There is a kind of life called Yunnan, Luxi! The movie "Rooftop Football" is scheduled for April 20th.

December 6, 2019

The movie Rooftop Football started in Luxi.

After years of shooting and production

A film about the dream-chasing story of a football girl in a mountain village in Yunnan.

Rooftop Football was officially announced today.

Book April 20 th!

"Rooftop Football" finalized poster

Rooftop Football trailer

Rooftop Football is an inspirational film for rural girls to win dignity for their own destiny, which is the closing film of 7th Pingyao International Film Festival.

The film tells the story of a group of mountain girls in Yunnan who love football but have no chance. In order to realize their dreams, they form a non-professional team, finally overcome many difficulties, complete football training on the roof, and finally move towards a farther world. The film is set in the remote mountainous areas of Yunnan, with football as the carrier, showing the indomitable struggle spirit of mountain children to rewrite their destiny.

"Rooftop Football" finalized poster

Why is Luxi the location?

Luxi county, with excellent ecological environment and rich tourism resources, is a plateau garden city with four seasons of flowers, and was awarded the title of "Natural Oxygen Bar" in China. Relying on the unique geographical and cultural environment, luxi county has deeply tapped the potential of tourism development, vigorously promoted the innovative development, transformation and upgrading of tourism, improved quality and efficiency, promoted the construction of Luxi Kangyang tourism destination, and polished Luxi business cards from multiple channels, carriers and angles.

Luxi City Beauty Image Source: Honghe Zhourong Media Center Database

The main location of the film

chengzi ancient villege

Located in Yongning Township, luxi county.

it’s a

Simple and natural, beautiful and quiet, layered.

Ancient village

Chengzi Ancient Village Image Source: Colorful Yunnan

Chengzi Ancient Village was originally inhabited by Yi ancestors. After that, a large number of Han people moved in, and the residential buildings here formed an architectural style combining Yi and Han.

The houses in the ancient village follow the trend of the mountain and step up. The roofs of most houses are connected, forming a platform tens of meters or even hundreds of meters long. Many earth warehouses in the village are connected end to end and integrated with the hillside.

Road in the village Image Source: luxi county Rong Media Center

The ancient village is surrounded by mountains and waters, built on Feifeng Mountain. Surrounded by clear water in front of the mountain and paved with green fields, khaki buildings glow golden in the sun. Behind the Potou house, there are overlapping peaks and obstacles, lush grass, beautiful scenery and attractive scenery. Walking into Chengzi ancient village, a picture of harmony and coexistence between man and nature came into view, which was beautiful.

Chengzi Ancient Village Image Source: Colorful Yunnan

Chengzi Ancient Village is known as "Amber of Primitive Aestheticism Architecture", as well as "Hometown of Asian Folk Photography", "Yunnan Provincial Famous Historical and Cultural Village", "Yunnan Tourism Characteristic Village" and "Yunnan Fine Arts Photography Creation Base".

Original title: "There is a kind of life called Yunnan, Luxi! The movie "Rooftop Football" was finalized on April 20th.

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