The film "Three Battalions" was released, which was really touching.


Chao News Client Reporter Lu Fang

On December 15th, the film "Three Battalions" was released nationwide, and the pre-sale box office of the film exceeded 100 million. With the roadshow and premiere, the film was evaluated by many audiences as the last move of the big screen in 2023.

On that day, "Three Battalions" was released simultaneously in the United States and Canada, and will be released in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. The film was produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Dai Mo, written by Zhang Ji, starring Zhang Yi, starring Jerry Lee, starring Vision Wei, Cao Bingkun, Lawrence Wang and Zhang Zixian, and starring Yang Xinming.

"Three Battalions" tells that one of the suspects died unexpectedly in the process of handling a vicious case and was sentenced to prison. After he was released from prison, he still insisted on tracking the story of the fugitive suspect as an ordinary person.

After three rounds of national screening, the film has met many audiences in advance and won numerous praises. The life choice behind the big case in the film, the time span of more than ten years, and the ups and downs of personal destiny in the background of the times are the most touching things. Deep blue, the original author of the film, said that after watching the film for a few days, she was still full of stamina. "Although she was the original author, she was in tears."

Based on documentary literature, the film was originally published in "Netease Human Studio". The author Shen Lan’s "Please tell the director that the task of the three brigades has been completed" was once the annual click champion of Netease literature, and the original story touched countless netizens.

Chen Sicheng said that he was very moved when he read the two-page story outline of the three brigades, because the life choices reflected in the story made him feel reflected in his own life, and he believed that the power to impress himself could also impress the audience.

Film director Dai Mo said that the film prototype story was written with great restraint, so it was moving enough to really show the emotional impulse brought by the event and the characters themselves without dazzling skills and rendering when creating the film.

Screenwriter Zhang Ji said that he should keep calm and restrained when writing a script, but he couldn’t help crying several times during the writing process. Although they are ordinary and lonely, they have even been tortured and deformed. The film wants the audience to feel that they are the heroes of today.

In the film, the members of the three brigades are vivid and three-dimensional, and the sparks between the roles are also very eye-catching. They share weal and woe in times of trouble and their friendship is enviable. Captain Cheng Bing, played by Zhang Yi, is the soul core of the three battalions. Whenever other players call him "Team Cheng", it shows his unique position in the hearts of all. Xu Yizhou, played by Vision Wei, regards Master Cheng’s team as his idol and always supports and follows in the footsteps of his master. Cai Bin, played by Cao Bingkun, seems to be the one who is most worried about leaving the team. Ma Zhenkun played by Lawrence Wang and Liao Jian played by Zhang Zixian are like a pair of clown brothers. Lao Zhang, played by Yang Xinming, is the master of the members of the three brigades. Their war friendship made many viewers burst into tears.

Chen Sicheng, the producer of the film, and Zhang Yi and Jerry Lee, the actors, have been old friends for more than 20 years. For the cooperation again, Chen Sicheng said that "it’s like talking through time and space". In an interview, Zhang Yi said that the way of communication among the members of the three brigades was "nodding at each other’s eyes and not saying anything in their hearts".

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