whole will look younger and more sporty. In terms of size, the new Sonata has a length of 4954mm and a wheelbase of 2875mm, which is a standard medium-sized car.

The interior adopts an integrated screen design consisting of double 12.3 inches and increases the visual effect of the curved surface. With the new style of three-spoke multi-function direction, the new car looks very textured. At the same time, the car uses a through air conditioning outlet, which also improves the layering of the car.

New Sonata Ordinary Edition Made in China

Domestic brand-new Sonata N Line Edition

As for power, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T turbocharged engines. The former has a maximum power of 125kW, while the latter has a maximum power of 184kW, which is completely sufficient for home use. We can see from the application form of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that the value of the new Sonata is really high, so friends who like Korean cars can rush again this time.

4. Xiaomi SU7

The last heavy new car with the declaration map recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is Xiaomi SU7, the first model that Xiaomi has hidden for more than two years. To be honest, I never thought that Xiaomi would build a car before, but now with the release of the new car declaration, it proves that Xiaomi really didn’t lie to us, and Xiaomi car SU7 is coming soon.

From the appearance, the overall design of Xiaomi SU7 is very similar to the combination of Porsche and Tesla, but it still has its own design in details.

With the exception of the meter-shaped headlight group and the huge rear spoiler at the rear, Xiaomi’s SU7 model is one of the more recognizable places. In addition, Xiaomi SU7 will also be equipped with a liftable electric tail, which really means "Paramemi".

In addition, in terms of size, the length, width and height of Xiaomi SU7 are 4997/1963 /1440mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3000mm, which is also a typical medium and large car body. The interior is also exposed by spy photos. From the picture, there is little difference between the whole and the current mainstream mid-to high-end electric vehicles. It is equipped with an olive steering wheel and a vertical central control LCD screen.

As for power, Xiaomi SU7 will be available in single-motor version and dual-motor version, equipped with ternary lithium battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, with the motor power of 220kW/275kW before and after the dual-motor version, while the single-motor version is lithium iron phosphate battery equipped with Foday, with the motor power of 220kW. As for the price, it is reported that the starting price of the single-motor version of Xiaomi SU7 may be 199,900, while the dual-motor version may go to the 300,000 mark. What do you think of this?

Well, the above are the four brand-new cars that we think are relatively heavy in the declaration map released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently. Among them, Galaxy E8, Extreme Krypton 007 and domestic brand-new Sonata will all be officially unveiled to the public at the Guangzhou Auto Show stage, which opened on November 17th, while Xiaomi SU7 will have to wait for some time, at least until next year. However, in any case, there are quite a few brand-new cars coming soon, so friends who buy cars must be blessed, and we can start looking forward to a wave.(Text/Youshi Automobile Dazhuo)

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