Department of Large Banks of the General Administration of Financial Supervision: Explore the establishment and improvement of the monitoring and evaluation system for large commercial banks serving t

Beijing business today News (Reporter Li Haiyan) On January 10th, according to the news of WeChat WeChat official account of the State Financial Supervision and Administration, in order to promote the high-quality development of large banks to a new level and improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy, the Department of Large Banks of the General Financial Supervision and Administration said that it would explore the establishment and improvement of a monitoring and evaluation system for large commercial banks serving the real economy. Urge large commercial banks to actively assume the responsibility of being a big state-owned bank, implement the new development concept completely, accurately and comprehensively, strengthen financial support for national strategies and key areas, and promote the effective improvement of quality and reasonable growth of the economy. Give full play to the group’s diversified financial advantages and improve the timeliness and efficiency of financial supply. Better coordinate high-quality development and high-level safety, and focus on broadening the scope of sustainable commercial financial services through the use of financial technology and improving the level of risk control.

At the same time, guide large banks to do "five big articles". Guide the innovative credit mechanism, accurately connect with technology-based enterprises, and explore and solve the problem of due diligence exemption. Prospective study on carbon pricing mechanism, strengthen the supply of green finance, and help promote carbon neutrality in peak carbon dioxide emissions. Optimize the policy of supervision, assessment and evaluation, and cooperate to improve the statistical caliber of inclusive finance. Enrich the supply of the third pillar financial products for the aged, and further promote the pilot of specific pension savings and personal pension wealth management products. Accelerate the digital transformation and improve the agile response ability to the financial needs of the real economy.

In addition, improve people’s sense of financial acquisition and satisfaction. Supervise large commercial banks to adhere to the people-centered value orientation and strengthen financial products and services in the field of people’s livelihood. Support the cultivation and expansion of new consumption, and vigorously develop digital consumption, green consumption and healthy consumption. Strengthen the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests and help improve the financial literacy of the whole people.