Flag bearer of the closing ceremony of the Olympic delegation: China table tennis champion Ding Ning.

  Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, August 21 (Reporter Song Fangcan) The closing ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games was held here on the evening of the 21st. The delegations, led by the flag bearers, entered the closing ceremony and received heroic tribute. The flag bearer of the closing ceremony in China chose Ding Ning, who won two gold medals in women’s table tennis, while the United States chose byers, who won four gold medals in gymnastics.

  Athletes from 207 Olympic delegations will enter the Maracana Stadium in the "Games Heroes" session, which lasts for 47 minutes and 51 seconds. It is also a time to celebrate achievements, friendship and break down cultural barriers.

  On August 10th, the women’s table tennis singles final of Rio Olympic Games was launched. After seven fierce games, Ding Ning won the championship by beating Li Xiaoxia 4-3, thus fulfilling its Olympic champion dream. Zhongxin.com reporter Du Yangshe

  Greece will be the first to enter the stadium, and China will be ranked 45th. At this Olympic Games, for the first time, a team of refugee athletes appeared, and athletes from all delegations exchanged views harmoniously and shared their friendship. In this session, when Roberta Sa sang, the shadow of Carmen Miranda, the legendary singer of Brazil in the 1930s, appeared on the stage as the host to entertain friends from all over the world.

  The flag-bearer of the opening ceremony of the China team was the fencer Lei Sheng, and the flag-bearer of the closing ceremony chose Ding Ning. Ding Ning won two gold medals in women’s singles and women’s doubles table tennis at this Olympic Games. Earlier, Wu Minxia, the diving woman, Lang Ping, the coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team, and Zhu Ting, the main attack, were chosen as the flag bearers for the closing ceremony.


  The flag bearer of the opening ceremony in the United States was Phelps, and a female general, gymnast byers, was chosen for the closing ceremony. In this Olympic Games, byers performed well, winning four Olympic gymnastics gold medals and a bronze medal. South Africa’s flag bearer for the closing ceremony was Semenya, a "female" track and field athlete. The accused transsexual "she" won the women’s 800m gold medal.

  Li Zongwei, a famous badminton player, was elected as the flag bearer of the closing ceremony. He beat Lin Dan in the men’s singles semi-final of the Olympic Games, but lost to Chen Long in the final and won silver medals in three consecutive Olympic Games. In addition, the flag bearer of China Hongkong Team is cyclist Chen Zhenxing, and the flag bearer of Chinese Taipei Team is Xu Shujing, the gold medal winner of women’s 53kg weightlifting. She won the only gold medal for Chinese Taipei Team in this Olympic Games.

  The flag bearer of the refugee team is judo player Popole, who won the ninth place in the men’s judo 90kg class at this Olympic Games. A total of 10 players from the refugee team participated in this competition. Although they didn’t win medals, they have become big stars that everyone is chasing inside and outside the stadium. (End)