Strong chronological texture conveys life enlightenment (stand human language)

In recent years, a number of "time dramas" have been favored by the audience. How to tell a good life story unconventional has become a common topic for creators. The online drama "Like a Fire" has made a useful exploration with a clear and compact narrative, a personalized image and a positive energy story core. The work tells the story of five friends with different personalities, such as Xu Weibiao, Zhong Yunan and Zhang Peng, who followed the trend of the times, pursued their dreams and realized their self-worth in the 1980s. The work adopts a non-linear narrative structure, interweaves reality and memories, and enhances the sense of story age with lively hutongs, "28 big bars" bicycles and other elements. The audience seemed to walk into just visiting and empathize with the growing heroes. Chronicle drama should not only be nostalgic, but also pay attention to excavating the emotional strength and growth enlightenment of the past years. The story of "Time flies like a fire" conveys the feeling of life: youth never ends, keep a positive spirit of struggle, and stick to the good quality of courage and tenacity, and finally you can reap your own happy life.