Hyun Chul Park, a "big country man", is very popular in Japan and plays a false mother to complain.

(From left) Directors Fukuyama Sakura, Hyun Chul Park, Ito Ohno, TAKUYA(CROSS GENE) and AKIRA.

Master Chuang Qi took the stage.

Hyun Chul Park, a member of the Korean orchestra "Big Country Boys"

    Movie network news(Compile/Ji Zhongpeng) The live-action movie (aka: Ai An) based on Mayu Shinjo’s super-popular cartoon premiered in Tokyo on August 25th. Hyun Chul Park, a member of the leading actor "Big Country Man", Ito Ohno, co-actors TAKUYA(CROSS GENE), AKIRA and director Fukuyama Sakura joined hands on the stage. Hyun Chul Park, who plays the role of "pseudo-mother" in the film, has been hailed by many female fans. Hyun Chul Park admits that the biggest pain in playing this role is to stay at home and study Japanese … …

    This film is the first Japanese film starring Hyun Chul Park, a member of the Korean band "Big Country Boys" which is very popular in Japan. Nearly 90% of the people attending the premiere were female fans. Female fans in the audience hold "I love you!" written in Korean. , "Karam" (Hyun Chul Park’s name) and other eye-catching cards, when Hyun Chul Park took the stage at that moment, the audience instantly boiled.

    Faced with the enthusiasm of Japanese fans, Hyun Chul Park smiled happily and said, "Thank you!" He also revealed that in order to play a good role, he practiced Japanese hard in front of the mirror at home every day, and was once witnessed by Li Renjun, a member of the "Big Country Man". "Although he saw it, he pretended not to see it. I think I should thank him here." Hyun Chul Park’s comely smile on her face caused the girls to scream.

    In addition, Ono, who plays the role of "the prince of a girls’ school", was asked, "What do you want to do most if you become a boy?" Ono immediately replied, "I’m going to work in the cowherd shop!" " Ono also revealed that in order to play this girl with some boy characters, she deliberately imitated the boy’s behavior, expression, tone and other characteristics when she appeared. "I hope to get everyone’s support!" Ono suddenly burst into a girl’s lovely nature, which led to encouraging applause from the audience.

    The story tells the story of Akira Shiraishi, a boy who looks like a weak girl and is called "Princess" in boys’ schools. Sakurasaka Shuishu, a girl who looks like a handsome boy, is called "Prince" in girls’ schools. One day, a "princess-like boy" and a "prince-like girl" met by chance, and a campus love comedy of "reversal of men and women" began immediately … …

    The film "Addicted to Aika" is being shown all over Japan.

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