New Year’s Words Customs Talk about the traditional culture on New Year’s Day.


  Lead:New Year’s Day refers to the first day of the year (that is, January 1st). Since the western calendar was introduced into China, the word New Year’s Day has been dedicated to the New Year, and the traditional old calendar year is called the Spring Festival. Before that, New Year’s Day always refers to the first day of the lunar new year. Yuan means "early" and "beginning", but refers to "day". New Year’s Day is collectively called "initial day", which is the first day of the year.

New year’s day food articles! Traditional snacks in old Beijing

  The year of yearning has entered the countdown. There are many nationalities in our country, and customs vary from place to place. According to local customs, people’s eating customs are also very different. What are the characteristics of traditional snacks in old Beijing? Come and have a look!

Doo sauce


  Doo sauce is a traditional dish in old Beijing. In fact, it is an upgraded version of jelly. In the past, it was a must-have authentic dessert for every household. After having a refrigerator, you can also eat colorful little jelly with wine and beauty to cool off the heat in hot summer.

deep-fried meatballs

deep-fried meatballs

  Maruko symbolizes family reunion. In the past, during the holidays, families always visited or received guests, and the meal time was not fixed, and there was not much time for cooking. Prepare meatballs in advance and serve them.

melon-shaped maltose

melon-shaped maltose

  It is made of colloidal maltose, which is slightly sour in sweetness. It is an excellent food in an era when life is not very rich. Put it outside the house in winter, because the weather is cold, the candied melon solidifies firmly and there are some tiny bubbles inside, which tastes crisp, sweet and crisp and has a special flavor.

Braised tofu

Braised tofu

  Braised tofu is a famous halal snack in old Beijing. Tofu is tender and smooth, and the soup is delicious and deeply loved by the people. Since the spread of "tofu" to Beijing, there have been more and more ways to eat it, and the taste of the combination of North and South has been improved. After hundreds of years of evolution, Beijing has formed its own characteristics. Especially in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, after the opening of "Liubiju" in Beijing, condiments were more abundant, and the snack "Fried Tofu with Bitter" appeared again, which has been passed down to this day through continuous improvement.



  Saqima is a traditional cake in old Beijing, and its predecessor is a traditional cake of Manchu-Cuobao cake. Later, the cooked bean flour was replaced by white sugar, which became "sugar wrapped" and changed its name to Saqima.

Carp eating

Carp eating

  There is a custom of eating fish in old Beijing. Fish must be carp, originally in the name of offering sacrifices to gods, and later associated with the auspicious words of "auspicious celebration is more than enough". Fish is both a delicacy and a sacrifice.

Chinese dumpling

Chinese dumpling

  Manchu and Mongolian flag people in old Beijing called jiaozi "Cooking Beans". No matter whether it is a rich family or a poor family, jiaozi must eat.

pagoda-shaped cake

pagoda-shaped cake

  Honey offering, also known as "honey offering tip", is a kind of noodle food in a Buddhist temple dedicated to the Buddha, which looks like a small tower and is dedicated to the sacrifice of the tip below. It varies in size and height, regardless of the weight. The top of this honey supply tip looks like a small gold pyramid, and the top of the pyramid is inserted with a sign of blessing, longevity, happiness and wealth with flowers.

Mustard mound

Mustard mound

  Mustard mound is a traditional dish of Han nationality in old Beijing. There are many snacks and dishes lost in old Beijing, but the mustard mound is still preserved. First, this dish is so distinctive, and second, it is universal to use Chinese cabbage as raw material. Mustard pier is an authentic dish for ordinary people. When Chinese cabbage comes into the market in winter, many exquisite families in old Beijing have to make mustard pier.

New Year cake; rice cake

New Year cake; rice cake

  Eating rice cakes, "just take the year to win the year, so as to pray for the year." It means that everything goes well every year. In the book Dialect written by Yang Xiong in Han Dynasty, the title of "Gao" was already popular in Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. Jia Sixie’s Qi Min Yao Shu recorded the production method. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, rice cakes have developed into a perennial snack on the market, and there are differences between the north and the south. The rice cakes in old Beijing are supplied in large quantities by Muslim Hui snack bars during festivals. They are sacrifices used by Manchu people to worship God. The Manchu name is Feishi Heiafeng.

New Year’s Day holiday articles! What are the ways to celebrate New Year’s Day?

  Since New Year’s Day was born in the Republic of China and evolved from the Spring Festival, when China just started to celebrate New Year’s Day, its customs and habits were of course mostly similar to the Spring Festival, or a scaled-down version of the Spring Festival.

The first way to celebrate New Year’s Day

  China and even the whole world know that many countries regard New Year’s Day as a legal holiday and have a holiday on New Year’s Day. After the founding of New China, it was also stipulated that New Year’s Day would be a legal holiday.

The second way to celebrate New Year’s Day

  At present, activities organized by groups are more common, such as watching New Year’s Day parties, having a reunion dinner with family and friends, or going on a trip to see the scenery outside. Anyway, there are not many traditions on New Year’s Day, so anyone can play it on this holiday.

Three ways to celebrate New Year’s Day

  If China’s traditional way of celebrating is still preserved, it is among the people, especially in rural areas. Every new year’s day, every household will set off firecrackers, kill chickens and geese, and after worshipping the gods of all parties, it will be a family reunion meal.

New year’s day poems! Lyric words, new year’s day poems, new year’s ideas

Jiawu New Year’s Day (Qing) Kong Shangren

Xiao Shu’s white hair is not full of ups and downs, and the old-age stove actually sleeps.

Cut the candle and dry night snack wine, and spend all your money to buy spring money.

Listen to the childlike innocence of burning firecrackers, and watch the change of peach characters.

Tian Jia New Year’s Day (Tang) Meng Haoran

Fighting back to the north last night, starting from the east today;

I am forty years old, and I am worried about farming, though I have no official position.

Mulberry field cultivates the father, and the lotus hoe follows the shepherd boy;

The farmers predicted this year’s harvest, saying that this year was a good year.

Ding Mao Yuan Ri (Qing Qian Qianyi)

A bottle of wine at the age of one worships the court, and a young child leads the clothes to comfort the screen.

I like eating meat when I serve my mother, and I like dreaming about fish more when I am in the year.

Hook curtain wants to connect the new nest swallow, polyester inkstone also sparse old books.

I went to the neighboring chicken and millet bureau, and I didn’t have anything to do with it.

My wife sat at night to watch the old age (Xu Junqian in the Southern and Northern Dynasties)

If you are not passionate enough, don’t stop drinking

Peach in wine, bayberry in brown.

The curtain opens and the wind enters the account, and the candle is burnt to ashes.

Don’t doubt that the sideburns are heavy, for Guang Xiao will destroy them.

New Year’s Work (Don Liu Changqing)

New year’s arrival homesick more, the independent horizon can not help tears flow.

To the old age is exiled to the people, the spring is hurried on ahead of me.

The apes and me in the mountains fainted, and the willows and willows in the river were divided into sorrow.

I have suffered like the imperial guardian, so when will the day be taken?

New year’s day blessing! Send you a greeting on New Year’s Day!

  The past is used for nostalgia, the years are used for nostalgia, the future is used for imagination, the present is grasped with heart, happiness is created with sweat, and New Year’s Day is used for celebration. May you open your heart and embrace happiness in the new year!

  Golden strings, with that distant and unchanging memory; The seeds of friendship are sown in the land of mutual understanding. With the coming of the Spring Festival, I send my sincere wishes, wishing you happiness and a happy New Year.

  What comes as scheduled is not only the end of winter, but also blessings and happiness; It is not only the annual rings that are increasing day by day, but also friendship and feelings; As always, I deeply wish you: Happy New Year’s Day!

  New year’s day blessing: pain is best for others, and happiness is your own; Trouble will be temporary, but friends are always eternal; Love is managed by heart, and there is no big deal in the world. Happy new year!

  Every flower blooms and every firework ignites; Every second flows, and every miss is transmitted. Every instant gaze represents every blessing I want to send you: Happy New Year’s Day!

  Christmas year after year, New Year’s Day round after round, smiling face after smile, sincere heart after heart with you year after year. All your friends bless you.

  The wind is pleasant, the clouds are brilliant, and the sun is full of spots; The road is open-minded, the road is flat, and the footprints are deep and shallow. Snowflakes are rustling, happiness is shallow and life is simple. I wish you a happy New Year!

  New Year’s Day is a new year, the journey of national rejuvenation is far away, the road of national rejuvenation is wide, the scenery of China is beautiful, and the Chinese children are laughing.

  Missing is an indelible wisp of smoke, fluttering and misty, covering you and me, while blessing is sweet and slightly drunk, permeating the heart and boundless. May the joy of the festival accompany you all your life.

  New Year’s Day blessing: The sparrow outside the window is talkative on the telephone pole. When you say this, it feels like summer. The pencil in my hand is going back and forth on the paper, just to write something for you. Unconsciously, my heart disappeared, but my heart appeared on the paper.