Six exercises that are most suitable for winter can not only enhance resistance, but also lose weight healthily.

Cold winter, slow metabolism and blood circulation can easily lead to cardiovascular problems. Proper exercise in winter can not only prevent cardiovascular diseases, but also lose weight!

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About why obesity is easy to cause in winter, it’s because it’s freezing and the human body’s temperature drops, so people want to eat hot pot, barbecue, sweets, etc. in winter, eat more and move less, and after 3 months, can they not get fat?

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The cold winter is not suitable for outdoor sports, so the indoor sports design should be moderate to ensure that it can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase consumption and improve cardiopulmonary function, so Xiaobian recommends the following six kinds of sports for everyone to choose from.

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1. Skipping rope

People like to sit and lie down in winter, so you need to jump for less than ten years. The benefits of jumping are as follows.

(1) Improve cardiopulmonary function

(2) burning fat

【 Action points 】

Relax your shoulders, keep your body upright, bend your arms and knees slightly, put your feet together, tighten your abdomen, and wave the skipping rope with your wrist.

Place your feet on the ground with the front soles of your feet, and jump gently, with a frequency of about 2-4 times per second.

Exercise plan: jump for 30 seconds /60, rest for 30 seconds, and jump for 6-8 groups.

2. Squat

The benefits of squat are as follows:

(1) Increase the mobility of lower limb joints.

(2) Increase muscle mass

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【 Action points 】

Keep your back straight, heel and shoulder width, knees and toes in the same direction, don’t buckle inside, palms facing each other, and raise your arms horizontally in front.

The squat movement is natural and smooth, and the hips move backwards. When it reaches the lowest point, the thighs are approximately parallel to the ground, and then get up and restore, keeping the waist and back straight all the time.

Exercise program: Squat 12-20 times, rest for 30 seconds, 6-8 groups.

3. Flat plate support

This action of flat support can mobilize our core, burn the fat in our abdomen and mobilize the peristalsis of our stomach. Has the following advantages:

(1) burning fat and promoting blood circulation

【 Action points 】

Bend elbow, forearm and forefoot support the ground, and ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are in a straight line.

The elbow is forced in the direction of the foot, and the toes are forcibly hooked forward to confront the ground friction, and the forearm is pressed against the ground.

Exercise plan: support for 30-60 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, 6-8 groups.

4. Lift your legs high

This movement is a one-legged movement, which can improve the stability of our trunk and better protect our joints. It also burns fat to lose weight.

【 Action points 】

Straighten your back, look ahead, and lift your legs alternately with your forefoot on the ground.

Keep your body stable and swing your arms vigorously with the rhythm of leg lifting.

Keep the fastest speed

Exercise program: jump for 30-60 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, 6-8 groups.

5. Push-ups

Push-ups are the best exercise to improve the muscle strength and endurance of our upper limbs, which can mobilize our upper limb muscles and consume the fat in our arms and back.

【 Action points 】

Push-ups on the mat, straight back, body in a straight line from the side, hands on both sides of the chest, slightly wider than the shoulder.

Bend your arm over until the elbow joint is slightly higher than the trunk, then stretch your arm and get up and restore.

Exercise program: 12-20, rest for 30 seconds, 6-8 groups.

6. Crawl in place

Crawling in situ can improve the core control ability dynamically, and can also achieve the effect of reducing fat quickly.

【 Action points 】

The torso leans forward, the arms support the yoga mat, and the body is in an inverted V shape.

Climb your hands forward in turn until your hands are directly below your head and your torso is parallel to the ground. After a short pause, you can get up in the same way and keep your back straight as much as possible.

Exercise program: 12-20 round trip, rest for 30 seconds, 6-8 groups.

Of the above six kinds of sports, do you choose three kinds of exercises?

Or do you practice all of them?

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