Zhang Ziyi: The happy life in my mind is my present state.

  Zhang Ziyi came to the press conference hotel with her 10-month-old daughter "Wake up", and it seemed that they could not be separated for a moment.

  She said: "The limit time to leave my daughter is three days, and I can’t stand it any longer."

  Zhang Ziyi, who has won numerous "Best Actress", will say that today is the first day of her daughter’s birth, she will travel around the world with her daughter, and she can’t help but video with her daughter. Like all "new mothers", she also failed to become a "sunbathing party".

  On the 18th, the 16th Chinese Film Media Festival hosted by Southern Metropolis Daily was awarded in Beijing, and Zhang Ziyi was the promotion ambassador for this award for the fifth time.

  When giving a speech at the scene, she couldn’t help talking about children and movies: "The Chinese film media festival is 16 years old, and I sometimes wonder what it will be like to wake up at 16 years old? What will happen to Chinese movies at that time? "

  She also compared movies to life, gestating every role like a daughter.

  Zhang Ziyi: I have the ability to be responsible for myself, whether it is the movie I choose or the life I choose.

  The 16-year-old Chinese film media festival is in its prime.

  I have gained a very important little life in my life this year. My little daughter wakes up. She is now 10 months and 2 0 days old. She can gently call her father and mother, stand up and move a few steps horizontally, and point to the bottle and say "grandma" while nursing.

  I am thinking: What will my daughter and my little princess look like when she is sixteen, what she will love and what career she will aspire to. At that time, what were our Chinese movies like? I have been looking forward to that day.

  The Chinese film media award will be passed down because of its persistence. The process of the ceremony is open and transparent, embracing love, keeping the bottom line of the film and embracing the future.

  I am proud to volunteer for Chinese movies, I am willing!

  PART1 movie

  ▲ The Romance of Death, co-starring Zhang Ziyi and Ge You, was released on December 16th. Every film, Zhang Ziyi is regarded as "creating a life".

  "I feel sad when the role presented is different from what I expected."

  "Successful people don’t talk about hard work", "I grew up under pressure and always felt that I was not good enough" and "I have been cruel all my life ‘ Mr Gong Er ’ " … … If you collect and sort it out a little, you will find that in the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Ziyi has always played a "malicious" role.

  At the age of 18, she was selected for My Father and Mother, and the director Zhang Yimou found that she couldn’t even cook, so she was sent to the countryside for exercise. Zhang Ziyi said that this experience made her develop a good habit of experiencing life before entering the role. "Every frame of the movie is given to it by everyone with their lives. As an actor, I try to put a lot of feelings, energy and love into every role."

  Eighteen years later, now Zhang Ziyi is mature, wise and successful, but in the face of every role, she still feels like she has been skinned. "If I didn’t feel this way, I wouldn’t have taken the play." When the presentation of the work is not proportional to the input, she will also feel sad and a little uneasy.

  Southern Metropolis Daily: The Chinese film market has also undergone great changes in the past two years. Do you have any special feelings about being the image ambassador of the Chinese film media festival again today?

  Zhang Ziyi: This year, the film industry as a whole has experienced a downward trend, and filmmakers will feel uneasy, which comes from all sides. While catering to the market demand, we need to examine the essence of movies, whether it is box office, public opinion or complicated environment, which are all sideline, and the real backbone is the movie itself. Today was supposed to be a grand gathering of filmmakers, but the smog was terrible and the weather was terrible, and then suddenly there was a dispute between the two major film companies. This makes people feel unspeakable!

  Nandu: Do you feel uneasy too?

  Zhang Ziyi: Sometimes, if my film is made and cut out, it is different from what I imagined when I saw the script, I will be particularly sad. I have experienced such sadness, such as Taiping Wheel, and the final result is not so satisfactory.

  I have devoted myself to every role in every play, from the first movie to the latest work "The Romance of the Dead".

  In fact, I am not a person who cares about roles and movies. When I was 19 years old and didn’t know anything, I worked with serious directors Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee, and I developed good habits — — — Every time you enter a role, you have to make a lot of preparations for her. I was thrown into the country for several months, and I studied with the martial arts teacher. The process was long and arduous. All these study habits were developed from childhood, and the serious attitude towards shaping the role was also cultivated at that time.

  The same is true of "A Generation of Masters" and "The History of Romantic Disappearance", which put a lot of emotion, energy and love into each character. So, when she presents it, if it’s not what I thought, I’ll feel very disappointed. Oh, my God, where’s the scene? I gave her so much emotion, where did she go? At this time, it will be very sad and there will be a feeling of being cheated.

  If you love movies, you are willing to give them everything you have. In practice, from a bystander’s point of view, you shot several scenes a day and finished those shots. You spent hundreds of days to experience and feel for these shots. If the role finally comes out full and is in direct proportion to your efforts, you will say hello to yourself, and even you are willing to pay more next time … … But if we go in the opposite direction, it goes against the script … … You will think, what is the meaning of creation?

  Now, I have a daughter, and I especially cherish the time with her. I am watching her grow up every minute. The same is true of movies, in which we are also creating one life after another.

  Nandu: You said before that every time you choose a character, you feel like you’ve been skinned?

  Zhang Ziyi: Yes, if I didn’t feel this way, I wouldn’t take the play.

  Nandu: Are there any specially recommended Chinese movies recently?

  Zhang Ziyi: I especially like July and An Sheng. It shows me the power of new filmmakers. The director is so good that I want to be "directed" by him. Two actresses, Zhou Dongyu and Sandra, also surprised me. I don’t know them, but I will look at them more objectively.

  PART2 children

  On the day of attending the Chinese film media festival, Zhang Ziyi came to the hotel with her daughter.

  She loves children too much. "Before getting married, she loved her friends’ children and her brother’s children very much and always looked forward to having her own children." After giving birth to her daughter, she wakes up every day, so there is a famous joke in Weibo: Zhang Ziyi put her daughter to sleep: "Wake up, go to sleep".

  Nandu: What’s your biggest change in the past two years?

  Zhang Ziyi: Well, marriage and family. Because you’re not alone.

  Nandu: Will you be particularly inseparable from your baby?

  Zhang Ziyi: Yes, my husband and I will do the same. As soon as we leave, we will constantly video with her. Now, as long as she hears the call of WeChat video, she will babble and know it’s her father or mother.

  Nandu: Some female stars will collapse and cry when they don’t see their daughters after becoming mothers. Will you do this?

  Zhang Ziyi: I won’t let that happen.

  Nandu: How many days is the limit of leaving your daughter? Three days?

  Zhang Ziyi: Yes, because she is still a little baby. If she is older, it will be fine. There will be many uncontrollable factors in the little baby.

  Nandu: What’s it like to be a "sunbathing party" after being a mother?

  Zhang Ziyi: I can’t help it. I’m restrained now. This is a record of her growth, and it is also a record for me personally. I will calculate what day and the hundredth day she was born today.

  Nandu: Before starting a family, you said that if you have a family and children in the future, you can give up everything you have for her. Now it seems that you really attach great importance to your family and children. Have you always known what you want?

  Zhang Ziyi: I like children so much, not only my own, but also my friend’s children, and my brother’s children are very painful. I know that one day I will have children of my own.

  When I had this little life, I really felt that it was true that I said "I can give up everything for her" before. Any mother can give up as long as she loves this family and this child. However, in reality, we don’t need to give up. As a professional woman and a mother, the two are compatible, and they will encourage each other and make you do better. There are a lot of such women, which is particularly remarkable.

  Taking care of children is also a process of enriching my own experience. Before I filmed a play in the United States, I always took my children to the crew. She accompanied me more than I accompanied her. Children bring me more happiness than anything else.

  Nandu: For the baby now, you are all to her.

  Zhang Ziyi: The happiness she brought me is all I have, which is incomparable to any happiness.

  Nandu: There is a joke that when you coax your daughter to sleep, it is "wake up and go to sleep". Is this really the case in life?

  Zhang Ziyi: Yes, "wake up and go to sleep" and "wake up and lie down". When children grow up, they will definitely laugh when they know the meaning of "wake up". Mom, you let me sleep and let me wake up. Are you kidding me?

  Nandu: You mentioned that Little Apple loves her sister very much. How did Little Apple get along with Wake Up? How will you communicate with them as a mother?

  Zhang Ziyi: My eldest daughter is basically in charge of her studying more. She will play with her sister, but because her sister is too young, they can’t communicate yet.

  My eldest daughter plays the piano very well and is learning the guitar. What is particularly interesting is that I found an English nursery rhyme to teach children how to brush their teeth, so I told my sister that we would make it into a nursery rhyme and sing it to my sister. In this way, my sister can also practice English, practice her ability to arrange music, and interact with her sister. Finding children’s fun and resonance, I think this is also one of my parenting methods.

  PART3 family

  ▲ Zhang Ziyi addressed Wang Feng as "husband", "brother Feng" or "Lao Wang". Double 11 that day, she basked in the picture of two people walking hand in hand in Weibo, full of love.

  "A happy family is the present state."

  Regarding the love between Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng, the outside world has never stopped questioning.

  However, from labor to comeback, Wang Feng has been with her all the time. Zhang Ziyi said: "There is no need for anyone’s life to show to a third person. The life we choose, the way we get along with each other, we know best, and we are happy."

  When talking about her husband in the interview, Zhang Ziyi’s address is constantly changing, from "husband" to "Lao Wang" and "Feng Ge", but there is a sense of intimacy.

  She said, "I am a person who dares to do whatever I want." "I enjoy my present life and have the ability to be responsible for myself, whether it is the movie I choose or the life I choose."

  Nandu: The outside world thought that Zhang Ziyi should be an unstoppable person who will come back soon after getting married and having children, but in fact, you can slow yourself down and enjoy life. How do you do it without anxiety?

  Zhang Ziyi: Over the years, judging from the rhythm of film selection, there can be some clues. I’m not too anxious about how many movies I have to make, how many pages I have to take up, and how many covers I have to cover. When I don’t have such a heavy workload, I enjoy my life. Once I decide to do something, I am a person who dares to do whatever I want. I have the ability to be responsible for myself, whether it is the movie I choose or the life I choose.

  Nandu: Your husband has been with you from the labor to the comeback. You have shown in your own way what is suitable for your life. What is the mode of getting along at home? Like who coaxed the baby?

  Zhang Ziyi: There is no need for anyone’s life to be shown to a third person, even parents. This is the life we choose. We know best how to get along with each other, so we are happy.

  Coax the baby at home, I’ll do more. Brother Feng coaxes the baby, and the baby probably can’t sleep. His voice is too infectious.

  Nandu: Did he ever say that he came to earn money to support his family, and you were only responsible for love stories like beautiful flowers?

  Zhang Ziyi: No, it doesn’t matter who is in charge of anything, as long as our hearts are the same.

  Nandu: I was very lively when I just saw you taking pictures. You also made faces and made funny faces. Although you are a mother now, you still have a girl’s heart?

  Zhang Ziyi: Especially. Lao Wang will say that if there are a group of children in our family, then I am the oldest child. It is really important to have a childlike heart. I love children. I have two dreams since I was a child. One is to be a kindergarten teacher, and the other is to be a flight attendant. At that time, the imaginary flight attendant, who was beautiful, knew English and was good at everything, was a particularly good career.

  Nandu: What does a happy family look like in your mind?

  Zhang Ziyi: That’s where I am now.

  Nandu: In the past two years, I feel that you are closer to everyone and more grounded. Do you feel that you have changed? Or is everyone’s perception changing?

  Zhang Ziyi: Without high heels, it’s very grounded. Just step on high heels and you’ll be far away from the ground (laughs). I think my mentality must have changed, and many things are not so important in my eyes.

  This article was originally published in Southern Metropolis Daily.