The recovery has arrived, how will fashion reshape the art of travel?

The recovery of travel has brought new opportunities to many industries. From travel bags, outdoor clothing, to restaurants and hotels, holiday season can expand customer contact points and establish a broader brand communication channel. For fashion brands, it is important to connect users through travel again and seize this new growth point.

This was the case in the early holiday series-the designer launched capsule products and released them between major series to cater to specific users. With the increase of overall consumption power and the expansion of travel groups, these once relatively small product lines are not only more and more popular among consumers, but also bring huge commercial benefits to fashion brands.

Louis Vuitton launched a new travel advertising special "Endless mood"

In Louis Vuitton’s new travel advertising special "Endless Mood", the famous player Lionel Messi took Horizon luggage case as his only travel companion and presented the Horizon luggage case series designed by Marc Newson.

Since 2014, internationally renowned Australian designer Marc Newson has reshaped the art of travel for Louis Vuitton. Horizon luggage case series designed by Marc Newson was born in 2016, and now it has become a brand classic. The lightweight shell is made of molded mesh composite material, and the veneer is specially developed Monogram or Damier checkerboard canvas with cowhide trim, which pays tribute to the brand box-making tradition.

Cabinet of Curiosities

During Milan Design Week in 2023, Louis Vuitton will also launch the Cabinet of Museums created by Marc Newson, reinterpreting the classic Louis Vuitton hard box in an elegant style. Cabinet of Curiositie transforms Louis Vuitton travel hard cases into elegant display cases. As the first Louis Vuitton hard box that can be unfolded 180, when the Cabinet of Curiositie is opened, the compartments in the box can provide exhibition space for books, artworks and travel souvenirs. There are 3 sizes and 3 colors in the storage compartment, which can be randomly configured in the box, showing a high degree of personalization, showing the designer’s own love for exquisite style and functionality.

Lululemon’s Wunderlust backpack

The holiday is coming again. Set out and go to the long-awaited distance. The bag should not only hold your travel plan, whether it is in the suburbs or far away; It is best to accommodate various styles, such as Cotton Canvas handbags and Wunderlust backpacks from lululemon; KOLON SPORT’s various accessories backpacks are mostly designed with lightweight materials and tailoring, hoping to meet the needs of various scenes such as sports, outdoor, leisure or commuting.

KOLON SPORT kelong NOACH environmental protection series

Recently, KOLON SPORT Kelon released the NOACH environmental protection series. It is reported that the design of this series of patterns is inspired by the unique patterns of many animal and plant species, which permeates the value orientation of being close to nature in the design and echoes the overall natural environment. The charm of travel is not only to feel the pleasure of rivers and mountains, but also to arouse people’s cherish and protection of the beauty of nature.

BLUE SKY LAB’s "Retro-Futurism Retro Future" Concept Series

BLUE SKY LAB, a sustainable fashion brand of NIO Life, cooperated with Rolf Ekroth, a cutting-edge Finnish designer, and recently launched the concept series of "Retro-Futurism Retro Future". At the same time, BLUE SKY LAB cooperated with Intertek, an international authoritative testing organization, to measure and disclose the carbon footprint data of three star items. In this series, Airbag backpack focuses on lightness and tolerance. At the same time, official data show that compared with the production of traditional native nylon, it is reduced by 26.1%, and compared with the production of cowhide, it is reduced by 54.39%.

Hunter travel series

With innovative design, professional fabrics and technology, people can experience a lifestyle that is integrated with nature through clothing. Hunter launched a new travel series this season, featuring portability, lightness and low saturation. At the same time, the brand said that 86% of the products of the brand will use environmentally friendly materials with low impact on the environment, including FSC?-certified natural rubber, BLOOM algae foam and recyclable fabrics. In addition, the introduction of environmentally-friendly recyclable material uppers, linings and insoles also reduces the brand’s dependence on original materials.

The tourism industry is welcoming an unprecedented recovery. Many consumers will enhance their travel experience through clothing. Travel is related to seasons, fashion and mentality.

SW2023 Spring/Summer Series

SW kicked off spring and summer with colorful kink elements. This season, we will create a new PLAYA series to balance the sense of holiday laziness and urban modernity. Mr. Edmundo Castillo, global design director of SW, said: "I hope to arouse people’s yearning for European coastal travel through the Spring/Summer 2023 series-freedom, comfort and uniqueness. The brand-new elements create a modern and beautiful environment, which makes people become the focus of the protagonist and freely travel through the bustling days and nights of the city. "

Returning to tourism itself, with the domestic tourism market’s "steady development and continuous recovery", the demand for business travel has been released, and reducing costs and increasing efficiency, green and low carbon have become hot topics in the business travel market. Recently, InterContinental Hotels Group launched the 2023 Greater China Hotel Tour Exhibition and Owner Tasting Meeting, which was held successively in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Mr. Sun Jian politician, Chief Development Officer of IHG Greater China, said: "The upgrading of consumption, the evolution of hotel chain trend and many other industry trends have created a new ecology of hotel investment and brand development." In the future, InterContinental Hotels Group will build more personalized service experience for business travelers, such as updating the conference room information of Holiday Inn Express on the domestic head conference management platform to provide more flexible conference services for the business travel market.