In 2023, the box office of New Year’s Day broke through 100 million, and Avatar 2 and Want to See You led the way.

1905 movie network news According to the data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 12: 25 on December 31, New Year’s Day in 2023(31 December-2 January)The total box office (including pre-sales) exceeded 100 million yuan. With a box office score of 46.684 million (including pre-sales), it is temporarily ranked first in the list, ranking second to fifth.

For 13 years, with a movie."Avatar: The Way of Water" is "making a comeback", which is highly anticipated by fans all over the world. The film is inOn December 16th, the painting was opened in China Mainland, and the cumulative box office has reached 889 million. The arrival of the New Year’s Day holiday will also help the film box office to rise again.

Seeing You, which ranked second on the list with a box office of 31.47 million yuan, is also a movie that netizens have been looking forward to for many years. The filmAdapted from the drama series of the same name, it was created by the original crew of TV series such as directing,,, and so on. The "Fengnan Team" returned again, and how the love of Huang Yuxuan, Li Ziwei, Chen Yunru, Wang Quansheng and Mo Junjie finally went, made the audience again."Above", this is full of staminaAt present, the total box office of movies has reached 171 million.

Fearless of fate, not afraid of loss, not afraid of meeting, bold to love!This New Year holiday, let’s go back to the cinema and feel the magic of this love through time and space.

Directed by, Li Jiaqi, Guo Xiangpeng, etc.The comedy film Desperate Husband, starring, temporarily ranked third in the box office list on New Year’s Day in 2023 with a box office score of 17.72 million yuan.The film tells the story of Hu Tienan (Chang Yuan) becoming a "full-time stay-at-home husband" due to an elevator accident. After experiencing a series of ridiculous "dislocation" experiences, he finally understands his wife’s silent dedication and the true meaning of "love".

New Year’s Day in 2023, comedy, science fiction, love, animation … … Various types of films gather to meet the different needs of the audience, and the China film market alsoIt ushered in a gratifying climax of watching movies.