How many of the four misunderstandings in computer use have you accounted for?

  As a new favorite of the family, computers have entered the homes of ordinary people. However, due to the lack of basic knowledge of home computers by ordinary users, some seemingly casual actions may directly lead to instant "paralysis" of computers and even damage human health.

  Misunderstanding 1 Clean the screen with anhydrous alcohol

  When the monitor is used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be dust and stains. Many users think that alcohol, especially high purity (above 95%) is the best cleaner. On the contrary, there is a special protective coating on the screen of the current flat panel display to prevent static electricity and dazzle light. If alcohol is used for cleaning, it is easy to destroy the coating, but the display effect of the display is greatly reduced. In fact, the screen of the monitor, including its shell, cannot be cleaned with solvents such as alcohol, gasoline and washing powder. There is a special cleaner for monitors in the supermarket. Don’t use ordinary thick towels when cleaning the screen, you can wipe it with glasses cloth with better texture.

  Myth 2: The chassis is exposed to heat.

  When the computer is running, especially in summer, its heat dissipation is very large. Some computer enthusiasts directly open the chassis in order to strengthen heat dissipation and facilitate hardware disassembly. Although this method solves the problem of heat dissipation, the "gut opening" of the chassis exposes the hardware, which is easy to accumulate dust, and dust will become the "killer" of the computer over time. In addition, this practice is also harmful to human health. As we all know, CPU, motherboard and power lamp hardware are all high electromagnetic radiation sources, and the chassis can shield most electromagnetic radiation. If you let your body directly "receive" high electromagnetic radiation just to dissipate heat, it will not pay off.

  Myth 3: Cover the dust cover after shutdown.

  When a new computer enters the home, many people will protect it, especially paying attention to dust prevention measures. Dust cover is of course one of the necessary items, but it is not advisable to cover it immediately after shutdown. Although the mainframe has stopped running after shutdown, there is still a lot of heat in the chassis and the back cover of the monitor, and the temperature of various electronic components is very high, which needs to be cooled gradually. If you cover it with a dust cover immediately, it will easily hinder the heat dissipation of the hardware and even seriously affect its service life. It is best to turn off the machine for 1-2 hours and wait until the heat in the chassis is basically dissipated before using the dust cover.

  Misunderstanding 4 Hot-swappable peripherals with electricity

  When performing various hardware operations, some users often plug and unplug the mouse, keyboard and various serial and parallel port devices of PS/2 interface in standby mode. These operations seem normal, and actually have a certain "lethality" to the computer host, which may cause the system or hardware to work abnormally, and may even cause damage to the hardware interface or motherboard. In fact, except for USB, IEEE1394 interface and serial hard disk, all kinds of peripherals of ordinary desktops are not hot-swappable with electricity, so it is suggested that you must operate correctly when the power is turned off to avoid unnecessary losses.