In 2023, the badminton and table tennis competition for staff in Tianfu New District of Sichuan opened.

  Zhongxin. com Sichuan News December 16th (Zhu Huan) On the 15th, sponsored by Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions, Sichuan Tianfu New District Trade Union Office, the Communist Youth League Working Committee and the Women’s Working Committee jointly hosted the "Happiness into Work" and the 2023 Sichuan Tianfu New District Staff Badminton and Table Tennis Competition kicked off at Xinglong Lake.

  This competition is divided into badminton and table tennis. Badminton includes middle-aged/youth mixed doubles and men’s doubles, with more than 160 players competing with badminton. In the table tennis competition, there were men’s singles and women’s singles in the middle-aged group/youth group, and more than 130 players made fierce "ping" killings. After more than 300 fierce competitions a day, all the champions and runners-up in each category of each project were produced.

The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions
The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions

  On the badminton court, the contestants are quick-footed, left-handed and right-handed, clean and neat. On the court, rackets are flying and silver balls are flying, and the teaching staff are agile, energetic and skillful.

  On the table tennis field, the players are energetic and skilled, and wonderful scenes such as straight shot, horizontal shot, spike, spin ball and curve ball frequently appear, and their styles of play are different, which won applause from the audience.

  From time to time, warm cheers came from the stadium, and the players sweated and worked hard. Participants have said that they will continue to strengthen physical exercise and bring it into their future work with strong physique and full spirit.

The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions
The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions

  "I am a member of the Badminton Association in Tianfu New District. I am usually a deep fan of badminton. I will participate in the annual competition in the new district. In the process, I also made some like-minded friends. I will participate in this competition with full horsepower, and I hope we can get a good ranking. " Chen Wei, head of the engineering consulting department of Chengdu Tiantou Group Planning Institute, said before the game.

  "enough! I will come to participate in the next competition! " Wei Sixun, an employee of Mengsheng Electronics, said excitedly: "I personally love badminton matches very much. I usually play a dozen with my colleagues in my company. Today, I am very happy to participate with people from different units and enterprises in the new district. I am very confident in myself and hope to get a good ranking."

  After fierce competition, the first, second and third prizes of the event were finally selected. This badminton competition not only showed the level, style and friendship, but also showed the cohesion and enthusiasm of workers in different fields in the new district.

  It is reported that this activity is a measure for Tianfu New District to deeply implement the "345" work idea of the 15th Congress of the Sichuan Provincial Trade Union. In the next step, Tianfu New District will continue to make precise efforts in the field of "what the party and government need, what the workers are in urgent need, and what the trade union can do", and work around the center of the Party Working Committee of the new district to promote high-quality development, create high-quality life and implement high-efficiency governance. The trade union office of the new district will continue to build a brand with the name of "I". (End)