You don’t need your cell phone number. You think it’s okay to stop? Scared out in a sweat …

  ▌ This article source: Guangzhou Daily, Suzhou Public Security Micro Police, Fuzhou Public Security.

  CCTV News:I don’t need my mobile phone number. Can I just stop it? If you think so, you are all wet!

  The netizen bought a mobile phone card and accidentally found that the former card owner’s Alipay and other information can be known!

  Recently, a message circulated in the circle of friends:

  I helped my son to get a new mobile phone SIM card. As soon as I put it in my mobile phone, it shows that this number has been registered with WeChat (the contact number keeps popping up in the system, asking to add friends), and then I use this mobile phone number to check Taobao and Alipay, all of which are easily entered. Fortunately, I am a good person, otherwise the money in the bank card bound by this person may be inexplicably gone in a blink of an eye … …

  This message came from a netizen named "Noisy Mom". She said that after buying this second-hand mobile phone card, she found that the former card owner used this number to bind too much information. She wants to find the former card owner and untie his bound things. But obviously, it is not possible to call this number again, so where can I find the former card owner?

  Noisy mom searched the Internet for related questions, but who knows that some related "tutorials" jumped out: the mobile phone number is the login name, as long as you bind the mobile phone, and you can also tell you intimately whether this mobile phone is registered with Taobao or Alipay; Don’t know the login password? The system will also tell you what to do if you forget your password. You only need a mobile phone verification code. 

  That is to say, as long as you have your mobile phone number, your account number and password! Give it a try, if you really enter this card owner’s Taobao account, you can see all kinds of information — — Where did you go to college, where did you often receive the goods, where did you live, where did your girlfriend live, where did you go before, and where did you go now … …

  When logging in to Weibo registered with this mobile phone number, even the password is the default, and all the Weibo information that you and others can see is presented one by one, so that you can not only know the life experience of the original card owner, but also know some subtle moods at a glance.

  With this simple method of resetting the password, you can definitely get into Alipay and the bound bank card. As long as you go in, you can control the money inside like a master. Think carefully and be extremely afraid!

  Former card owner: I forgot to untie the number I used in college after changing it.

  "Noisy Mom" found a frequent number through the information on the mobile phone card and tried to call it in the hope of finding the owner of the original number. When I heard the phone call from "Naomao", the other end of the phone was shocked. Soon, the noisy mother got in touch with the original owner of the mobile phone number.

  The former owner of this mobile phone number said that it was used in college. After work, the company gave it a new number, and the old number was no longer used, but I forgot that it was also bound with Weibo, WeChat, Alipay and two bank cards.

  "It’s met a good man! In the process of unbinding, the mobile phone verification code is constantly needed, and the mother keeps sending it. " It took a lot of effort, and the former card owner finally untied Alipay and other software with the help of his mother.

  It turns out that the number you stopped using will be recycled by the sales number and given to others for the second time. If you used it to bind Weibo, WeChat, Alipay, bank card, etc. before and didn’t cancel it, it would be very dangerous! Most people may not realize it.

  Operator: the data bound to other companies cannot be cleaned up after the mobile phone sales number is recovered.

  The customer service staff of the communication operator said that if a mobile phone number is overdue for more than 60 days, it may be recycled, and when it will be released for reuse, the time may be long or short. This is not necessarily the case.

  Why is there so much personal information bound to the recycled SIM card?

  The customer service replied that this is a secondary numbering, and some information related to the operator company will be cleaned up, but there is no way to clean up the information of other companies.

  Introduction: What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or my number is disabled?

  1. Back up the phone book

  Some people have too many important customers in their mobile phone address book, but they neglect it, and they don’t know it’s too late until they throw away their old cards. In addition, it is best to save the old card after replacing the mobile phone card to avoid being used by others.

  2. The mobile phone number does not need to be cancelled in time.

  Some friends directly abandon the old mobile phone card when changing the mobile phone number, thinking that it will automatically close and cancel as long as it is not used. In fact, although it will be automatically cancelled, it will take several months. During this period, the system will automatically deduct the monthly rental fee until it is cancelled. The mobile phone is connected with the user’s credit. Please cancel it in time for future business or banking business.

  3. Change the bank card binding

  After the mobile phone number is changed, it is necessary to modify the passwords of various bank cards and credit cards bound to it as soon as possible. You can also log in to online banking to modify online banking account information and change your mobile phone number. Those who have stopped selling their numbers can only bring their bank cards and ID cards to the business hall of the bank.

  4. Change QQ number and WeChat binding.

  Many people log in to QQ and WeChat directly through their mobile phone numbers. It is recommended to complete rebinding online before changing the mobile phone number.

  5. Change application bindings such as Taobao and Alipay.

  You can change the bound mobile phone number directly from the website. Taking Taobao as an example, changing the new mobile phone number requires the verification code of the original bound mobile phone. If you can’t receive the verification code, you can only apply for email replacement or contact customer service to modify it.

  6. Change the Weibo binding.

  Take Sina Weibo as an example.

  7, change the mailbox binding

  Take Netease mailbox as an example:

  8. Change the registration information of 12306 Ministry of Railways train ticket in official website.

  9. Member information change

  Some supermarket credit cards and daily chemical store credit cards can enjoy discounts by directly saying the mobile phone number and involve points. Please also remember to change it in time.