When investigating the development of technology and finance, Wang Qingxian emphasized the creation of a development ecology in which financial and technological enterprises are integrated and symbiot

  Anhui Daily News (Reporter Wu Liangliang) leads the construction of modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, and pushes the development of technology and finance to an important position. On the afternoon of January 9th, Wang Qingxian, Governor of Anhui Province, conducted a survey in Hefei to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of technology and finance, Anhui Province, and to study and promote the next work. He emphasized that the development of technology and finance is a powerful kinetic energy to promote the development of science and technology enterprises and a major task to optimize the financial supply structure. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of Anhui Science and Technology, take the implementation of the "common growth plan" for financial support for science and technology enterprises as the starting point, and build "science and technology — Industry — The first-class ecology of the virtuous circle of finance. Zhang Hongwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor, participated in the survey.

  Wang Qingxian came to Huishang Bank, Hefei Xingtai Group, Provincial Credit Information Company and Anhui Branch of the People’s Bank of China successively to learn more about the development of technology and finance. Huishang Bank uses Antelope platform to promote the incremental expansion of science and technology credit, Hefei Kechuang Financial Reform Experimental Zone builds a product matrix covering the whole life cycle of science and technology enterprises, and the provincial comprehensive financial service platform drives technology and finance with digital finance. A series of innovative measures have promoted the vigorous development of technology and finance in our province. By the end of the third quarter of 2023, the balance of science and technology loans in the province reached 564.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61.2%. Wang Qingxian stressed that it is necessary to conscientiously sum up the effective practices and successful experiences in the development of technology and finance in our province, and study new situations and solve new problems in time.

  During the investigation, Wang Qingxian presided over a forum to listen to the work reports of Anhui Branch of the People’s Bank of China and Hefei City, as well as the opinions and suggestions of relevant financial institutions and technology enterprises, and put forward requirements for the next step. First, we should strengthen the systematic design of technology and finance’s development, better realize the synergy of financial policy, science and technology policy and industrial policy, and promote the effective docking of science and technology resources, industrial demand and financial factors. Second, we should optimize the supply of products in technology and finance, actively develop products such as start-up credit loans and growth relay loans, and provide diversified financial services for technology enterprises. Third, we should improve the intermediary service system in technology and finance, and vigorously introduce credit rating agencies, law firms, accounting firms, consulting services and other intermediary service institutions. Fourth, we should implement the "common growth plan" in depth, further open up channels for credit and equity cooperation, promote cooperation between banks, equity institutions and enterprises, and create new investment and financing scenarios. Fifth, we should give full play to the demonstration and leading role of Hefei Science and Technology Financial Reform Experimental Zone, and try first in product innovation, policy innovation and mechanism innovation to form more new models and experiences that can be popularized. Sixth, it is necessary to enhance the overall synergy of technology and finance’s development, deepen the cooperation mechanism between government and banks and enterprises, strengthen the coordinated linkage of finance, finance, science and technology, industry and other policies, and promote the continuous development of technology and finance in the province to achieve new results.