The movie marketing G point that live broadcast can be sultry: stars can’t reach TV.

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  1905 movie network exclusive feature In the age of entertainment to death, serious and not serious can be changed to entertain the public. The birth of the live broadcast not only gave the folk people a broader entertainment platform, but also satisfied the netizens’ desire for privacy and expression with real-time pictures and fragmented barrage.

The anchors occupied the media seats.

  On the red carpet and at the press conference, you will find that in addition to the "long guns and short guns" of photographers, there are many beautiful women holding selfie sticks and talking to themselves with headphones. These are the most popular live broadcast anchors. Compared with them, online media is more like traditional media.

  Nowadays, these live broadcast platforms have also become an important part of the film announcement, and more and more anchors have become frequent visitors to major occasions.

 Fang Li’s greatest contribution to the tens of millions of box office for "A Hundred Birds at the Phoenix" is actually live broadcast.

For the promotion of the movie "The Magic Wheel", three female anchors were invited to go to the shooting site for live exploration on the cruise ship.

  Wang Baoqiang, who was the director for the first time, broke the popularity of 5 million in three minutes on the set of his first film "Make a scene in Tianzhu" (did you notice that rocket, which is worth 500 RMB).

The Jing Wong online movie "My Goddess of Need" conference directly contracted the focus maps of eight live broadcast platforms, with nearly 100,000 online users in real time, and the total coverage is expected to reach 10 million times.

It is already a routine to use star live broadcast for the new film. Charmaine Sheh and Nick Cheung are broadcasting the conference of The Apostles.

In addition, this year’s China Watch Award has a unique way, integrating the award release with the promotion unit of "New Force of Chinese Film" and adopting a brand-new mode of "M+N" for multi-channel communication.

  The live broadcast’s attack on 2016 is like a barrage.


  Trees attract the wind, and the corresponding regulatory system naturally follows. How will the positioning of "Live Wind" be impacted? How will the live broadcast platform respond? Are anchors really more useful than stars for film marketing?


  With these questions, Zi Shijun chatted with An Yugang, general manager of the well-known film marketing company, Daniel Wu, the anchor of the fighting fish industry who participated in the live broadcast of the China Watch Award, and the insiders of the fighting fish platform.

"It knows what netizens like" — — Marketing tycoon said

An Yugang

  An Yugang, an influential benchmark figure in film marketing and general manager of the film industry, has successfully helped many films become box office winners, and has been recorded in classic marketing cases.

  A few days ago, the announcement of "Amazing Thieves 2", which was marketed by the film industry, caused a sensation again. Twenty or thirty anchors sat in the golden position in the front row of the conference, attracting countless audiences and successfully creating momentum for the film:

Q: Can you describe what the scene was like that day? Did it meet your expectations?


A:I thought it was hot, but I didn’t expect it to be so good and very happy.

  On that day, the first row was occupied by the founder, and the second and third rows were given to online celebrity, the most golden position. At that time, the owner of the film, Qiu Jie (CEO of Lion Mouse Film), glanced at a live broadcast box of online celebrity, and casually looked at it. It was 40,000 yuan, so its publicity was on the top of a small media. And those who like the anchor are really the most consistent with my target audience, and the conversion rate is relatively high.


Q:Will the anchors be asked what to do, or will there be restrictions on their language and comments?


A:No, whatever. In fact, this thing is like some promotional videos that want us to film the artist’s makeup in the lounge. These are what the people are more concerned about. They don’t like to always see the flow you designed on the stage to go to 12345. He prefers to look at some edges and corners. The anchors can publicize things that are usually invisible.


  Tell a funny detail. At that time, we had a sponsor at that event, and one of their cars was on the right side of the podium. There’s an anchor who’s been shooting that car around. Advertisers are so happy. How can traditional media keep shooting that car for you?


  As for the anchors, we are all in a cooperative state at present, and the process of our own design is also very beautiful and interesting. I won’t leave her a chance to have negative comments.

On the same day, The Pirates 2 teamed up with 28 live broadcast platforms and contracted the focus map.

  In fact, the live broadcast circle is like the embryonic form of the entertainment circle. Although the star’s own fan base makes their original onlookers more. But these amateurs have their own way of living. Come to think of it, they are actually more suitable for eating live broadcasts than stars.

Q:How to treat the relationship between live broadcast and film marketing?


A:Quite simply, my concept of film marketing has always been content (film) and establishing contact with users. Live broadcast is just a certain model established. It used to be a radio and television website, but today it is an APP, a variety of network sizes, or something. Live broadcast is the latest form today. It’s just a channel for me to reach my target users from the perspective of movies, and there is an interactive connection.

Q:Compared with other mobile platforms, what are its advantages and values?


A:Lively. For example, if I go to find a large size, the best he can do is to help me with the graphics and text, and then add my trailer. But the live broadcast, as I mentioned, he will put all the details of my press conference — — And it’s the details he realizes, right? He knows what his netizens like.

Q:What’s the difference between a star doing live broadcast and online celebrity doing live broadcast?


A:Stars have a large base and many fans. Come up and duang, blow up. At the same time, the interaction with netizens is also an effect of expanding influence and flattening.


  But online celebrity is the other way around. His base may not be that big, but the advantage is that I think they may be more open and have a larger scale. I don’t mean taking off clothes, but their speech scale, or telling jokes and so on.


Q:New media is undoubtedly a new battlefield for film marketing. Will you consider other attempts later? For example, let the stars participate in the live broadcast, or more high-tech ARVR?


A:I’m already trying, Love O2O. We also discussed this matter in the group this morning. We should use AR, and a virtual person may be established on the mobile phone. For example, if you are now, a Jing Bo Ran in ancient costume will suddenly be projected around you. You can communicate with him. In fact, if VR is used, there is also a project being done, but that will be more suitable for short videos, and the human body may not be able to stand long videos.