The latest nightlife map of Shanghai at night (figure)

  Shanghai’s nightlife is colorful and as charming as the scenery on the Bund. The leisure hall has the latest and most exciting nightlife experience in Shanghai, such as electronic music such as Maxmo, rock and roll such as Mao Livehouse Shanghai, and trend gathering place such as Not Me. Wonderful night life in Shanghai.

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  Not Me

  Chaoren gathering place

  Where did this strange bar name come from? Actually, don’t be too curious. Because people who are busy during the day come to this place, they naturally turn into party animals who don’t know themselves, so they can say It’s not me "without shame". Pushing open the door of the bar, the first thing you see is Lounge Room. Curved bar, comfortable sofa, elegant music and simple post-modern decoration all exude a fashionable atmosphere.

  In addition to the sleek and simple Lounge Room, Not Me has painstakingly built a Party Room. The music of the Party Room is dominated by Chill out and House. Entering the Party Room from Lounge Room is like a lifetime ago. Ball Room is dominated by fresh white, and the fashionable and dynamic fiber-optic lights shine like stars, making you walk like a star. All kinds of fresh and interesting parties have already started there, so don’t fall behind and go crazy together. Not Me has cheap drinks and trendy independent electronic music. If you don’t want to fall in love with it, there’s nothing you can do.

  Address: No.21 Dongping Road, Shanghai (near Urumqi Road)

  Per capita consumption: 50 yuan

  steamed rice made from glutinous and round rice

  Enjoy a pleasant life

  The "four donkey kong" breakfasts in Shanghai-big cakes, fried dough sticks, rice and soybean milk-are well known. One bar actually chose "Nifan" as its name. As for why, even the proprietress didn’t give an explanation, maybe it’s just because such a name is fun and has a local flavor. However, this bar is different from the public’s impression. There is no dance floor here. People come here just for tasting wine, chatting and looking for extraordinary comfort.

  Comfortable, because there are many beds besides the bar and sofa seat. Of course, these beds are not for you to sleep, but for you to lie comfortably and chat with your friends, taste the fine wine and beautiful champagne or cocktails in the store, or smoke two Turkish hookahs from time to time. There will be a DJ cooking electronic music for you all night. The rhythm is neither urgent nor slow, and it is subtle and just right. The lights in the store are dark and full of emotional appeal, and candles are used to illuminate every position. There is no extra light that will not be dazzling. When you come here, the whole person’s body and mind can relax and make you feel lazy and comfortable.

  Address: No.888 Changping Road, Shanghai (near Jiaozhou Road)

  Per capita consumption: 60 yuan

  Mao Livehouse Shanghai

  Party in the name of rock and roll

  When Mao Livehouse proudly rose from the ground in Shanghai Red Square, everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that the live music was finally accepted by young people in Shanghai who followed the trend. You don’t have to be jealous of Livehouse in Beijing, Mao in Shanghai is more atmospheric and professional. Once upon a time, there were many venues with rock performances in Shanghai, but only one dared to call itself Livehouse. You know, a real Livehouse requires not only standard sound field space, but also expensive audio equipment and stage lighting. When artists perform on stage, an experienced live Andhadhun and lighting engineer are even more soul. Mao has all this in Shanghai.

  Friends who are familiar with Shanghai’s "nightclub history" know that Mao used to be a famous nightclub O2, Livehouse replaced Dance Club, and rock replaced electronic music. Does this indicate a subtle change in a certain trend? Continuing the rock style of Mao in Beijing, most of the performances here are artists who have high requirements for live effects. Rock and roll is always associated with alcohol. Mao’s wine and drink prices are quite affordable. One bottle of beer in 20 yuan, Tsingtao beer and even three bottles in 50 yuan have promotional prices. Cocktails are also made in 20 yuan, and the highest will not exceed 35 yuan. The whole bottle of vodka or tequila is made in 380 yuan and whisky in 580 yuan.

  Address: Building 32, No.570 Huaihai West Road, Shanghai (near Hongfang)

  Per capita consumption: 40 yuan

  official residence

  Ten years of nightclub reloading

  If you want to find a nightclub that can "commemorate" Shanghai’s ten-year nightlife, it is naturally the official residence. Some time ago, the official residence was renovated and presented to many party animals in a more enchanting manner. This transformation of the official residence marks that the old club finally overthrew all the glories of the past and re-stretched out new charming branches.

  Returning to the luxurious residence, a crystal horse composed of Swarovski balls is suspended at the entrance, a provocative hydrotherapy jacuzzi is installed at the side of the stage, and there are many booth areas and VIP areas connected in steps in the hall. In the middle of the night, you can also see the sensational scene of flaming flames on the bar and the dance performance in Lady Gaga style. Specially designed folding doors can split the hall in two, and the back area will be used for after-hour parties. Over the years, the music style of the official residence has been changing all the way, from Lounge Music to Vocal House to Hip-Hop and then to the current VDJ Mash-up. It must be said that the official residence is undoubtedly always at the forefront of the trend.

  Address: the lakeside of Fuxing Park Center, No.2 Gaolan Road, Shanghai.

  Per capita consumption: 120 yuan

  Game Bling

  A new paradise for fashionable white-collar workers

  Breaking the so-called "foreigner bar" occupying the pattern along the Bund, Game Bling, a playful paradise belonging to fashionable white-collar workers in Shanghai, opened not long ago. She has a magnificent 360-degree night view of Shanghai, from which she can have a panoramic view of the landmark buildings on both sides of the Huangpu River. The music is presided over by French senior DJ Damien Kay himself, and he and DJ M.O Together, we have created a brand-new genre Groovy Music for Game Bling. This music style covers hip-hop, R&B, Funk, electronic music and other rhythmic elements, sexy and passionate. Subverting the old habit of playing dice when drinking in a bar, Game Bling made a variety of wine table games for party animals.

  Address: Floor 20-21, Shen Building, No.266, hankou road (near Henan South Road).

  Per capita consumption: 150 yuan


  Electronic sound Little Paradise

  Almost all the big clubs in Shanghai are dominated by Hip-Hop, which is not to say that Hip-Hop is not good, but that it is too rampant and makes people feel tasteless. The newly opened Maxmo has been targeted by party animals early. Maxmo’s predecessor was the former MING, and this time it changed its face and fought the Shanghai night show, but it was a surprise that the DJ and audio equipment had a big change. The re-purchased sound effect is outstanding. The well-known local DJ Afro J, Philippe and Guest DJ bombed here in turn. The local DJ Afro J and his team, who have been insisting on the independent electronic music style, provided the Shanghai nightlife animals with a pure land of music. They presented us with music in the styles of House and Techno, and all kinds of fashionable theme parties in Maxmo.

  Address: No.333 Tongren Road, Shanghai (near Beijing West Road)

  Per capita consumption: 70 yuan


  Great changes have taken place in the bar area of Shanghai in the last three years, and the glory of Maoming Road once no longer exists. Nowadays, small pubs are mostly distributed in hengshan road, Tongren Road, Taikang Road and Xintiandi. Large clubs in Shanghai are located along Huaihai Road, the Bund, Tonglefang and Fuxing Park.

  Taikang road

  The 288 Bar on Taikang Road is very distinctive, because PG One, a Shanghai musician, sits in the town. If you want to feel the taste of authentic Shanghai bars, you must choose there.

  Hengshan road, Tongren Road

  The small bars in hengshan road and Tongren Road are very suitable for listening to music and chatting, and drinkers who don’t like to make too much noise often gather there.

  new field

  The price of bars in Xintiandi is relatively high. Besides the well-paid white-collar workers, there are more tourists from all over the world.

  Fuxing Park

  Fuxing Park, as a landmark area of Shanghai’s nightlife, has Richy and official residences that are overcrowded every night.


  Muse, Sky and J’s in Tongle Square are also very popular, and it is almost difficult to book seats on weekend nights.

  Along the bund

  The Bar Rouge along the Bund has recently been renovated and reopened, and foreign friends love to gather there for drinking and reveling.

  Along Huaihai Road

  Huaihai Road has recently opened a large number of luxury shops, and several large clubs have been opened around it, such as Angelina and M2, which moved to Hong Kong Square.