The children’s version of "The Legend of the White Snake" is a powerful screen user: the restoration of the classic god

Little white snake


  "lady white snake at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain, the body was cultivated in the cave for thousands of years … …” Recently, a video of "The Legend of the White Snake" performed by a child has been wildly screened in a circle of friends. While evoking memories, netizens also praised the magical acting skills of this group of eight or nine-year-old children. The Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned that this video is from the children’s reality show "Little Play Bone" of Hunan TV channel, and the actors of the program are all a group of seven or eight-year-old children. Before that, this column remakes Jiao Yulu, Sanjie Liu, Pot Mending, Honghu Red Guard, etc., but they are not as good as the screen response of Legend of the White Snake.

  Yesterday, a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily interviewed Lu Jianmei, the director of The Legend of the White Snake, and Li Ping Pan, the producer, to explain this 80-minute children’s version of The Legend of the White Snake in detail.

  I’ll take the white lady played by Meng Wa!

  "Wait once in a thousand years, wait once … …” Twenty-four years ago, The Legend of the New White Snake, which was "born" in Qingcheng Mountain, Chengdu, started broadcasting and became a classic. Since its broadcast, it has always been a key play of David and terrestrial channels on holidays, and it has a long history.

  Recently, the clip of "Legend of the White Snake" filmed by a group of "kids" has exploded in the circle of friends. On the douban, which has always been harsh, netizens also gave a high score of 9.2 points, even exceeding the score of 9.0 points in the old version of "New White". Many netizens spontaneously Amway, praised this group of children with high face value and good acting skills, and sang Huangmei Opera, and netizens did not hesitate to praise them, saying that "the screen is full of ‘ Small fresh meat ’ In the acting skills of the zombie face and the dead fish eye, I suddenly found a naive but mature clean stream flowing, as if it suddenly flowed into my heart. " "To restore the classic gods, the beautiful lady white snake sees the shadow of Angie Chiu, which is very in place … …” .

  High temperature shooting children are not afraid.

  In fact, this widely acclaimed Legend of the White Snake is not a real TV series. Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned that this is a work produced by the TV drama channel column "Little Play Bone" of Hunan TV Station, which premiered in December 2015, adopting the program mode of "acting classics and learning classics" by children, and all actors are 6-mdash; Twelve-year-old children have already broadcast works such as Third Sister Liu, White-haired Girl and Pot Mending. The whole film "Legend of the White Snake" is only over 80 minutes. It was broadcast on October 2 this year, capturing the essence of the original drama "New White" in 50 episodes, such as the past kindness of White Snake and Xu Xian, and the duet in the same boat.

  The filming of "The Legend of the White Snake" was in the hottest August this year. Director Lu Jianmei recalled that the film crew was filming in Ningbo. "At that time, I was worried that I was a stranger here, but after we sent out the news of actor selection, at least more than 1,000 parents took their children to sign up."

  Children play themselves and spread traditional culture.

  In The Legend of the White Snake, lady white snake was played by 10-year-old Tao Yixi, who was praised by netizens for her acting skills and image not losing to Angie Chiu. Interestingly, Lucy, starring Xu Xian, was a girl, who was the same as Cecilia Yip in the old version of New White.

  Director Lu Jianmei recalled that although Tao Yixi was only 10 years old, he had a lot of acting experience and studied dance for five years. Lu Jianmei revealed that it took a lot of trouble to choose the actor of Xu Xian. At that time, Lucy and another child were finalized, and the director group also had a struggle. Lucy’s appearance and voice were good, but a girl, but Lucy, was very smart. She asked the director group, isn’t Cecilia Yip in the old version of "New White" a cross-dressing, and this finally won the role of Xu Xian.

  What makes Lu Jianmei proudest is that there are many operas in The Legend of the White Snake, all of which are done by children independently, and they learn to sing by themselves with the teacher in an orderly manner. Several leading actors are also responsible for their own lines, and they have not found a voice actor to complete them.

  Li Ping Pan, the producer of Little Play Bone, was the first director of Hunan Satellite TV’s program center, and the godfather of "Where’s Dad?" was called "geek" in Hunan Radio and Television. He told Chengdu Business Daily that the form of this program is a remake to pay tribute to classic film and television works, hoping to let children accept the baptism of traditional culture, influence children with children, and let young people like excellent traditional culture from an early age.

  In fact, the cost of a "Legend of the White Snake" is only a few million. "We are also trying to get the best results with the least money." Li Ping Pan said.