The film "Angry Tide" was released: the most ruthless film was made with the gentlest emotion.

On December 15th, the film Angry Tide opened the first stop of the national roadshow simultaneously on the first day of its release. Director Ma Yuke and starring Nick Cheung, Ehan Juan, Darren Wang, Chen Guokun and Chen Xiaoyi interacted with the audience in Shanghai Studios.
Roadshow of the film "Angry Tide" in Shanghai Station
The film "Rage" tells the story that the triad, the mysterious killer and the police are fighting each other and full of reversals. Hongtai Group, which straddles the black and white roads in absolute monarch, is in the midst of the election change, when the mysterious killer Chen An (Nick Cheung) suddenly breaks into the whirlpool of right and wrong alone, stirring up the chaos of Hongtai Group. Mai Langwen (Ehan Juan), who is in the police camp, and Ma Wenkang (Darren Wang), who is in the gang camp, are also eyeing him … All forces are waiting for an opportunity to move, and in the fierce melee, they blend the deep feelings of the characters.
Poster of the movie "Rage"
Ma Yuke, the director, was born as an actor. In his early years, he entered the audience’s field of vision by virtue of his carefree attitude in "Eight Dragons". He once played Duan Kun in "Anti-drug" with Nick Cheung. As a new director, he admitted that his film was "very, very nervous" at last. Ma Yuke had the idea of being a director ten years ago. However, there were many obstacles and restrictions in the domestic film about this crime, and it was really an epidemic and typhoon during the filming. The whole process was very tortuous.
The film "Angry Tide" is the main creation.
In the film, many brutal crimes, such as kidnapping, human trafficking, organ trading, drug business, violent law enforcement and so on, are exposed one by one, and the crimes are rampant and lawless. The victims of looting were clearly marked as commodities until they were exploited to be worthless, then they were sealed with cement, poured into pieces of cement boards and cruelly discarded. The aesthetic value of violence in genre films is full. Ma Yuke, the director who has appeared in many action movies, also has his own ideas about action movies. As a dark crime action movie, Ma Yuke pursues the "aesthetics of fighting violence", changing the bullets familiar to the audience in the atmosphere of Hong Kong movies, showing a real fight from boxing to meat, and a lot of close combat against cold weapons, which is full of realism.
The film was praised by many directors including Huang Jianxin, Frant Gwo and Lu Yang at the Beijing premiere, and Hong Kong director Jing Wong even said that it was the kind of "cool film" that he was willing to pay for a ticket to watch after "Serious Anger". Yu-sheng Tian, director of "Former" series, said after watching the film that it was "a film that all boys especially wanted to shoot, and all the things I wanted to shoot were finished". He said that in addition to seeing the familiar gangster elements in Hong Kong films, there are also many emotions in the film, "the emotions destroyed by money and power." In this regard, Ma Yuke responded that he just wanted to shoot a criminal action type film. It is very important that "villains are not pure bad guys".
Nick Cheung
In the film, Nick Cheung, the protagonist, is brave enough to avenge his family with the deep tenderness of an iron man. He has become an "action film signboard", and he is confident in controlling this kind of film, and even ridicules the director. "If he shoots a genre film and doesn’t look for me, he will die." At the same time, he also said that he has played many "gangster undercover killers", and the same type of characters are inevitably a little tired, and "this film is just to my taste" and "reluctant to be afraid." Nick Cheung revealed that he had originally thought about changing his career path after filming Angry Tide, "I don’t want to shoot Jianghu or miserable movies", but I would still like to continue if there is a sequel to Angry Tide.
Ehan Juan
Ehan Juan, who plays the policeman in the film, thinks that this film is "the most ruthless play with the gentlest emotion". When talking about his role, Ehan Juan shared that Sirwen, the black policeman he plays, is a person who suffers great pain. "I can’t show my feelings, and I am the worst policeman for the next good game. It is a very depressed person." Ehan Juan said that as an actor, it is very happy to be able to show all kinds of small things observed in daily life in movies. At the same time, he said that although it is a crime film, the audience can still get inspiration from it. "Although the film is very refreshing, if you have a good time, you can let the society care more through the film, whether on the Internet or in life, and you can care more about people around you, which may avoid many tragedies."
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