"Village Super" has a new way of playing! Guizhou Rongjiang Food Football Friendly Tournament Begins.

  Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, August 13th (Reporter Jiang Cheng) On the 13th, as a continuation of the "Village Super" football match, Guizhou Rongjiang Food Football Friendly Tournament (the first season) started in Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. On the same day, eight teams from all over the world competed fiercely and presented four wonderful games for the audience.

  On August 13th, the actors performed during the break of the competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  Guangdong and Guizhou cooperated to forge a new road, and Rongjiang merged into Greater Bay Area. At 2: 35pm, accompanied by the cries of tens of thousands of spectators, Rongjiang Villagers Team and Hong Kong Stars Team jointly staged the first football match and kicked out the first kick. This is a friendly and harmonious match between Rongjiang County to build Guizhou into the main position of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s "bridgehead" and integrate with Greater Bay Area.

  According to the arrangement of the event, the second game was played by Guizhou University Ecological Tea Team against Guangxi University Sugarcane Juice Team. It is understood that Guizhou University has helped Rongjiang County for more than ten years, helping Rongjiang win the battle against poverty, and now it is an important helping force for rural revitalization in Rongjiang County. Historically, due to the spread of war, Guangxi University moved to Rongjiang in 1944 and brought football to Rongjiang, which is the root of Rongjiang football development. This game is a friendship game between Guizhou and Guangxi universities.

  On August 13th, players of Guangxi University sugarcane juice team showed local delicacies when they entered the stadium. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  The third game is the match between Qiandongnan Soup Team and Guicheng Bamboo Shoot Team in Foshan City. Foshan City helps Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guangdong and Guizhou are concentric, and mountains and seas are connected. This competition is a dream-building competition for cooperation between the east and the west. At about 8: 30 p.m., Rongjiang Fenfen Team and Nanchang Fenfen Team, both old revolutionary base areas and food capitals, made their debut, contributing to the fourth game of the day, which was not only the inheritance of red blood, but also the collision of food culture.

  It is understood that the competition time of Guizhou Rongjiang Food Football Friendly Tournament (the first season) is from August 13 to October 28, 2023, with a total of 19 games. Considering the influence of the game, the history of Rongjiang football, the cooperation between the east and the west, the theme of the game and other factors, the organizers invited four games in the first week, aiming at producing a wonderful opening game and proofing the subsequent friendly matches.

  On August 13th, spectators dressed in national costumes were watching the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

  The full name of Guizhou "Village Super" is Guizhou Rongjiang (Sanbao Dong Village) and American Country Football Super League, which is a village-level football competition mainly organized and hosted by Rongjiang villagers. Since the opening match started on May 13th, the related content has been viewed more than 30 billion times on the whole platform, making it a "phenomenal" sports event. Before the food football friendly match, Rongjiang received a total of 798 teams, and 297 teams were confirmed to be able to participate, including 83 teams in Guizhou Province and 214 teams outside the province.

  Xu Bo, the county magistrate of Rongjiang County, said in an interview earlier that the purpose of holding the friendly match of gourmet football is to make the brand of "Village Super" bigger and stronger, and gather wisdom to make "Village Super" a sustainable event, so that the bonus of "Village Super" can be shared in many places.