The government thinks more and enterprises worry less.

  Coiled steel products waiting for shipment in Caofeidian Port Area of Tangshan Port, Hebei Province. In recent years, Hebei has deepened the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, the business environment has been greatly improved, and the development of enterprises has become more dynamic. Xinhua news agency

  The person in charge of an enterprise in Hebei (left) received the first "multi-certificate integration" business license from the staff of Shijiazhuang Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau. Our trainee reporter Chen Yuanqiu photo/bright picture

  The operator of the 961890 hotline in Handan is accepting people’s calls, and the decibel meter above the traffic area always reminds them to provide "gentle" service. Our reporter Chen Haibo photo/bright picture

  Not only is the business environment in Yanzhao land getting better, but the ecological environment is also improving. The picture shows Jizhou District, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, strengthening the environmental management around Hengshui Lake and building the past saline-alkali land into an ecological park. Xinhua news agency

  [New Era, New Weather and New Action]

  The number of provincial-level administrative examination and approval items has been reduced from 1,495 to 474, and the proportion of internal organs of government agencies has been reduced by no less than 20%. "Internet+government services" has reduced the time for people to do things by 24%, and complaints from enterprises have been "promptly answered" … … This is the scene that the reporter saw in Hebei Province recently. Hebei province stimulates market multiplication by power subtraction and service addition, and constantly innovates in the transformation of government functions.

  The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to transform government functions, deepen decentralization, innovate supervision methods, enhance government credibility and execution, and build a service-oriented government that people are satisfied with. In recent years, Hebei Province insists on improving the business environment as an important starting point to promote economic transformation and upgrading, and continues to deepen the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, effectively stimulating market vitality and social creativity.

  "Wings of Birds" Helps Market Prosperity

  On the morning of December 8, Li Suduan, a citizen of Shijiazhuang who had just finished his business, happily showed his business license to reporters in the service hall of Shijiazhuang Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau. In another week, her company can officially open.

  "In the past, it was very troublesome for enterprises to apply for permits, filling out various forms, and saying that this was unqualified was unqualified. I didn’t expect it to be so fast now. The materials submitted the day before yesterday got the business license today. " Li Suduan opens the "Handheld Application" APP on his mobile phone, which is an exploration of "internet plus" in Shijiazhuang’s government service. You can APPly for a business license by uploading the electronic information to the app. "As long as I bring my ID card to the examination and approval bureau, and then sign my name on my mobile phone several times, I will get my business license."

  The convenience that Li Suduan feels comes not only from "Internet+government services", but also from "integration of multiple certificates" and "reduction of certificates" to promote "simple administration". Since 2014, Shijiazhuang has implemented the "three certificates in one" on a pilot basis. After continuous integration, it has reached the "twenty-six certificates in one". At the end of February 2017, Shijiazhuang City Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau was established, and hundreds of administrative examination and approval items in the city were placed under the unified management of the bureau. "All integrated licenses will no longer be issued, with ‘ Reduce the certificate ’ Promote ‘ Simple administration ’ It is more convenient for enterprises to apply for certificates. " Li Peng, Director of Enterprise Registration Department of Shijiazhuang Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, said.

  "In the past, enterprises had to submit more than 20 kinds of materials and run more than 20 departments. Now you only need to submit a set of materials to the administrative examination and approval bureau, and the relevant filing and registration can be completed. " Han Yakun, window clerk of Shijiazhuang Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, showed the reporter the integrated catalogue of 26 license items, involving more than 20 departments such as Tourism Commission, Transportation Bureau, Forestry Bureau and Wenguang New Bureau. “‘ Integration of multiple certificates ’ Its essence is information sharing and intercommunication among departments. We have set up a joint meeting mechanism of various departments, and strive to integrate all the licenses required for the establishment of enterprises, so that information can run more and people can run less errands. "

  Broadening the scope of enterprises is the first step of market prosperity, and strengthening supervision and building a new law enforcement system are also the top priorities of market prosperity and order. On December 11th, in Shijiazhuang Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Zhao Junguo, director of the Credit Construction Division of the Bureau, showed the reporter the "Hebei Double Random and Double Informing Integrated System" in the computer. The system implements hierarchical management of inspection objects and law enforcement personnel, formulates a double random spot check plan, and carries out cross-departmental joint spot checks.

  Lu Shuanzeng, deputy director of Shijiazhuang Industrial and Commercial Bureau, told the reporter that in the past, there were some drawbacks in the supervision of market entities by various departments, such as arbitrary law enforcement, willful law enforcement and selective law enforcement. Since the implementation of "double random and one open", due to the traceability of the inspection process, the fairness and justice of supervision and law enforcement have been guaranteed, and cross-departmental joint spot checks have also achieved a new situation of collaborative supervision. The number of inspections is reduced, and the burden on enterprises is greatly reduced. “‘ Double Random and One Open ’ Gradually lead the society to the construction of a credit system, rely on credit to supervise and rely on society to govern together. " Lu Zengzeng said.

  Like Shijiazhuang, the administrative examination and approval bureaus of 9 cities and 110 counties (cities, districts) in Hebei Province have been formally established and put into operation. Moreover, the province has also promoted the reform of the publicity system of administrative law enforcement, the record system of the whole process of administrative law enforcement, and the legal review system of major law enforcement decisions to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises. Forgiveness and strictness are compared to "the wings of a bird" by the local people. With the help of this "bird’s wings", the business environment in Shijiazhuang has been greatly improved, and the total number of market players has increased from 380,000 at the end of 2013 to about 805,000 at present.

  Do a good job of service and attract "flowing water from the source"

  It is necessary to let enterprises enjoy efficiency and convenience, but also let them feel respect and recognition. In recent years, Hebei Province has changed its work style and built a new type of relationship between government and business, so that market participants have a real sense of gain. This can be seen from Xingtai City, where investment attraction is in full swing and development is constantly attracting "flowing water from the source".

  From Xingtai East Station in high-speed railway station, the most striking thing is a big sign with the names of the top 100 taxpayers in Xingtai. Behind this small move is great sincerity. "We have also included the top 100 taxpayers and legal representatives in Xingtai Yearbook to enhance the whole society’s sense of identity with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship." Hao Lishuang, deputy director of Xingtai Investment Promotion Bureau, told reporters.

  Of course, in order for enterprises to have more sense of acquisition and belonging, we must finally do a good job in service. Xingtai City adheres to the principle of "enterprises do things inside the wall and the government does things outside the wall", transforming government functions and optimizing the business environment. In order to be a good "nanny" for enterprises, they set up key enterprise service offices, and established a weekly visit system, a monthly meeting system, and a communication and coordination system for running into the province. Since the beginning of this year, we have solved 28 difficult problems such as land index, power supply and heating, and capital for 12 local enterprises such as Chaowei Battery and Yufeng Group, and won the trust of enterprises.

  In this regard, Hao Lailong, the main person in charge of the Jingding Murad Biotechnology Industrial Park project in Julu County, Xingtai City, was deeply touched. This is a foreign investment project, which introduces the technology of Dr. Murad, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. "Xingtai China Merchants Bureau set up an investment project team to actively guide and help us with various preliminary procedures. Knowing that there is a lack of technical talents after the completion of the project, they actively promote the technical docking between famous universities at home and abroad, set up Industry-University-Research base, set up practical teaching and employment bases in local universities in enterprises, and introduce professional and technical personnel. " Hao Lailong said.

  In Linxi County, Xingtai City, you can hear similar words. "When we first came to the west, we had no place to live and rent a house, so they gave us a free intermediary; Help us apply for a temporary residence permit, apply for a driver’s license, and conduct annual inspection of vehicles … …” Wang Jian, head of Linxi Edible Fungi Project of Shanghai Guangming Group, said.

  Speaking of this edible fungus project, there is another story. In 2014, Shanghai Guangming Group wanted to select a site in the north to expand the production capacity of edible fungi. There are many professional mushroom growers in Shangu Village, Dongliu County, Linxi County, and they are trying to become bigger and stronger. Lv Tingxiang, secretary of the village Party Committee, went to Shanghai to "seek relatives" in person after receiving the news. At that time, knowing that a senior leader of Guangming Group was attending an art exhibition, he rushed to the scene and opened the topic with a book "The Story of Lv Yulan" that he carried with him. Lv Yulan is a national model worker who went out from Dongliu Shangu Village. He was famous all over the country that year, and this business leader has always admired Lv Yulan. As a result, Guangming Group began to pay attention to Linxi, and Linxi invited the enterprise to do field trips many times, which finally contributed to the project landing.

  Lv Tingxiang is one of countless "N" in Xingtai’s investment promotion system. Xingtai City has built a new investment promotion system of "1+4+21+N", in which "1" refers to the leading group for introducing major investment promotion projects in Xingtai City, with the secretary of the municipal party committee as the general manager and the mayor as the team leader; "4" refers to the establishment of four professional investment promotion departments in relevant departments; "21" refers to 21 counties and cities; and "N" refers to the establishment of "investment promotion teams" at the grassroots level in various towns and villages, and finally forms a three-dimensional and comprehensive investment promotion team.

  They also set up an investment promotion working group on WeChat, and the investment promotion directors of counties and districts joined the group to share investment promotion information, connect resources and exchange investment promotion experience. "Some good projects are of great interest to all counties. We discuss them in groups and jointly decide where to put them according to the industrial characteristics and environment of each place, so as to attract investment accurately." Hao Lishuang said.

  Solving the demands of the masses with "a wave of inspiration"

  In order for enterprises to introduce and stay, and to make people live a more comfortable life, we must listen to their voices and be "responsive, reasonable and fruitful". In view of the problem that enterprises and the masses have no access to complaints, Hebei Province has integrated various service hotlines and launched 961890 mass service hotlines in various cities, establishing an unobstructed complaint consultation channel. In Handan, this homophonic service hotline has been almost exploded recently.

  "We are going to carry out the construction and renovation of the staff canteen. How should we go through the formalities?" The person in charge of the renovation project of the 718 canteen of CSIC recently called the 961890 mass service hotline in Handan. With the help of the hotline platform, this project, which used to take 160 working days to complete the formalities, solved the problem in only 20 days.

  A hotline, is it so magical? All localities and departments have their own hotlines, such as Handan. In the past, there were 23 industry hotlines, including 12345 (mayor’s hotline), 12369 (environmental hotline), 12358 (price hotline) and 12333 (labor security service hotline). The hotline is supposed to be an emergency, but too many numbers and unclear responsibilities may make people more anxious. Handan 961890 mass service hotline integrates the above-mentioned 23 hotlines of industry departments, accepts the demands of the masses in all aspects of production and life in a unified way, and truly realizes the "one-number call", which solves the problems of inconvenient memory of the masses with many numbers, low connection rate, low service quality, and lack of unified management in different sectors.

  The number is unified, is the appeal really better solved? According to reports, for general consulting questions, the operator directly answers them by querying the knowledge base; For professional questions that need to be answered by relevant departments, the operator can use the three-way call function to connect with relevant departments, and the professionals will give a reply; For appeals, if the relevant responsible units need to reply after handling them, an electronic work order will be formed and transferred to the relevant units for handling.

  They also set up a regular return visit mechanism to supervise the whole service. "Within three working days after the hotline call, we will call back directly and ask the other party to rate our service. Matters that are dissatisfied with the masses and are indeed the responsibility of the organizer shall be returned to the organizer for re-processing and timely follow-up. " Du Hui, director of the mass service hotline management office in Handan City, told the reporter that the calls of the masses were first supervised by the service hotline, and those that were not completed on time were handed over to the government supervision office, and those that were still not completed on time were held accountable by the supervision bureau.

  At present, Handan’s 961890 hotline receives more than 2,000 pieces a day, which are the hot and difficult issues that the masses are most concerned about. The hotline platform started big data analysis, and analyzed the information and data of these problems and the handling situation of each unit, providing decision-making reference for government services. At the same time, through in-depth data mining, according to the frequency of hot words and keywords, we can find the focus of public attention and provide guidance for the development of the industry.

  Since the beginning of this year, Handan’s 961890 hotline has successively assigned more than 150,000 problems reflected by market players and the masses, with a completion rate of 98% and a satisfaction rate of 95%. Among them, it handled more than 1,100 sudden emergencies such as water cut-off, power cut-off, gas cut-off, fire and repair of municipal facilities, and played the role of "barometer of social conditions and public opinion, serving the masses as a bridge, and maintaining a stable pressure reducer".

  A small detail is enough to show the delicacy and thoughtfulness of hotline service. Handan 961890 hotline is equipped with a decibel meter in the traffic acceptance area to monitor the voice of the operator. "This is to always remind us to treat every caller gently and help them solve every problem sincerely and patiently." Du Hui told reporters.

  Whether it is Shijiazhuang, Xingtai or Handan, the local government is stimulating market multiplication and continuously releasing market vitality by "subtracting" power and "adding" service. In the first half of this year, the total number of market players in Hebei Province reached 4.27 million, rising from the 10th in 2013 to the 7th.

   (Reporter Chen Haibo, Yan Jiankuo, trainee reporter Chen Yuanqiu)