Tourism chaos, development can not take shortcuts!

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice on further regulating the order of the tourism market, which will deal with phenomena that seriously interfere with the market order, such as "unreasonable low-cost tours", tour guides abusing tourists and forced shopping.

With the rapid recovery of domestic tourism, many tourist cities have ushered in the climax of passenger flow, but in many places, there has been chaos of unreasonable low-cost travel, and even a "zero-yuan tour". However, there are often traps behind seemingly cheap tourism products-not fulfilling promised services, changing scenic spots into shopping spots, etc. In order to standardize the order of the tourism market and promote the high-quality development of tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice to further standardize the order of the tourism market, and enhance the tourism market by standardizing the behavior of travel agencies.

In fact, tourism chaos has always existed. If we want to eradicate this chronic disease for many years, we must make joint efforts from the regulatory authorities, employees and tourists.

Enhance supervision and standardize industry behavior. The regulatory authorities should not only "treat the headache", but also prescribe the right medicine to break the old and establish the new, unblock the combination, break the relevant gray interest chain, establish a long-term mechanism of "whole process" supervision, and build a reasonable industry order.

Strengthen industry responsibility and purify industry atmosphere. Tourism practitioners should enhance their sense of social responsibility, not hold the idea of "one pit counts as one", but have a long-term vision, actively make their own contributions to the development of local tourism and enhance the self-discipline development of the industry.

Improve tourists’ understanding and advocate rational consumption. As the saying goes, "what you buy is not what you sell", tourists should improve their vigilance, not only pay attention to the price, but also to the quality of service. If you ignore the related services, you will easily fall into the trap, and once you enter the market, you will often be involuntarily, and your travel experience will be gone.

The rapid and healthy development of tourism depends on improving the quality of tourism services, instead of taking shortcuts and engaging in "crooked ways", it is necessary to create healthy competition based on the quality of products and services, and to establish the idea of "people-oriented" and really improve the tourist experience from the perspective of tourists, so as to make the tourism industry develop with high quality.