(Sports International Football) Serie A Synthesis: Lazio beat Florence Atlanta and Empoli.

Xinhua News Agency, Rome, October 30 (Li Mengqing) The 10th round of Italian Football League ended on the 30th. Lazio beat Florence with a penalty in stoppage time, with a countdown of 1:0. Atalanta beat Empoli 3-0 away, and Scamacca contributed two goals and one assist for the team.

The "Blue Eagle" played against the "Viola". In the 13th minute, Florence striker beltran scored a goal, but it was ruled that the handball was first and the goal was invalid. In the 16th minute, his header hit the post again. Since then, both sides have tried to shoot one after another, but the score of 0-0 lasted until stoppage time. Lazio’s Vecino headed the goal, but I didn’t expect milenkovic to open his arm and stop the ball at the crucial moment. This was an obvious hand ball, and the referee decisively awarded a penalty. Inmobile hit a penalty, helping Lazio beat their opponents with a 1:0 countdown, and Serie A won three consecutive victories.

Atalanta dominated the game against Empoli, and Scamacca’s performance was very eye-catching from the beginning of the first half. In the 5th minute, he received lukman’s assist and hit the ball with his heel, winning the first prize. In the 29th minute, Scamacca sent a cross to teammate Cooper Menas, who pushed the goal in the restricted area to expand the visiting team’s lead.

Yi Bian fought again, and Scamacca received De Roon’s dexterous assist, and volleyed at the edge of the restricted area to break the goal, and finally Atalanta won 3-0. (End)