How to keep the safety red line under the upsurge of frequent safety accidents in ski resorts?

  CCTV News:In recent years, China’s ice and snow industry has developed vigorously, and ice and snow sports have risen rapidly. Skiing in winter has become a new fashion for many Chinese people to exercise and relax. However, under the upsurge, accidents occur frequently. Since this year alone, there have been safety accidents in several ski resorts. In mid-January, two accidents occurred in Hebei within three days. First, a woman died accidentally while skiing, and then a 10-year-old boy fell off a cliff in a ski resort and died. On February 3rd, a temporary unlicensed ski resort in Julu, Hebei Province collapsed, injuring five people. On February 9, another accident occurred in a ski resort in Linyi, Shandong Province, in which children were caught in the conveyor belt of the snow field and died. What caused these accidents? What kind of alarm bells have these accidents sounded to people? How to keep the red line of safety under the skiing craze?

  Shandong: A 9-year-old girl who was bitten by a conveyor belt in a snow field was killed.

  On the morning of February 9, 9-year-old Chenchen was involved in the conveyor belt of the snow field while skiing in a ski resort in Linyi, Shandong Province, and died.

  Chenchen’s mother Chen Di:At that time, when the child was called, the child would not say a word. I said wake up in the morning, it’s mom, wake up, but I didn’t agree to shout.

 Schematic diagram of accident

  On the day of the incident, Chenchen stood on the conveyor belt wearing a snowboard. When she was near the finish line, she squatted down and picked up her cane, but her hair was caught. She tried to catch her hair with her hands, and her left hand was brought into the gap of the conveyor belt. Because the conveyor belt kept sliding forward without stopping, the strong biting force quickly bit Chenchen’s whole arm, which eventually caused a tragedy.

  Chenchen’s father Dong Wenshan:The seam of the conveyor belt is so wide that my hand sinks in and my chest is cut off directly, but not directly at that time.

  Family members questioned: Is the gap in the conveyor belt compliant?

 Conveyor belt gap

  The conveyor belt of the snow field, also known as the "magic carpet", is equivalent to the "snow field elevator", similar to the conveyor belt of the airport. During the interview, Chenchen’s father showed several photos of the gap in the conveyor belt. So, does such a gap meet the specifications? The reporter didn’t find any relevant regulations in the "Regulations on the Management of Ski Resort in China". So, I consulted the local safety supervision department.

  Quality Supervision Bureau: The conveyor belt does not belong to the elevator.

  Liu Yongqiang, a staff member of lanshan district Safety Supervision Bureau in Linyi City, Shandong Province:Our safety supervision bureau is a comprehensive coordination department and does not have the qualification to check this professional equipment. Magic carpet (conveyor belt) is the most similar to elevator. At the first time, we also called the Quality Supervision Bureau, but the Quality Supervision Bureau replied that this magic carpet (conveyor belt) did not belong to the elevator.

  The conveyor belt of the ski resort was equipped with an emergency shutdown device, but this key device did not play a role in a critical moment. What’s going on here?

  Liu Yongqiang, a staff member of lanshan district Safety Supervision Bureau in Linyi City, Shandong Province:They (the conveyor belt) has an emergency switch, but his (ski resort) personnel are not in place, which leads to the equipment not stopping in time.

  The reporter randomly investigated several other ski resorts in China. Almost all ski resorts are equipped with conveyor belts. It is clearly stated in the riding instructions at the entrance of the conveyor belt that when tourists get on the conveyor belt, the interval of queuing is 2-mdash; 3 meters. However, due to the excessive passenger flow in winter, people are often crowded on the conveyor belt, and there is no staff management control at the scene. The conveyor belt of individual ski resorts is seriously damaged, and there are big gaps on both sides of the conveyor belt. Once someone falls, the danger is easy to happen.

  Hebei: A 10-year-old boy fell off a cliff and died without a safety net in the snow field.

  There is also a boy Xiao Guan, 10 years old, who suffered tragedy in the ski resort. On January 18, Xiao Guan fell off a cliff while skiing on the intermediate track of a ski resort in Hebei, and died after being rescued. Mr. Guan, the father of the child, was not around when the accident happened.

  Mr. Guan wrote on the Internet that there was no safety net installed at the accident site of the child, and the protective fence was a steel frame and wooden board with no buffering capacity. In addition, the gap under the guardrail installed in this position is too large, so it is easy for skiers to slip out of the snowy road and fall off the cliff.

  According to "Management Standard of China Ski Resort", "The safety net should be 1.5m ~ 2m high, generally orange, and the column should be elastic". Obviously, the protective device of the ski resort is not up to standard.

  After the incident, the reporter came to the ski resort again. The guardrail of the snowy road in the accident was still not replaced, but a blue sponge isolation pad was installed, and there were gaps in the safety net of some snowy roads.

  Because there is no video surveillance installed in the snow field, it is still uncertain whether Xiaoguan fell off the cliff because he was too fast or because of the collision of others. Mr. Guan can only post on the internet to seek witnesses. The reporter visited a number of ski resorts, and most of them did not install monitoring equipment.

  Family members issued a document: the child’s head was suspected "Fatal impact"

  According to industry insiders, it is very necessary to assemble a certain number of cameras in ski resorts, but there is no clear regulation on this in China at present. In addition, Mr. Guan also mentioned in the article: "The helmet worn by the child is seriously broken and cracked, so it can be speculated that the child’s head must have been fatally hit." So, usually, how fast do you ski? How big is the impact? The ski instructor said that the speed of the primary track in the ski resort can reach 30 yards (speed), the speed of the intermediate track will reach 50-60 yards, and the speed of the advanced track will reach 70 yards or more, which is equivalent to driving at a high speed. In the event of a collision, the probability of injury is quite high.

  Some skiers lack safety awareness.

  Through the above two cases, it is not difficult to find that the imperfect hardware facilities and inadequate management personnel are the important reasons for the accident. In addition, the reporter found in the investigation that skiers lack sufficient safety awareness, which is also a major cause of accidents. According to the relevant national regulations, skiing is a high-risk sport. However, the reporter visited and found that many skiers regard it as an entertainment activity. There are even many people who experience skiing for the first time and go straight to the snowy road without wearing safety equipment. There are also some beginners who go to the ski resort for the first time and go to the intermediate ski resort with more difficulty.

Skiers are not wearing helmets.

Skiers are not wearing helmets.

  In addition, the reporter noticed that although every ski resort has posted a safety code for skiing behavior, it is often ineffective.

  Zhang Luwei, the teaching principal of a ski resort:As far as I know, only 20%-30% people will pay attention to this code and read carefully what kind of safety instructions there are.

  Skiing safely and having fun: tips from professionals

  According to industry insiders, there is no uniform grading standard for skiing level in China at present, but many places have begun to formulate and implement local standards, and national standards are also being formulated.

  Facing the skiing craze, as participants, we should be calm and rational. How can we correctly participate in it and enjoy the fun brought by ice and snow sports safely?

  Wu Bin, Vice Chairman of Beijing Ski Association:Before going to the ski resort, you should learn what skiing is all about and what you need to pay attention to from the internet or related books. If you haven’t gone skiing, then we suggest that it is best to find a coach. Generally, we suggest that children must ask a coach when they go skiing. In addition, children should never let them move on their own in the ski resort. Another one is about insurance. It is better to take the initiative to buy an insurance. This insurance is actually not expensive, some are 5 yuan, and some are 10 yuan.

  At present, China’s ice and snow sports industry is developing rapidly, and the frequent accidents sound an alarm for us: safety is the bottom line and red line of development. At present, the Management Standard of China Ski Resort, which is in the trial operation stage, clearly stipulates the operation and construction of ski resorts, the behavior requirements of skiers and the responsibilities of relevant managers. We expect such industry safety standards to be improved and implemented as soon as possible, so that people can skate safely and safely. (CCTV reporter Ye Wei)