The tenant was rejected in the hotel table tennis room. Employee: The boss prepared it for his son.

  The picture shows the table tennis room of the hotel.

  When I checked in at the hotel, the table tennis room in the hotel was told that it was forbidden to use. The reason was that "this is specially prepared by the boss for my son". This "wonderful" hotel experience was met by Mr. Liu, a citizen of Chengdu.

  Does the hotel have the right to prohibit customers from using public facilities? How reasonable is it to charge guests for using hotel activity facilities? The reporter recently conducted an investigation and visit.

  1 encounter

  Because "the boss prepared it for his son"

  Guests are denied the use of the table tennis room.

  More than a month ago, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Chengdu, and his son stayed at Meishan Renshou Jasman Jinjiang International Hotel. Mr. Liu told reporters that they had booked a big bed room and stayed in 500 yuan for one night. Mr. Liu’s son likes playing table tennis and takes a racket when he goes out.

  At about two o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Liu first called the front desk to ask if there was a table tennis room. After getting a positive answer, he went to play ball with his son. "Transparent sliding glass door, one side of which reads ‘ Activity room ’ There are no other signs. " Mr. Liu said that the table tennis room is facing the hotel swimming pool, and there is a table and two chairs inside.

  "We went in for a few minutes, and a waiter came to ask where we were." After Mr. Liu took out his room card, the waiter told him that he could not play table tennis there. What Mr. Liu can’t accept is that the reason given by the waiter is: "This is specially prepared by the boss for his son."

  Mr. Liu, puzzled, offered to see the hotel manager. About 5 minutes later, a female staff member came to the ball room and still said that she could not play here. At the insistence of Mr. Liu, the staff member also proposed to pay. "The price is about 20 yuan per hour." Mr. Liu recalled that at that time, he proposed to pay the bill to the room. The staff member said that he would "ask the leader" and then left. Later, he did not mention the matter of collecting money.

  However, about 40 minutes later, another waiter came again and still said that he could not play here. Mr. Liu offered to leave after playing the last 21 balls. "That waiter has been watching at the door." This made Mr. Liu feel very unhappy. He said that the hotel did not come up with evidence from beginning to end to prove that it could not play ball. Besides, as a guest, isn’t it a normal right to use the sports facilities of the hotel?

  2 experience

  There is an extra charge for using the table tennis room.

  The specific price should be "asked by the leader"

  The reporter saw on Ctrip. com and other tourism platforms that Meishan Renshou Jasman Jinjiang International Hotel clearly marked "Table Tennis Room, Swimming Pool" in the "Leisure and Entertainment" column of facilities introduction.

  On the 11th, the reporter checked into the hotel as an ordinary citizen and asked the front desk whether the fitness center, table tennis room and indoor swimming pool could be used. The front desk staff said that "only the indoor swimming pool can be used free of charge and will be open to the public from 1 pm".

  In the afternoon, the reporter went to the table tennis activity room on the third floor of the hotel. A few minutes later, a waiter came over and told me that it was necessary to pay for playing there, but "the specific price needs to be asked by the leader". Ten minutes later, he replied that the price was 28 yuan per hour. When the reporter asked if there was a relevant price list, the waiter said "not for the time being", but he would provide a payment voucher. Half an hour later, the reporter paid 14 yuan to the staff member, and the consumption name on the payment voucher was: table tennis tickets.

  3 response

  Hotel general manager: The waiter was an intern that day.

  "The boss prepared it for his son" is a slip of the tongue.

  The reporter then interviewed Song Gang, the general manager of the hotel, about Mr. Liu’s experience. Song Gang said, "Our activity facilities and projects are all open to the outside world, except that they are temporarily closed due to security risks".

  After verifying the situation on that day, Song Gang replied to the reporter that the waiter Mr. Liu met that day was an "intern" who worked in a hotel during the summer vacation, and had left his job and returned to school. At present, he could not be contacted, so it was impossible to confirm whether this happened. He said that the statement that "the boss specially prepared it for his son" should be a slip of the tongue. The hotel has never had similar regulations, and it has never mentioned similar things when training interns.

  "If that’s the case, I’d like to apologize to consumers on behalf of the waiter that day." Song Gang said that all the projects in the hotel are open to the public, but some need to be paid and some are included in the room rate. For example, hotel guests can use the hotel’s indoor swimming pool for free, while if they want to use the gym and table tennis room, they need to pay extra. At the same time, these projects are also open to the public, and other people can also pay for them.

  At 5: 30 in the afternoon, when the reporter was ready to check out and leave, the waiter who charged the reporter for using the table tennis room found the reporter and said that he had received the wrong money today, and the hotel guests did not have to pay for using the table tennis room.

  4 statement

  Industry and commerce department: the hotel charges a reasonable fee, but it should fulfill its obligation to inform.

  Can "the boss specially prepares it for his son" be used as a reason to refuse guests? Is it reasonable for the hotel to charge the guests for using the hotel’s activity facilities? Should the hotel include the corresponding cost description when introducing leisure and entertainment projects on the Internet?

  The reporter can see that the hotel’s leisure and entertainment projects include chess room, massage health care, fitness center, table tennis room, indoor swimming pool and so on. But no matter online or in the hotel, the reporter didn’t see the information about whether to charge.

  "It is reasonable for the hotel to charge a certain fee, but it is necessary to clearly inform the guests." Ceng Yong, head of the Consumer Protection Unit of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce Quality Supervision of Renshou County, Meishan City, said that the hotel should clearly inform consumers in written or oral form whether the services provided are free and the cost. "This is to prevent consumers from using the items that the hotel needs to pay for without knowing it."

  Ceng Yong told reporters that if the guests were not explicitly told that a certain place could not be used, they should all be open to consumers, and they must not refuse the guests with the statement that "the boss specially prepared it for his son".


  No matter what the reason, it is dereliction of management not to inform the guests before they enter.

  Professor Yuan Lee from the School of Tourism, Sichuan University said that there are several basic concepts that need to be understood clearly: First, the hotel building space is not all open to guests, and there is a difference between the guest service functional area and the non-guest service area, which allows the hotel to refuse guests to use. Obviously, the table tennis room in this case does not belong to the non-guest service area. Secondly, the hotel can refuse to use the guest service area for some reasons, such as it has been booked and needs maintenance. The boss’s son can also book a table tennis room, but he needs to inform the guests in advance or close the table tennis room. In this case, the hotel didn’t lock the door and didn’t inform it in advance, which was a dereliction of management. It was very inappropriate to refuse the guests with various excuses afterwards. He believes that there should be a significant price list in the hotel charging area, not a verbal explanation. And in this case, the hotel staff are not clear about the charging standard and need to ask the leader temporarily, which shows that there are problems in the hotel’s rules and regulations and staff training.

  Chengdu Business Daily reporter Lin Cong’s photo report