The 7th "Maker China" Shenzhen SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held.

  Cctv news(Reporter Liu Yu) On July 6th, a press conference was held for the 7th "Maker China" Shenzhen SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the "Specialized and Innovative" Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The press conference was hosted by Lv Zhe, deputy director of Shenzhen SME Service Bureau. Xiao Zuping, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Deng Xiaojun, member of the Organization Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and director of the Municipal Bureau of Talent Work, Chen Zhifeng, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Shenzhen Education Bureau, and Ouyang Huiyu, deputy head of Futian District People’s Government, attended to answer reporters’ questions.

  At the press conference, Xiao Zuping introduced the overall arrangement of the contest on behalf of the organizer. The theme of this competition is "Making Maker Shenzhen Go to China", which is co-sponsored by Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen SME Service Bureau, Shenzhen Talent Bureau, Shenzhen Education Bureau and Shenzhen Futian District People’s Government. The competition is divided into industry competition and proposition competition, and the participating teams are divided into enterprise group and maker group. According to the main direction of Shenzhen industrial cluster technology, the industry competition is divided into eight fields, including new generation electronic information, digital and fashion, high-end manufacturing equipment, green and low-carbon, new materials, biomedicine and health, marine industry and eight future industries. The proposition competition invited six head enterprises or platform propositions from different industrial directions, focusing on sub-sectors to carry out technical (project) research. This year’s contest will last about 2 months, and eventually 16 national competitions will be contested to form a Shenzhen team, which will be approved by the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of Maker China and entered the list of the top 500 in China. Among them, there are 10 enterprise groups, with a total bonus of 1.05 million yuan; There are 6 makers in the maker group, with a bonus of 490,000 yuan.

  This year’s competition focuses on the cultivation of "specialized and innovative" enterprises. Xiao Zuping introduced that at present, Shenzhen has 169 national-level specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprises, 870 provincial-level specialized and innovative enterprises, and 2,928 municipal-level specialized and innovative enterprises, which mainly show the characteristics of high degree of specialization, high growth and strong innovation ability. Focusing on the cultivation of "specialization and innovation", Shenzhen has implemented a number of measures, including providing "service specialists" for specialized and innovative enterprises and opening a specialized and innovative service area in "Shenzhen I Enterprise" to provide accurate services; Formulate a practical list for "specialized and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the high-quality development of specialized and innovative enterprises; Incorporate high-quality investment projects of specialized and innovative enterprises into the landing coordination mechanism of listed companies’ fundraising projects, and promote the industrial space needed for the development of specialized and innovative enterprises; Formulate detailed rules for the evaluation of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and the identification of "specialized and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises, and implement gradient cultivation.

  Deng Xiaojun introduced that in the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, since 2020, Shenzhen has carried out the optimization and integration of municipal talent plans, established a new talent policy system driven by Pengcheng Peacock Plan and Pengcheng Talents Plan, and established a service system of Pengcheng Talents Card, which promoted the transformation from "single policy attracting talents" to "comprehensive environment gathering talents" and helped all employers in Shenzhen to attract talents. A series of relevant measures have been introduced to support talents’ innovation and entrepreneurship, including giving overseas students an upfront subsidy of 300 to 1 million yuan if they meet the requirements; For eligible creative spaces, a maximum of 2 million yuan will be given; Increase financial support for talent innovation and entrepreneurship through talent innovation and entrepreneurship fund; For talents to establish high-tech growth enterprises, loan interest subsidies, guarantee fee subsidies and venue rental subsidies are given according to regulations.

  Chen Zhifeng introduced that Shenzhen has made good achievements in promoting the work of "double innovation" in colleges and universities, especially the experience of Shenzhen University was introduced by the National Leading Group for Education System Reform. The main practices in Shenzhen include setting up "double innovation" education courses in colleges and universities, and holding "double innovation" education experimental classes in various forms to consolidate the "double innovation" education foundation; Encourage and support colleges and universities to speed up the construction of university science parks, college students’ pioneer parks, business incubation bases, small and micro enterprise business bases, and scientific and technological entrepreneurship practice training bases, so as to create a "double innovation" educational practice platform for students; Encourage colleges and universities to hire outstanding talents from famous scientists, successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other industries as "double innovation" instructors, and build a strong "double innovation" teaching team; Encourage and support colleges and universities to arrange funds through multiple channels, support "double innovation" education, and fund students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects. In the future, Shenzhen will train more innovative and entrepreneurial talents who are brave enough to devote themselves to practice.

  Ouyang Huiyu introduced that in recent years, Futian has adhered to the two-wheel drive development strategy of "finance+technology", aimed at the positioning of "central innovation zone" and the goal of "Manhattan+Silicon Valley", and attracted innovative enterprises and talents with a series of powerful measures. In terms of policy, Futian issued a policy to support high-quality industrial development, and invested 1.8 billion yuan to optimize the business environment. In terms of space, Futian strives to build an urban distributed intelligent science and technology innovation zone, and will continue to launch millions of square meters of industrial space in the next three years to support high-quality innovative enterprises and maker projects to settle down. In terms of financial support, Futian has gathered 70% of the financial licensed institutions in the city, which can provide enterprises with full-cycle financial support such as bank loans, venture capital, intellectual property pledge, listing, mergers and acquisitions. In addition, the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone has just introduced technical research and industrial innovation support measures and the funding scheme to support Hong Kong and Macao youth innovation and entrepreneurship, which is a powerful choice for universities, scientific research institutions and innovation teams in Hong Kong and overseas to realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. As one of the organizers of this competition, the People’s Government of Futian District, Ouyang Huiyu, welcomes makers to invest and start businesses in Futian, and "deeply cultivates Futian and collects blessings".

  Up to now, the number of enterprises in the city has exceeded 2.4 million, with 137 enterprises per thousand people, and the entrepreneurial density has ranked first in large and medium-sized cities in China for many years. At present, official website has opened the registration channel for the contest, and the registration deadline is July 15th. The organizing committee sincerely invites small and medium-sized enterprises and makers to actively register for the contest.